5 Best Foods that Increase Size—A Complete Guide 2022!

While there are several concoctions, pills, and even potions that supposedly boost your stamina in the bedroom, one way to naturally increase your sexual fortitude is by eating certain foods. In this article we will find 5 Best Foods that Increase Size.

According to scientists, there are foods out there that can improve the overall performance of your private parts. Some of these foods actually provide you with nutrients that make it easier for blood to flow into parts of your genitals, which leads to harder erections and increased stamina when it comes to Sex play.

We’ve rounded up a list of some of nature’s best foods that increase size. Inside you’ll find foods that can fuel more-thrilling romps in bed by making your equipment bigger, harder, and look like it could cause an earthquake!

So let’s dive right in!

What you eat might affect the size and firmness of your erections

A novel idea to introduce people to food-related information in an easy, digestible manner. How certain foods that we eat can have a major impact on us is often a very interesting subject of conversation.

For example, did you know many pants sold in the market today are too tight? And, while they may look nicer, research reveals the waistbands of such pants could decrease blood circulation to the genitals and can push erectile dysfunction in the long run if worn for extended periods.

The key for men is to look for clothing that’s loose but does not compromise aesthetics because of accentuating figure flaws or constantly readjusting yourself throughout the day.

5 Best food that increase size

If you want to make your penis larger on a more permanent basis, changes to diet should come first as they will help boost overall nutrient absorption in this area.

Increasing physical activity is also a great way to help with overall size enlargement— the more blood flow you motivate to the areas devoted for that purpose, the better.

So based on our research, we have gathered a list of best food that increase size. So, let’s get started!


All those men who drink a lot of black coffee every day, or intake 85 – 170mg amount of caffeine from other beverages, can reduce the chances to develop erectile dysfunction significantly.

Researchers found that compared to those men who had less than 7mg daily, those who consume 4 to 7 cups were have 26% fewer chances to experience the aforementioned state.

Green Tea

New research suggests that drinking green tea can help you melt away those excess pounds. Several studies have found that catechins (antioxidants present in tea) stimulate the liver to burn fat— boosting weight-loss results.

But— wait!

How green tea can be the food that increase size?

One under-studied benefit of drinking green tea may come from its ability to improve circulation in general. Catechins also play a role in increasing your desire by boosting blood flow when consumed regularly.


Men who play sports often have naturally healthy hearts. They don’t suffer heart attacks as frequently as those who are more sedentary. Bananas contain potassium which is a mineral needed to keep a healthy heart.

Do you know?

Your body must maintain the correct sodium levels or there will be serious consequences, like lack of blood flow or abnormal blood pressure which can lead to a heart attack.

One way to maintain normal sodium levels is to eat bananas. And, if you don’t eat too much salt, there is a very low risk of sudden cardiovascular death. So, bananas are actually the best food that increase size as well.

If you don’t like to eat bananas, you can get the potassium from an orange or even a potato— because both contain lots of potassium!

Dark Chocolate

Looking for some sweet food that increase size?

Here’s yet another reason to have a little piece of dark chocolate after dinner: it can enhance your performance in the bedroom. Why? This is because dark chocolate contains serotonin, a hormone that lowers inhibitions and stimulates sexual desire.

Hot Sauce

Another best food that increase size is the hot sauce!

Yes, you heard it right!

If you love spicy foods, then you might be an alpha male. According to a recent study conducted in France and reported on by CNN— if you like to add a little something extra to your meals, it may say more about your testosterone levels than you think.

The study surveyed 114 men aged between 18 and 50 years old— half with a high frequency of hot sauce usage and the other half with a low frequency of hot sauce consumption. Results showed that those who preferred spicy foods had a high amount of testosterone compared with those who weren’t as keen!

Study authors posit that this result can be due in part to capsaicin—an active ingredient in chili pepper that can increase testosterone production when ingested regularly over time.

In addition, previous research suggests that capsaicin also increases certain organs’ sizes while simultaneously reducing waist size.