Addictions of anything are worse. Be it alcohol, drugs, or any other kind of bad habit. Getting addicted to something is very easy but getting over the addiction is far more complex. There are numerous side effects of addiction, likely physiological, emotional, psychological etc. Addiction to drugs and alcohol has been considered taboo and not acceptable. However, young people start taking it due to emotional stress, peer pressure, etc. But indeed, there is a way to help one another. The Addiction Hotline number allotment has provided a platform for the help seeker’s to seek help. You should ask yourself first “am I an alcoholic” or addicted.

What Is an Addiction Hotline?

An addiction hotline number is a general term for “helpline”. It helps people to connect with the addiction recovery centers nearby. Every center has different resources, and to match is a difficult thing to do. So when someone calls up an addiction hotline, there are specific questions to be asked. The caller has to answer those questions whether the said person is the addicted person or not. After answering the questions, the representative will match the credentials with the available resources. Wherever the resources match, the patients are sent over there. 

The addiction treatments are started, and the person is brought back to sobriety and normalcy. The hotline number is available not only for addiction but withdrawal symptoms as well. Anyone facing any withdrawal symptoms can immediately contact; it will help the caregivers save the person’s life. Withdrawals are more shocked than the addiction; it will bring the person to the point where it started or something more disastrous.

What Type of Questions the do Operators Ask When Anyone Calls Up an Addiction Helpline?

The primary thing one has to do is call up an addiction hotline number when one needs help. The person might be anyone addicted or the caretakers. So, when someone calls up the Addiction helpline, there are specific questions the automatic operator asks the caller. This verification is for record purposes, to verify the addiction, to know about the patient, and to see if the call is a true caller or a fake one.

The questions mostly the typical questions like:

5 The Effects of Addiction on the Body and Brain

Addiction has several effects on different people. Not everyone faces the same kind of issues as the others. 

Hence 5 effects are discussed as below:

  1. The most common effects are Depression. The body gets used to specific addictions, hence when one doesn’t get to have them or prolonged use. It turns the person into severe depression. The person tends to live in his/her world sometimes. It leads to vomiting, fainting and losing control of the mind and body. 
  2. The effects of addiction are so high that a person starts to hallucinate scenes, situations and people. The person becomes too emotional and experiences psychological euphoria, jaw clenching, panic, paranoia, gastric upset and nausea. 
  3. It starts damaging the nerve system in the body. The brain is connected to the spinal cord, and by damaging the brain, it affects the spinal cord. This leads to lifelong crippling, but early effects are walking difficulties, not standing correctly, etc. 
  4. The person who is addicted may suffer from dialogue loss. There might be extreme mood swings with swift changes in behavior and mood. The person might start getting forgetful and start throwing fits in anger.
  5. The drug-addicted person might develop seizures, stroke, brain damage and even lung diseases. These effects start up in a person after intaking drugs and end up in something severe might even cause loss of life.


Addiction to drugs and alcohol is very bad for one’s mind and soul. Anything which gets into a habit is not acceptable. So when one develops an addiction, the person on their own or the family and friends should call up the Addiction Hotline number and seek help. Immediate help might save the person’s life. There should not be any hesitancy in calling up the helpline as it is not wrong. 

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