5 Things To Remember Before You Buy CBD For Arthritis

Aches and pains are a regular part of our day-to-day life. But, when you develop chronic conditions like arthritis, it can change your life. While a small percentage of people may not feel drastic changes due to arthritis, the disease can become a turning point for others. It can divide their life into ‘before arthritis’ and ‘after arthritis.’ Every aspect of your life, including finances, diet, travel, family, relationships, mental health, and dreams, can become affected. 

To manage pain triggered due to the condition, people seek different options. Cannabis is among the trending options that may offer relief from excruciating pain.  Today, you can find various cannabis products like sky high exotics, gummies, edibles, topicals, etc., online and in brick and mortar shops. Here we’ll talk about hemp-derived CBD. Before you choose to include CBD in your treatment, know some facts about it. 

  1. Can You Manage Arthritis With CBD?

According to some animal studies, CBD may offer pain relief due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. But, no human studies exist to validate the claim of CBD having an effect on pain in people. However, many people with arthritis report relief from pain, anxiety, and improved sleep with CBD. 

  1. Is Using CBD Safe?

No conclusive evidence exists indicating the effectiveness of CBD in managing different health conditions. But, studies are underway to evaluate the efficacy in treating problems, including pain. While only a little information exists on CBD, so far,  people who have used it to manage pain have not reported complications with moderate doses. CBD, when applied topically, can offer pain relief without interfering with the drugs you take.

  1. Does Federal Law accept CBD Products?

Many products containing THC have no legal status due to the presence of THC. But, the farm bill passed in 2018 has removed hemp-derived CBD from the Schedule I drugs. While the Federal Controlled Substance Act accepts CBD, it remains in the legal gray zone. Many of the states in the US have approved CBD for medical use.

  1. Should I Try CBD To Manage Arthritis?

It remains unclear whether CBD can manage arthritis. The clinical studies are underway. So, doctors cannot say for sure who can get the benefits of CBD. The right dose and form of CBD that can offer results for affected people also varies. Irrespective of the confusion, you must never forget certain points such as-.

CBD Is Not Equivalent To Medical Treatment

You must never substitute CBD for the treatment prescribed by your doctor. The doctor prescribes disease-modifying treatment for arthritis based on your condition. Hence, never switch medications.

Talk To Your Doctor

It is crucial to talk to your healthcare provider regarding the inclusion of CBD in your routine to manage pain triggered due to arthritis. With the doctor’s advice, you can understand how well CBD has worked in the past for people with a chronic condition.

Test Before Use

If you have no other options to try, you can include CBD for arthritis. Do a trial run to understand how cannabinoid affects your body. You need to track the dose you take, signs you observe, and side effects (if any) in a diary. Discuss this with your doctor and evaluate the changes.

Choose High-Quality Product

Remember, high-quality products can only offer promised results. But, they have an expensive price tag attached to it. So, using it for a prolonged period can put a hole in your finances. Hence, you need to consider if the CBD product is worth investing in due to its effectiveness in addressing your arthritis symptoms. It also good for dogs you can visit here for CBD for dogs

  1. What Is The CBD Dose I Need To Follow?

It is the million-dollar question! While no clinical guidelines exist regarding the dose, many medical experts suggest the following:

Know The Right Form Of CBD Offering Results For Your Condition

CBD products are available in different forms like oral, topical, vape, and others. You need to test the various options to see the right one working well for managing pain.

Start With Low Doses And Go Slow

You need to start with low doses of CBD and gradually increase it. You can increase the quantity by the same amount when you find no relief. Increasing the CBD dose in a small increment over several weeks will help you identify the dose offering relief.

Think About Combing CBD With Other Cannabinoids

In some people, CBD alone may not offer effective results. So, you can talk to the doctor regarding combing CBD with medical marijuana. It will work only for people who live in states that have legalized medical/recreational marijuana. But, you need to understand the side-effects of THC (even in low doses). Try to limit the use of such products at night to sleep off any adverse effects.

Discontinue When You Find No Relief

While CBD may not offer magical results overnight, you need to discontinue it after using it for several weeks without any change. You need to conclude that CBD alone or the combination of CBD with low-dose THC may seem the wrong choice for you.

Stop Using CBD When You Develop Side Effects

If you see any unwanted or distressing changes in the body after using CBD, discontinue its use immediately. Also, you need to inform the doctor about the condition and take the necessary action to reverse the problems.


Arthritis is a painful condition surrounded by wrong information regarding treatment options. The ignorance can result in pain, affecting your daily life. CBD is one of the latest treatment options offering hope to people suffering from physical and mental issues due to arthritis. Talk to your doctor as it is worth a try.