5 Ways to Enhance Your Cannabis Smoking Experience

You can become high or “stoned” by smoking, eating, or vaping marijuana. If you’ve never smoked marijuana before, you might be curious about how it feels. Marijuana may have a wide range of effects depending on the person. Some folks claim to be in a good mood or feeling calm after using a water bong. Others have reported greater hunger, laughing, time, and sensory perception changes. Marijuana, on the other hand, might have some unfavorable side effects.

The length of a marijuana high is determined by several factors, including the doses and strength. Furthermore, how you ingest marijuana might significantly impact how long you feel high.

The following are five simple ways to intensify your cannabis high:


THC levels in the blood have been observed to rise when people exercise before or after smoking. In research conducted by the University of Sydney, cannabis users who rode a stationary bike for 35 minutes after smoking increased their plasma THC levels by 15%. Furthermore, “exercise may boost blood THC levels by releasing latent THC from adipose storage,” according to the research. As a consequence, you can get healthy while also getting high. And what better time to unwind and roll a joint than after a strenuous workout?

Cannabis and exercise have a mutually beneficial interaction making cannabis perform better.

Change Your Cannabis Strain

A simple change in the cannabis strain you regularly ingest can significantly impact how you feel high. For example, if you’re a Sativa person, why not try a hybrid strain or something with higher potency?

If you’re not smoking flowers, make sure you’re using a pen or eating an edible made from the plant’s sections with the highest quantities of THC, as many oils are made from buds trimming.

Conscious Consumption

Without the right equipment, there’s a strong chance you’re not getting the most out of your high. A grinder is a necessary tool for joints, bowls, and components. This gives your cannabis more surface area to burn, increasing the high. Using a water bong to get high is an entirely other experience. You can get high also by vaping, smoking, or swallowing marijuana.

Switch Your Technique

The technique by which you get high is another thing you may change. Some individuals enjoy smoking, but they get a different sense when trying alternative approaches. A high from vaping or a bong hit may be more appealing to you. This might be something you despise as well. Each person’s unique constitution determines it. Experiment with edibles to avoid utilizing your lungs entirely. Edibles and dabs are often regarded as the two most potent cannabis products. Proceed cautiously.

Practice Something New

With time, everything becomes stale. As a result, you might want to adjust your speed. You should probably pay greater attention to your smoking habits. Your surge should rise if you hold the inhale for a longer time. Also, instead of savoring what you have, you should learn to savor it. However, you might attempt mixing up your usual cigarette with something new. Try a joint or a bong for a few hits if you don’t like the pipe. Edibles, concentrates, and vaping are other options. It’s merely a way to break up the routine.


If you apply a few of these recommendations, your cannabis high will undoubtedly be increased and extended to a new level you haven’t experienced before. Ingesting marijuana, whether in the form of tinctures, sprays, or food and drink, produces a different high than smoking does. THC is delivered into the system over a more extended period; therefore, the effects should be less powerful.