7 Common Health Issues Faced by Students

7 Common Health Issues Faced by Students

Students usually face significant pressure during their studies. First, they need to maintain excellent academic performance not to drop out of college or university. Moreover, many of them need to work a lot to pay off their student loans and earn a living. As a result, many learners face some health issues caused by too high academic and work loads. In this post, you will find a list of the most common health issues faced by thousands of students worldwide. 

Best Way to Prevent Many Health Problems 

There is nothing new about the fact that serious diseases and other health issues are easier to prevent than  to treat. But what should you do to avoid them? The best solution here is to have a healthy balance of learning, working, and having rest. 

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Chronic Stress 

Chronic stress is a serious health issue faced by millions of students in different parts of the world. Even the most diligent learners might suffer from this condition. Unfortunately, many of them fail to pay enough attention to this issue and might soon get their condition worsened. If you feel you are constantly stressed and anxious, it’s time to have a break. Have a short holiday, hang out with friends, go in for sports, and just try to unwind your mind for at least a few days. 


Depression is another health condition that always deserves your attention. If you have a bad mood for a few days, it is not depression – just dive into your hobbies and spend some time with your mates to cheer up. However, if you have suicidal thoughts, believe that your life is meaningful, or have some other signs of depression, it’s time to consult your physician. Don’t be afraid to consult a doctor – depression is a disease that can often be successfully treated by the prescribed medication. 

Panic Attacks

Students more often face panic attacks than regular employees and business owners. The reason is that young men and ladies often fail to cope with enormous academic pressure. Chronic fatigue, loads of studies, lack of money, and the necessity to work a lot might cause this health issue. If you have a panic attack for the first time, it’s time to change your lifestyle. Spend more time for rest, find some hobby, and remember that your student life shouldn’t be that exhaustive. 

Sleep Disorders 

Many students learn day and night, especially during the hot times before tests and exams. If you seriously lack sleep or go to bed at a different time, you might soon start suffering from sleeping disorders, including insomnia and many others. Make sure to have a regular sleep of at least seven hours, avoid learning late at night, and try to improve your quality of sleep

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a common thing for many learners. The fact is that most students can’t boast of having good cooking skills. Therefore, some products might be undercooked or overcooked, causing some temporary eating disorders. Moreover, many students buy the cheapest possible products that can’t be of good quality. 

Cold and Sore Throat

Even learners with a good immune response can sometimes catch a cold. This disease might make you stick to your bed for a couple of days. In most cases, catching a cold doesn’t cause any serious conditions. Still, it is recommended to consult a doctor in case you have a fever for more than three days in a row. Make sure to take the prescribed medications for a faster recovery.


Although the global pandemic is finally coming down, COVID still remains a dangerous health condition. Therefore, take care of yourself not to miss the warning signs of coronavirus disease. Not to mention, vaccination is considered to be the most effective solution to preventing the complications of COVID. 

There are some other common health issues faced by many learners. The good news is that most of them can be effectively treated by the prescribed medication.