Achieve Variety in Your Energy Sources with Supplements

Achieve Variety in Your Energy Sources with Supplements

From starting a business to running a marathon, energy is everything. Even daily tasks are hard to knock out consistently without a reliable source of sustainable energy to keep you going. 

We’re not talking about synthetic chemicals that give you a quick rush before a crash-and-burn conclusion. You want energy from natural sources that keep you balanced from a mental and physiological standpoint, fueling you for the long road ahead.

Furthermore, variety is key to obtaining this everlasting, even-keeled type of energy that offers the best results. When you can cycle through multiple sources and compound your efforts with an optimized lifestyle, you’re poised for success in anything you set to do.

Let’s explore how to attain the ideal mix of varied energy sources through supplementation, giving you the horsepower needed to meet the toughest mental and physical demands

Basic Vitamins – Starting with B

From a lack of nutrient-dense food to the environmental stressors we endure each day, it’s clear why most of us are deficient in the crucial A-to-Z vitamins and minerals.

You know that vitamin C is for immunity and vitamin D strengthens bones, but it’s the full spectrum of B vitamins that are the most impactful natural energy boosters in our arsenal.

Start from the top with thiamine (B1) to regulate metabolism and nerve function. Riboflavin (B2) is another critical metabolic enzyme and helps our skin and vision too. Niacin (B3) is great for the digestive system and nutrient absorption, while Pyridoxine promotes red blood cell production – key for energetic uptake.

Round it out with Cobalamin (B12) for new cell development, and you’ve got a powerful engine of natural energy attainable in quick supplement form.

Caffeine (Plus Extras)

We’ve warned against the dangers of caffeine before, especially if you’re prone to adrenal fatigue, jitters, and anxiety. Nobody wants those symptoms, which is why lower doses of “clean” caffeine with help from theanine (an amino acid) can help balance out the effects.

Theanine is the compound that makes drinking green tea a better experience for your mind and body, offering sustained energy instead of a quick hit and crash. 

Find a supplement containing equal parts caffeine and theanine and see what a difference the combo makes.

Ayurvedic Ashwagandha

Marketed heavily in recent years is an adaptogenic herb known as ashwagandha. An evergreen shrub from Asian and African plains, it is used to regulate stress response in the body and limit the production of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Evidence for the effectiveness of ashwagandha is still mounting in clinical trials, but anecdotal testimony is plentiful, both modern and historic. 

The supplement can be taken in capsule or tea form, and may be the missing link in your quest to attain natural, sustained energy through stress control.

Beetroot, the Bloodflow Booster

You probably don’t include beets in your daily diet, but this powerful root veggie contains many energy enhancers that you don’t want to miss. 

In concentrated form, beets become a certified superfood, with benefits ranging from blood pressure maintenance to improved circulation and cognitive enhancement. The active compound here is nitric oxide, which expands blood vessels and heightens performance across all key physiological categories. 

Whether you want more endurance on bike rides, bigger pumps in the weight room, or just an afternoon energy boost in the office, all-natural beet root powder is worth a closer look. 

Mushroom Energy Miracles

Did you know that some members of the fungi family have powerful properties that can energize the body and mind? Just look into shrooms like Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps, each with unique medicinal uses like inflammation reduction and increased energy.

Don’t worry – you won’t have to eat mushrooms directly if you don’t want to. The market is finally meeting the demand for convenient supplements that bring out the best in each type of fungus like magic mushroom gummies. You can even find blends that provide synergistic effects for heightened energy. 

CoQ10 for Cell Health Optimization

You’ve heard of antioxidants and know that free radical regulation is important for maintaining cellular health. But when it comes time to actually pick a powerful supplement with antioxidant effects, Coenzyme Q10 is by far the most impactful.

This amazing compound is directly involved in energy production in mitochondria, which increases steadily over time and grants you unmatched physical endurance. Cognitive benefits are also noteworthy, helping expand your working memory and mental capacity.

Look for reliable sources of CoQ10 in supplement form and see which products lead the way in terms of clinical outcomes. Some energy supplements are supercharged, and are more effective at penetrating the mitochondrial membrane. This leads to accelerated results and more sustained energy over time. 

Achieve the Awesome Energy You Need

With more energy, anything is possible. Optimize your lifestyle for more daily energy and use these supplements wisely when you need them most. 

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