Amanda Staveley plastic surgery

Amanda Staveley plastic surgery has shaken the internet to its core! Amanda has not confirmed this, but her plastic surgery is said to have included facelift surgery and Botox injections.

Who is Amanda Staveley?

Amanda Staveley, a former model and now a financier, has her hands in every pot. Staveley is known for playing a pivotal role in Sheikh Mansour’s 210 million pound purchase of Manchester city. Not only this, but due to Amanda’s strong Middle East connections, she was able to get involved with the investment in Barclays Bank. According to our reports, Staveley earned a profit of 30 million pounds for her role in the transaction.

Amanda has managed a Saudi Arabia-backed group that has been attempting to purchase the Premier League club for the past four years. However, the millionaire got her big breakthrough when the entrepreneur achieved success with a 300 million pound Toon takeover. She is now prepared to purchase a 10% stake in the football team through her PCP Capital Partners company, and according to some sources, she will shortly join the board of directors. No wonder Staveley has been given the nickname of “Britain’s most glamorous financier.”
Amanda currently resides in Dubai but also owns a house in London and lives there too. She married her husband Mehrdad Ghodoussi, who is also the managing partner of his wife’s firm, PCP Captial Partners LLP. According to the reports, the couple has a daughter. Prince Andrew reportedly went looking for Amanda because he was madly in love with her and wanted to marry her. The former blonde model, however, declined his proposal since she was opposed to becoming a princess.

Net Worth

The millionaire’s net worth is estimated to be around $17 million dollars.

Rumors about Amanda Staveley plastic surgery

While this was just a brief introduction to Amanda Staveley, we still have a lot to discuss regarding the millionaire’s plastic surgery. Well, Twitter has more. The memes about Amanda Staveley plastic surgery have been nonstop, with people saying things like, “Has Amanda Staveley been made by a 3d printer?” to “She used to be really attractive, apparently.”
Although this rumor has yet to be addressed by Amanda herself, netizens can’t help but point out how the millionaire’s facial features have been prominently enhanced, and this could not have been done without surgery. While we are not entirely sure that Staveley only got botox injections and facelift surgery, the experts rule out that she has, according to her before and after pictures. There are rumors about Staveley looking “old” in her photos, but this might be because of her disease.

What illness does Amanda Staveley have?

According to the sources, Staveley was diagnosed with a rare inherited disease known as “Huntington’s disease” in 2013. Staveley tested positive for Huntington’s disease when she was 37, just before starting a family. She inherited the condition from her mother. She has always been open about her condition and doesn’t let this affect her work. Apparently, this is a brain-damaging disorder that slowly affects the mental functioning of people’s normal abilities. It eventually ends up slowing brain function and causes involuntary movements, mood swings, memory loss, and more. Moreover, her condition might become worse by pressure and stress.
However, she is a fighter who has been fighting her disease positively and has interestingly said that this disease improved her math skills. “It’s very useful because I’ve never needed a calculator.” Moreover, Amanda says her husband was “incredibly patient and loving” during this difficult time and that she “never wanted to get married” when she discovered her disease.

To sum it all up!

The news about Amanda Staveley plastic surgery has undoubtedly gained her some limelight, and her fans and followers can’t help but talk about it. The 48-year-old British entrepreneur has yet to confirm anything about her plastic surgery rumors which makes us wonder why she doesn’t want to speak openly about it as she did with her illness. Whether Amanda denies these rumors or not, we know she looks a lot different than she used to!