Benefits Of Bicycling And Why I Choose It?

If you guys have been following my posts you must have read about my bumblebee GARION bicycle that I loved. My New Year’s resolution has something linked with cycling so I thought, I will take you guys along with me on my new health journey. Lately, I have been reading a lot about healthy living because quarantine has taken a toll on me. Although my mental health has not suffered because I like to organize my day and keep myself occupied. I have also been taking strolls so I am enjoying that but my cycling journey has been on rest for a very long time. Now that lockdown is finally easing and it is going to end, I am thinking of starting my cycling journey again.

I first got my cycle back in 2015 and it was love at first sight. I love cycling because it is not linked with commuting; it is an excellent way of keeping myself engaged. I like jogging, running, and walking but cycling has introduced me to a feeling that is linked with liberation. I feel free when I am on my bike. Since it goes perfectly with me, I got a lot of compliments as well. However, lockdown and COVID came in between our love story, and now that I have finally decided to get back, I feel my New Year resolution will perfectly relate to my bicycle.

In today’s post, I will be highlighting the importance of bicycle-based exercises and how it impacts our body. I have read a lot about the use of bicycles because most people around me kept misguiding me about the impact it will have on my body but so far I have noticed a change that has surprised me in the best possible way. Also, I feel my readers can benefit from it so I thought I should share it with you guys as well.

Benefits of Cycling

While missing my daily cycle rides I started reading a lot about the benefits of cycling so I searched online. There are so many different researches that mainly focus on the use of cycling for body shaping, muscle tightening, getting rid of fat, and improving body strength overall. Some of the ways cycling help your body that I have noticed and that experts agree on include:

I felt that the bicycle was not boring at all, especially because in the gym you just have to focus on the machine and the best way to entertain yourself is to listen to music. However, while riding a bicycle everything was different. I now miss riding my bike because I miss the ride, view, my neighborhood, and everybody I used to meet on my way.

The second most important thing that I read about cycling was that it helps reduce strain and injury. Eventually, while exercising, if something requires too much work, my body will already be prepared for it. I have seen and experienced this as well. I am a little clumsy because I hit tables and chairs which is the reason I have a lot of scratches and bruises. After the cycle, I developed a good reflex action and my leg muscles are much stronger. I have fewer bruises and I feel fewer cramps even if I work hard I advice in order to avoid and feel safe use Cycling helmet User manuals as helmet is a very safe option when it comes to cycling.

Cycling is an incredible workout and I have seen that my body posture has changed. My lower body is much more lean yet strong. Running doesn’t exhaust me anymore, in fact, my trainer tells me that I have improved a lot. Most people before cycling kept telling me that it impacts the buttock muscles and I have seen the change as well. The stretch marks are less because the buttock is much tighter. However, I make sure to moisturize my body as well.

Unlike most exercises that require a lot of effort and work, I have seen that cycling is a little easy. Maybe it has more to do with the entertainment that I get on my way or because I feel more engaged. Apart from this, it doesn’t strain my knees and other joints which is helpful. I feel that if I cycle at night, it improves my sleep quality.

I like working out and you guys must know it by now. However, sometimes I feel lazy and tired. With cycling, I feel fresh and rejuvenated. Apart from this, I have seen an immense improvement in strength and stamina. My jeans fit much better and I have seen an overall improvement in the shape of my leg muscles.

Cycling is a functional activity that you can change according to your requirements. It involves a full body but it is up to you to change the intensity. With the slightest change in intensity, you will see an impact in real life. I have lost a lot of weight and I feel my belly fat has reduced since I started cycling.

My doctor kept recommending a proper workout plan to me and although I was working out, my main focus was on strength-based exercises and on reducing weight. However, I have seen that cycling has helped me improve my cardiovascular fitness. I have noticed flexibility and strength in my body. My overall body posture is better and I no longer slouch when I sit.

I have also noticed that my stress level has decreased because now I have an outlet to let go of all the negative energy and everything else that hurts my mood.

I have already mentioned that I am a little clumsy and I keep hitting things left and right but after cycling I feel that I no longer bump into things. I have more control over my body and I have better reflexes than before.

My BMI has also improved because I am now on the healthy side. I have also felt that my body is responding to exercises well because cycling has worked out as a warm-up for me.

I do not have anxiety or depression issues but I have seen that my mood is much better now that I am back to cycling. I feel this is going to be my new year’s resolution and I am going to stick to my cycling routine.

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