Benefits of Cloves Sexually

These days people prefer herbal medicine over Pharmaceutical medicine as they have fewer side effects. Herbal medicines are loaded with natural elements and nutrition. When it comes to sexual health people are mostly shy to discuss it with anyone plus the pharmaceutical treatment of hormonal and sexual issues is much more expensive. Therefore, people natural remedies.

Nowadays, the benefits of cloves sexually are much popular on the Internet. Cloves are loaded with minerals and vitamins. It is beneficial for both men’s and women’s sexual health. It has a significant impact on hormones and Desire for sex. If you desired to know the benefits of cloves sexually then read the article till the end. Here, we will tell you everything about cloves and their impact on sexual health.

What are cloves

Cloves are grown on trees and belong to the Myrtacae family. It is most popularly present in the Indonesia Maluku Islands. It is also found in other regions of the world. People belonging to different cultures and regions use the bright flower bud of cloves as a spice in many dishes, desserts, and drinks.

Different parts of the cloves are used for different purposes for example stem, leaves, oil, and bud of the cloves are used for making medicine. The quality of cloves also depends on their function. Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda used cloves as a very effective treatment.

Cloves consist of Beta carotene, potassium, vitamin K, and eugenol in it. It is said that the benefits of cloves sexually are prominent in both males and females. People use Clove to increase their sexual libido.

Benefits of cloves

Following are some of the major benefits of clothes sexually in both males and females.

Benefits of Cloves Sexually For Men

Improve Sexual Health

Clove has a much positive impact on the overall sexual health of men. There are many Unani, Ayurvedic, and ancient Chinese traditional medicine benefits of cloves sexually. For many years men are using cloves to treat sexual abnormalities.

Increase Sexual Hormone

Cloves are considered beneficial for increasing the synthesis of the sexual hormone. Clove consists of manganese that helps in the production of the hormone prolactin and testosterone.

Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Since Clove increases testosterone levels in the body it can help with erectile dysfunction problems in males. It also increases male libido.

Prevent premature Ejaculation

Cloves help in the blood flow and circulation in the genitals, ultimately stopping premature ejaculation. Longer ejaculation helps in improving sexual performance and the relationship with the partner.

Reduces the Risk of Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are usually caused due to bacteria and fungi. Cloves have antibacterial properties that help in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Increases Sperm count and motility

Cloves are loaded with minerals and constituents such as protein, vitamins, flavonoids, alkaloids, and carbohydrate that helps in maintaining sperm motility and quantity.

Benefits of Cloves Sexually for Women

Increases Sexual Desire

Women mostly do not want to do sex because they are exhausted or stressed. Cloves help women sexually to improve their sexual desire. It boosts energy and relieves stress. It increases the hormone that is useful for both men and women to increase their sexual drive.

Improve the Chances of Conception

Many herbal constituents are helpful for improving fertility in females. The most important and significant benefit of cloves in women is that they can help in conception. It is believed that drinking Clove water can improve the ovulation phase. Many people traditionally have been using Clove water to improve their Menstruation cycle. Clove water increases the secretion of the Luteinizing hormone. LH is a hormone that helps in the release of eggs from the ovaries.

Enhance Stimulation

Clove itself or its essential oil increases the release of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine stimulates the parasympathetic Nervous system and slows down the heart rate. When the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated it means that the fight or flight response is reduced.
Also increases the sexual desire for intercourse in women. Women who have less acetylcholine levels in their brains cannot concentrate properly on their sexual desires. They do not easily get aroused. Cloves are much beneficial for women to improve sexual stimulation.

Reduces Menstrual Symptoms

The essential oils of clove are used in aroma therapy for managing menstruation symptoms. The Clove Essential oil provides relief from cramps and pain. Clove water is also used to clean the system from previous menstruation cycle blood. For a lot of reasons, Clove water is much popular during menstruation.

Help in Weight Loss

Cloves also help in stimulating your metabolic rate because of their anti-lipid constituents. When your metabolic rate will increase ultimately you will lose weight. Clove is beneficial for losing weight for both men and women. You can take cloves along with some cinnamon, black pepper, and cumin seeds for weight loss.

The Side Effect of Cloves

The common symptoms of allergic reaction from cloves include

Breathing problem
⦁ Hives
⦁ Facial swelling
⦁ Mild skin irritation
⦁ Erection problem
⦁ Rashes
⦁ Itchiness
⦁ Delay ejaculation
⦁ Swollen gums.


The above-mentioned benefits of clove sexually are much more efficient than many medical treatments. But keep in mind that herbal and Ayurvedic treatment takes some time and the reaction will not be immediate. If you feel that you are facing the side effects of cloves you should immediately stop and consult a physician.