CBD Oil For Dogs Who Suffer From Insomnia

CBD Oil For Dogs Who Suffer From Insomnia

While there are many varieties of medications and supplements to help your dog with all sorts of conditions, there are very few of them which are good for them in the long run, and help with a more holistic approach, enhancing their health as opposed to making it worse.

One such is CBD. Any caring pet owner would have already done their research in finding out which is the best solution to treat certain conditions that their pooch is suffering from, and just like us, humans, they too can go through the motions of negative health issues. Click here to find out more about this active component.

Some of the more common issues that CBD has been used for in the past recent years include, but are not limited to:

  • Skin health
  • Anxiety
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Heart conditions
  • Depression
  • Lack of appetite

When administering anything new to your canine, it is always best to stay informed on the various benefits a natures miracle such as cannabidiol oil has.

Overall Benefits of Cannabidiol For Pets

Some of the major benefits this has on pets are included below:

It is a natural alternative – some of the best brands use only natural ingredients. The extract of the oil should come from the hemp plant alone and its various parts, and should not have any additives, substances or chemicals in it. When taken in its purest form, it is highly beneficial.

There are no known adverse side effects – besides sleepiness and possible dry mouth, there are no associated side effects when giving this to your pet. Neither are they any allergens or toxic effects on your dog.

A superior format – when giving them the oil format, it is known to be the fastest-acting and most pure form on the market compared to other formats such as capsules, balms, or treats and dog food. Oil is also one of the most cost-effective alternatives you can invest in continuously.

Minimal environmental impact – when it comes to growing and harvesting the oil, it requires very minimal water to grow. The various extraction processes are also some of the most energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, as mentioned in this article online: https://www.uraca.com/en/infocenter/know-how/co2-extraction/

Reasons Pets Have Insomnia

Amongst all of the above-mentioned conditions that it can help our pets with, insomnia has been known as one of the more common reasons why owners choose to invest in this natural substance.

This condition could be a result of a variety of situations. Some dogs suffer from anxiety due to separation and when left alone at home or in a car or unfamiliar space, this could worsen over time and lead to depression.

Sometimes it may be a case where they are undergoing treatment for an illness or injury and the pain keeps them awake all night and all day. As the owner may not know what can be wrong, especially if it is an underlying issue that has not been checked yet, you can still offer some comfort and aid to them.

Sometimes it may not be the suffering from an illness that’s causing the problem, and they are as healthy as can be. If this is the case then it could be an emotional issue. Owners that have recently moved from one house to another or one city to another, or recently adopted a dog from a shelter tend to see this as a common trait in them. It can sometimes take a while for your four-legged friend to get used to its new surroundings and climate, which can keep them up all night.

Other times it could be the noise of construction nearby or even fireworks and loud traffic. Their hearing is a lot more sensitive than ours. This tends to make them more guarded or alert and hinders any chance of relaxation.

If your dog is not getting enough exercise during the day, or staying as active as it should, this could also be a reason for them to stay awake due to all the pent-up energy they have, which can cause them to become anxious or frustrated and affect their sleep routine adversely.

No matter what the cause of their insomnia is, we should do our best to help them out.

CBD Oil for Your Canines Insomnia

Along with healthy nutrition, a natural substance such as CBD has been noted to help them to cope and get a good night’s rest as they should. In some cases, our pets can suffer from a type of chemical imbalance in their bodies. Incorporating this hemp plant extract has been known to help balance things out.

So, if yours is suffering from lack of sleep or is jumpy and on edge most of the time and needs a bit of relaxation and you are wondering how does cbd for dogs work for sleep? keep reading to find out more. As it is a safe and healthy alternative to most medications on the market.

Unless your vet has prescribed something else, you can give them a few drops of the oil in their drinking water, food and also the best way is to apply a few drops, as per dosage instruction, on top or underneath their tongue and help them to swallow it, by stroking them so they can relax or giving them water after.

The oil will also help bring relief to any underlying causes such as pain and discomfort, thereby helping them to feel less pain, and more relaxed and be able to easily get some sleep. However, never give them your oil or CBD version made for humans. Always keep yours and theirs separate.

Administering the correct amount is key here. Never give them more than the suggested instructions on the manufacturer’s label, and let them get used to it. It can take anywhere between an hour or more for it to be absorbed into their system and bloodstream, as well as a few days for you to see a difference in behavior. For smaller pooches, however, it can take much less time to be absorbed and for them to find sweet slumber.