Commercial treadmills: Everything you should know

Regardless of whether you intend to outfit a fitness room for your membership gym, a university, a hotel, or you just want the same high-quality cardio equipment for your home gym, it makes sense to check treadmill in Australia. It’s important to find the right treadmill so that you can stay fit. But finding the right treadmill can depend on how you intend to use it and how often and long you want to spend on it. 

Today, many people are purchasing commercial treadmills to use in their homes. This can be a good idea if you have enough space in your house. This article discusses commercial treadmills. 

A commercial grade treadmill

A commercial-grade treadmill means that they have a higher quality than a regular treadmill. Therefore, a treadmill which has a commercial grade label is designed to operate longer hours in places with many users in a single day. These places include a physical therapy clinic, hotel fitness room, gym, and an athlete’s training center.

To get a commercial grade rating, a treadmill needs to withstand usage of at least six hours a day. On the other hand, a light or residential treadmill can function for about three hours a day. 

Many commercial treadmills are pricier than the residential treadmills. By paying a higher price, your treadmill can have more features, quality, and duration. Before you decide to get a commercial treadmill, you need to plan to use it to its full potential. You can choose buying a commercial treadmill that has a folding deck, especially if you have a tight space. This means that you can store your treadmill away after using it.  

The benefits of purchasing a commercial treadmill

A commercial treadmill is heavy duty and you can usually use it for at least five hours a day throughout the week. In most cases, the treadmill can support users weighing about 400-pounds or even more. This treadmill is durable because it has a welded steel frame, a powerful motor, and a thick tread track. In contrast, a residential treadmill comes with a weaker motor, plastic frame elements, and one-ply tread tracks. 

A commercial treadmill has a long track to make sure that even the tallest user can safely take strides. In most cases, the length of 60″ is a standard length, but some commercial treadmill tracks can measure between 58″ and 62″ long. You can find a standard track with 20″ width, but can extend to 22″.

Workout programming on a commercial treadmill can range between limited and unlimited. Most of them can be accessed in several languages and can have various preset workout programs in each language. 

You can also find commercial treadmills that support digital entertainment. This includes iPod-compatible consoles that have jacks, speakers, and chargers. Most commercial treadmills also have built-in internet browsers and high definition TVs. Also, some commercial treadmills have online fitness platforms and wireless apps to assist you with preventive maintenance. Commercial treadmills have warranties when you use them several times a day in various places with high foot traffic, such as health clubs and training centers.  

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