Danielle Macdonald weight loss journey is truly inspiring. Although this incredible actress was always appreciated for her acting skills but she often had to suffer criticism as well. The criticism was not about her work it was actually about her appearance.

Danielle Macdonald is an Australian actress Who got massive popularity after her role in Patti Cake and dumpling. She is a very recognized actress in the industry who owns more than 29 awards.

Danielle Macdonald made her debut in The industry with her movie Bird box. She has also worked in the Netflix series Unbelievable. Although she has amazing acting talent but due to her plus-size figure she often faces criticism.

One thing remarkable about Danielle is that she is full of confidence and never cared about body shaming. But when her weight started causing health issues for her it was time she realized that she need to shed a few pounds.

If you are a Danielle Macdonald fan, then you must be curious about why and how Danielle Macdonald weight loss happened. This article is all about Danielle Macdonald’s weight loss journey.

Danielle Macdonald Weight loss journey

Danielle Macdonald started her weight loss journey by adopting a few changes in her lifestyle. She used to love fast food but she quit eating unhealthy food. She preferred home-cooked meals over restaurant food. It was not easy for her to give up the food she love but she stayed strong.

Her homemade meals are organic and loaded with nutrition. She used to eat chicken breast, Salmon, and lean meat with lots of green vegetables and nuts. She also drinks lots of water to keep herself hydrated throughout the day.

Apart from diet, physical activity is also a very important parameter in losing weight. Danielle Macdonald increased her physical activity. She does regular exercises including pull-ups, weight lifting, squats, push-ups, lunges, situps, and cardio exercises.

Not only does she hit the gym on regular basis but also does 1-mile walk in the morning daily. She is interested in sports as well. She likes to play tennis with her friends in the evening. Danielle Macdonald weight loss transformation is a classic example if you put the effort into something you will definitely get positive results.

Criticism after Weight Loss

While most people were happy after Danielle Macdonald’s weight loss. Still, some people were criticizing her that if she was confident and happy with her body why did she lose weight?

Danielle Macdonald never bothered about any criticism. She didn’t respond to any criticism this time as well. Her weight loss was for the betterment of her health and it was the only thing that mattered to her.

How much Weight did Danielle McDonald Lose?

If you look at Danielle Macdonald’s before and after weight loss pictures the difference is prominent. Before weight loss, Danielle Macdonald weighed around 200 pounds. After all the effort and hard work she successfully shed more than 30 lbs. Now, Danielle weighs 163 lbs.

Danielle MacDonald Illness and health

Danielle Macdonald is absolutely fine and does not have any illness. When she was gaining weight people started speculating rumors that she is suffering from a disease. But these were only rumors and the actress is absolutely fine and does not suffer from any disease.

Bottom line

Danielle Macdonald weight loss teaches us that one should always keep their health as first priority. It is important to love and appreciate your body and be confident in who you are. When it comes to health there is no harm in changing your own habits.

Danielle Macdonald completely transformed her body by adopting a new healthy lifestyle. She made the right decision of getting rid of excessive fat and pounds from her body. The best part is that she made these changes for her own health, not due to people criticizing her body.

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