Eating Organic Foods – Do They Really Benefit

If you come across organic food, you should know that it is food made by following organic farming methods. Furthermore, organic food is a healthy alternative to the conventional food we eat. It has become popular in a couple of years as people have started maintaining their health. However, some people might think that organic foods are expensive to buy. Is it worth the extra money you pay? We look at the benefits of organic food down the line. 

What is ‘organic’ in organic food?

‘Organic’ in organic food simply is the method used to grow and process crops. There are no pesticides used for the development of such crops. Furthermore, synthetic fertilizers and GMOs are also avoided in this type of farming. Meanwhile, organic meat, eggs, and dairy products are also consumed by humans. To maintain such livestock, the animals are raised in natural conditions. Secondly, they are not fed any growth hormones, medicines, antibiotics, etc. 

Difference between organic and non-organic produce 

  • Organic food is made from naturally grown crops without pesticides or fertilizers. Meanwhile, non-organic foods make use of chemicals for their growth. 
  • Crop rotation is done in a natural way to produce organic food. Whereas conventionally grown crops use chemicals and herbicides. 
  • You don’t use pest control medicines to maintain organic crops. In contrast, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are used for conventionally grown produce. 
  • The livestock is given organic, GMO-free food for organic meat, dairy products, and eggs. Conventional methods include non-organic feed to the animals for faster growth. 
  • As the organic method follows natural methods, several diseases are prevented. People who take care of the livestock make sure to keep their area clean and tidy, graze the animals on a rotational basis, as well as give them a healthy diet. Meanwhile, conventional methods followed by providing medicines and antibiotics to the livestock to prevent diseases.

Benefits of Eating Organic Food 

It is your health, and you must know what to eat and where to procure the food. You may have been consuming non-organic food; however, now it is time to follow the organic way. Here, we take a look at several benefits of eating organic food. 

Healthy farm lifestyle 

When you focus on organic farming, it helps in reducing levels of toxic material in air, water, and soil. Furthermore, farmers enjoy organic farming without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Secondly, organic food is bought right at the place where it is grown. Overall, it brings a healthier farm lifestyle. 

Organic food includes healthy nutrients 

No added fertilizers are used for organic farming, so the food is rich in nutrients. Meanwhile, non-organic crops are prone to adding more fertilizers by the farmers. It makes such crops deficient of the required nutrients. 

Enjoy a better taste with organic food

Conventionally grown crops don’t have the original taste or flavor. As they are mixed with many pesticides, the crops become stressed with deficiency. Meanwhile, organic crops have the original taste and flavor, which we would enjoy eating. 

It helps in boosting immunity 

We have come to an era of competition, and genetic modification is prevalent. It has long-term side effects on humans because of the chemicals used for the instant growth of vegetables, fruits, etc. Organic foods are free from such issues, which helps humans to live healthier. They are not genetically modified and are GMO-free. Thereby, our immunity system is boosted in the long run by eating such food. 

Animal-friendly products 

We also focus on caring for animals and livestock when we talk about organic foods. The animals are not treated harshly, from organic milk to organic meat, fish, and poultry. Furthermore, the products are made from regenerative farming of crops, which is environmentally friendly. May it be plant-based products like the Bambara groundnut milk or snacks, they have the goodness of high fiber, proteins, and less fat content. 

No use of antibiotics for organic food growth

When we eat food made out of conventionally managed livestock, we also consume antibiotics. These antibiotics are given to the animals to ensure they are disease free. However, it affects us in the long run, making us prone to high-risk diseases, cancer, heart issues, etc. Organic foods are free from antibiotics, and that is why they are recommended.

Benefit of antioxidants

Organic foods contain antioxidants that are beneficial for human health. Furthermore, organic vegetables and fruits without the added chemicals make us feel heart healthy, and we live longer. Meanwhile, the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids also helps improve our food input. 

Ending thoughts 

There you go with the organic foods rich in nutrition, chemical-free, and heart healthy. What else do you need? It is recommended to stop eating non-organic foods. Just get rid of the chemicals and pesticides. Let us make our planet and suitable place with all healthy humans coming together. Reap the benefits of organic foods, stay happy, and live longer.