5 Foods to Avoid When Building Muscle

If you desire to do bodybuilding and build muscles then workout and nutrition are necessary. To build up your body from scratch and you want to improve your body muscles then it is a complete Lifestyle change. You should be taking care of your diet as well as hitting the gym regularly.

People who desire to build body muscles are in search of a diet plan that can actually help them. There are some foods that help in building muscles whereas there are also foods to avoid when building muscle. This blog is all about muscle-building nutrition that improves muscle growth and foods to avoid when building muscle. We will also give you some tips that can help you in bodybuilding.

What is Muscle building ?

Whether you are an athlete, desire to lose weight, take part in any competition, or want to take care of your health. The first thing you should be doing is building body muscles and reducing fat. People do resistance training and strength training to improve their muscle strength. If you have good muscle growth and strength you can prevent multiple diseases such as Kidney disease, heart disease, cancer, and other critical illness.

Other than training you can try aerobic exercises that help increase your body muscles and reduces body fat. Body fat is much harmful and can cause several diseases such as hypertension and heart disease which is among the significant causes of death in most American. If you want to build your muscles not only you should be taken care of your workout but also your nutrition.

For a bodybuilder, it is very important to take proper meals composed of nutritious ingredients that can accelerate muscle growth. Your dense nutritious diet should contain an appropriate amount of macro and micronutrients. Not just it will help in building muscle mass but also will keep you healthy.

Meal plan for muscle gain

To stimulate body muscle growth, first, you need to calculate how many calories your body requires for example if your body requires 3000 calories based on your height and weight then you should consume 3500 calories per day during the bulk phase. They are also a cutting phase where you need to reduce your calorie intake. In this phase, you can reduce your calories to 2500cal per day.

Now you need to work on how you are going to consume these calories. You will take macronutrients in the form of protein, carbs, and fats in the following proportion.
⦁ 15 to 20% of fat
⦁ 30 to 35% of protein
⦁ 55 to 60% of carbs.

8 best foods for muscle gain

Following are some of the foods that you should eat if you want to increase muscle mass.

⦁ Grains
You can eat rice, quinoa, oatmeal, bread, crackers cereal, and popcorn.

⦁ Fruit
In fruits, you can take berries, watermelon, grapes, apples, oranges, bananas, pears, and peaches.

⦁ Dairy
For dairy, you can consume low-fat milk, cottage cheese, cheese, and yogurt.

⦁ Beans and legumes
You can eat kidney beans, chickpeas, black Beans, lentils, and Pinto beans.

⦁ Oils
Avocado oil, flaxseed oil, and olive oil.

⦁ Meat fish and poultry
To fulfill your protein requirement, you can intake chicken breast, Salmon, ground beef, sirloin steak, cod, venison, etc.

⦁ Vegetables
In vegetables, you can eat green beans, cucumber, Zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms spinach, broccoli, leafy green vegetable, potatoes, and peppers.

⦁ Seeds and nuts
you can also include in your diet some flax seed Chia seed walnuts almonds sunflower seeds.

5 foods to avoid when building muscle

Following are the five foods to avoid when building muscle

⦁ Sugary drinks
Sugary drinks like sweets tea sports drinks and soda provide you with a very high amount of calories. They are only unhealthy and do not provide you with any nutrients. These sugary drinks and food store fat in your body and reduces muscle mass.

⦁ Alcohol
If you are drinking alcohol within a limit and only on special occasions then it will not impact muscle growth, however, excessive drinking can impact muscle growth. If you drink alcohol after exercise it can reduce muscle growth even if you are consuming a protein-loaded diet. Alcohol has only harmful effects on the body and does not have any beneficial nutrition so it is better to cut off the alcohol from your life.

⦁ Fried food
Fried food is very high in calories and increases the unhealthy fats in your body. If you are consuming junk or fried food in your diet then you cannot gain muscle mass rather you will be gaining weight due to fat and cholesterol.

⦁ Refined carbohydrates
Refined carbohydrates include white bread, white rice, and pasta. They are considered sugary carbohydrate that does not have much nutritional value but rather just increases your body weight by increasing body fat. They are responsible for muscle breakdown.

⦁ Amino acid supplement
Branched chain amino acids such as isoleucine, leucine, and valine. Some people considered that these amino acid supplements help in muscle growth but according to a study these supplements are responsible for muscle breakdown rather than growth.

Tips for building muscle

We hope that the above mention 5 foods to avoid when building muscles will help you in accelerating your muscle growth. You should also include the listed foods in your diet so that they can help you in increasing your muscle growth.

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