26 Foods to Avoid while taking Nitrofurantoin Macrodantin

26 Foods to Avoid while taking Nitrofurantoin Macrodantin

Urinary tract infection is a common problem in both men and women. 10 out of 25 women and 3 out of 25 men suffers from UTI in their lifetime. Not just UTI infections are painful and cause irritation but if not treated on time they can harm your health as well.

To treat urinary tract infections, doctors recommend antibiotics such as nitrofurantoin Macrodantin. Nitrofurantoin is an antibiotic that is specifically used for treating UTIs. Macrodantin is its brand name.

Antibiotic treatment requires a proper protocol. In this article, we will discuss nitrofurantoin and the 26 foods to avoid while taking nitrofurantoin Macrodantin.

What is nitrofurantoin

Nitrofurantoin brand-name Macrodantin is a urinary tract infection-specific antibiotic. Nitrofurantoin is available in other brands as well including Macrobid and Furadantin. Nitrofurantoin is available in dosage forms like capsules, tablets, and liquids.
The usual dose of nitrofurantoin is 50-100 mg at bedtime. Or one can take nitrofurantoin to treat urinary tract infection at 50-100 mg dose every six hours.

Extended-release capsules of nitrofurantoin are also available in doses of 100 milligrams. Nitrofurantoin antibiotics are not appropriate for babies, therefore, children 12 years older and adults can have this medication. However, in an emergency, if nitrofurantoin is required for children younger than 12 years old then according to their weight physician does dose adjustment.

Mechanism of nitrofurantoin

Urinary tract infections impact both men and women but women are more prone to it. Since Women have shorter urethra the bacteria easily travel to their bladder.

UTI infections require timely treatment because if left untreated they can cause kidney infections. nitrofurantoin destroys the bacteria causing urinary tract infection. The antibiotic is filtered from the blood and reaches the bladder where it kills the bacteria. Due to this feature, nitrofurantoin is considered a specific antibiotic to treat urinary tract infections.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection

Following are the major symptoms of urinary tract infection.
⦁ Burning sensation or painful urination
⦁ Frequent urination
⦁ Dark reddish or cloudy urine
⦁ Foul smell from Urine
⦁ Pain while urinating
⦁ Pain in lower back and side of ribs
⦁ Decrease in urination amount although there is an urge to urinate.
⦁ Nausea and vomiting
⦁ Pelvic bone pain or pressure in women
⦁ Fever
⦁ Fatigue and tiredness.

26 foods to avoid while taking nitrofurantoin Macrodantin

Although you can consume a normal diet while taking nitrofurantoin but there are certain foods that can reduce the absorption of this antibiotic. Here is a list of 26 foods to avoid when taking nitrofurantoin Macrodantin.

⦁ Grapefruit juice
⦁ Oranges
⦁ Strawberry
⦁ Milk
⦁ Cheese
⦁ Yogurt
⦁ Lemon
⦁ Honey
⦁ Soda
⦁ Energy drinks
⦁ Sweetened cereals
⦁ Ice cream
⦁ Sweetened tea and coffee
⦁ Cake
⦁ Chocolate
⦁ Table sugar
⦁ Fuzzy drinks
⦁ Granola bar
⦁ Alcohol
⦁ Alcohol containing drinks
⦁ Sugary food
⦁ Caffeine.

Although there is no proper scientific research that can explain why sugary food needs to be avoided while using nitrofurantoin. But it is considered that high sugar food can worsen urinary tract infections.

A person consuming a high amount of sugar can develop glucose in urine. It is even more common for people to have an insulin resistance history or high blood sugar. The urine sugar can feed the bacteria causing urinary tract infection.

If you are drinking alcohol in a very less amount then it won’t impact the treatment. But if you are consuming alcohol in high amounts, it can make your condition even worse.

The high amount of caffeine can increase the potency of antibiotics resulting in health. Caffeine is a natural diuretic so you will urinate more frequently. If you do not drink enough amount of water, caffeine can cause dehydration.

Foods that have antibiotic properties

The following foods are natural antibiotic properties and may help you with urinary tract infections.
⦁ Spices like ginger, oregano, Cumin, and cinnamon
⦁ Garlic
⦁ Pineapple
⦁ Chili peppers
⦁ Cranberries.

Bottom line

Apart from the above-mentioned 26 foods to avoid while taking nitrofurantoin Macrodantin, you should avoid taking foods containing calcium, caffeine, and alcohol. Although these foods will not cause high toxicity but there are chances that they will interfere with the efficacy of nitrofurantoin.
Still, if you feel that you need more information regarding your urinary tract infection therapy, then you can consult a doctor or pharmacist who can guide you specifically according to your health.