Gala vs. Fuji apples: What is the difference?

In this article we will discuss gala vs. fuji apples first start with introduction As a house wife you know what is the perfect fit for your house specially when it comes to grocery. If you feel confuse when choosing apple in mart specially fuji and gala then you on a right place.

Gala vs. Fuji apples

What is Gala Apple?

One of the type of apple id Gala Apples they are found in United state. The taste of apple is sweet and have a firm texture. This apple season take place from September to december.

The shape of gala apple is round with a yellowish-orange skin. These apples are very sweet also their outer layer is less thick than the fuji one.

Gala apples used in salads, applesauce, and apple cider vinegar.

Gala apples contain elements like fiber, Vitamin C and antioxidants they also contain potassium all these things are very good for our health that’s why doctors says “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,”

Many people eat Gala apples in their daily life routine.

What’s Fuji Apple?

Another type of apple is the fuji apples they also found in japan. The taste of fuji apple is sweet and juicy where as it has a firm texture. The color of fuji apple is red.

Like the gala apples they also used in salad or you can eat it normally more these fuji apple are available from september to december.

They are thick than the gala apple when it comes to outer skin.

Fuji apples also contains the nutrient elements like fiber and Vitamin C. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties which help to fight against disease like cancer and heart.

Many people eat them on a daily life basis.

Gala vs. Fuji apples

Gala vs. Fuji apples : Factors to Compare

There are certain factors on which we can find Gala vs. Fuji apples so lets start.

Farming Methods

As we know both apples comes from different country gala apples grow in United states whereas fuji apples grows in japan. People always go in debate which apple is best ?

Fuji apples grown in Japan are best as they grow in natural temperature whereas gala apples are grown by organic methods. We think both are best at their places.


When it comes to appearance and color both gala and fuji apple have little bit differences.

The gala apple have orange-yellow shade, with a soft outer texture. It has stripes in pink color.

Whereas the fuji apple have more varieties of shades like green-yellow with a little touch of red and pink. their outer texture is little thick.


When it comes to taste both have a little difference the fuji apple have a citrus taste with mild acidity where as the gala apple more floral in its aroma though. Both apples are good when it comes to taste.


Both apples are not seasonal. Fuji apple can be found in between September to December same for the gala apples you can get them in fall and winter seasons that occur in September to December.


When it comes to storage gala apple does not stay fresh for a long period of time where as you can store fuji apple for a long time so If you are looking for a long term saving you can go for fuji apples as they stays longer.


The price of both the apples differs gala apple is little cheaper then the fuji one. Fuji is a bit expensive you can find both apples in nearby mart.


When it comes to cooking you can use fuji apple as they are best when you make an apple pie whereas gala apples are not good for cooking so you can use it in salads. If you want to just eat an apple then go for gala apple.


The Size of fuji is around 75mm where as the size of gala is 55mms

Fuji and Gala Apples Nutrition

Pros of Fuji Apple

  • The apple grown in japan at a temperate climate.
  • The apple have citrus taste.
  • The apple are expensive.
  • The apple have vitamin A, fiber and potassium.
  • The apple are good for cooking.
  • The apple lives longer.

Cons of Fuji Apple

  • The apple is only available from September to December.
  • Not everyone like citrus taste of it.

Pros of Gala Apple

  • The apple grown in united states in organic method.
  • The apple have sweet taste.
  • The apple are less expensive.
  • The apple have vitamin A and fiber.
  • The apple are good for salad.

Cons of Gala Apple

  • The apple doesn’t lives longer.
  • The apple is bad for cooking.
Gala vs. Fuji apples

Fuji vs Gala Apples: Taste, Texture and Colors


When comparing Gala and Fuji apples, both offer unique tastes and textures. Fuji offers a nuanced sweetness with a deeper crunch, while Gala is praised for its sweet, crisp character. The final decision is based on personal taste preferences and dietary requirements.

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