Health Issues to Address in Your “New Year New Me” Resolutions

The second the clock strikes midnight and it is officially January people start making a lot of promises to themselves about their body. Usually, these promises boil down to better diet and exercise, with the occasional Dry January or Veganuary pledge alongside them.

And, as good as that is and should be encouraged, there are a few things concerning your body you should check in on while you’re giving it some thought. These are the more forgotten aspects about keeping a healthy body, whether it’s due to the fact that you won’t really notice a change until it becomes a problem, or you’ve been pushing it back for other things. Read on for our list of things you should be checking in this new year.

The dentist

Technically you should be checking in with your dentist every six months, but we’ve all been distracted over the past couple of years. Depending on where you are in the world, your dentist might not even be open to check-ups, and only emergencies.

If your dentist does allow for check-ups, you should make sure you’re up to date with them. If it has been more than six months since your last appointment, book one in January to ensure that no problems develop.

We all love how we feel after a cleaning from the dentist, and they can catch anything that could turn into a painful problem down the line.

The chiropractor

If the mere idea of sitting at your desk again is giving you a twinge at the base of your back, you need an appointment with the chiropractor. The ongoing and unfortunate problem of the computer age is that we are spending a lot more time sitting, and it is affecting our health.

Our backs get the brunt of it, with cheap desk chairs and poor posture contributing to growing back pain as we work, but there are other symptoms like headaches, joint and muscle pain, and limited range of motion being just a few of the reasons to seek out a chiropractor. Others include if you notice the soles of your shoes are wearing out differently. This can mean your body needs to be adjusted because it is out of alignment.

If you’re nearby, take a look in at a Vernon Hills Chiropractor to see what they can do to ease your pain.

The optician

You might not have even noticed it is taking your eyes a little more work to adjust, or that things further away are getting fuzzier. You hear of people all the time not realizing just how little they saw until an optician told them to put their glasses on.

Headaches, floaters that won’t go away, fuzzy sight, halos around light or any other niggling symptoms can mean you’re due a trip to the optician. They tend to advise having your eyes tested every two years, so if it has been a while, you can book in January and have a clear placeholder for 2024. But if you find yourself with any of the symptoms above, book a test anyway.