How Long Does An Ounce Of Weed Last For?

Ever wondered what weed is? What are its uses, effects, and how long does an ounce of weed last?

Whatever questions you have in your mind related to weed are going to be answered today. This article will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about weed How Long Does An Ounce Of Weed Last For? Its benefits, harmful effects, and all other info that might ever pop up in your mind.

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What is weed and what are its uses?

Weed, formerly called Marijuana, is a greenish-gray mixture extracted from the dried leaves of Cannabis Sativa.

It has both medicinal and recreational uses, and it is still considered a harmful drug in most parts of the world.

Marijuana can be used to treat mild muscle and bone pain. But it should be used only in small amounts after a doctor’s prescription, otherwise, it can be addictive.

Weed has been illegal for a long time and this illegalization has led to the association of different names for the same product. Different names make it hard to track.

So when you say Weed, Cannabis, Cheeba, Pot, Hash, Joint, Marijuana, or Ganja, basically you mean the same drug. Since the legalization of weed in different parts of the world, the most popular or formal word for this drug is cannabis.
Different terms used in weed measurement?

Different terms used in weed measurement?

Before we get to the ounce let’s discuss what are your other options. When you go looking for weed, with so many slang terms and different measuring scales, it’s hard to decide which one you need.

One Gram

The smallest amount of weed you can buy is 1 gram, also called ”a dime bag”. You can create two half-gram rolls and have some small fun. For a not so newbie, this amount might be barely able to take him to the moon. If you are a beginner this is where you might want to start your weed capacity.

One Eighth

One eighth is the 1/8th that of an ounce that is around 1/8 x 24 =3.5 grams of weed. This amount can get you somewhere around 4-7 joints. Depending on how much you prefer in each joint the number can increase or decrease.


How much is a quarter of weed? Well, quarter means 1/4th so it means 7 grams of weed. It is also called ‘‘Quad’’ or simply quarter. An average user can extract 6-8 joints out of a quarter weed.


A half-ounce means around 14 grams of weed. This number seems big on paper but for an experienced smoker, this is just a walk in the park, and before they know the weed is gone.

However, an average user can extract somewhere around 12-16 joins out of this half-ounce weed.


This is the number of great importance in weed purchase because in most states of America they only allow the sale of up to one ounce of weed at a time. Above this the sale of Weed is illegal.

With 28 grams of weed, you can take it nice and slow and it can last up to a month.

Unless you are Snoop Dogg, who has a full-time roller, making joints, with a great salary this should be enough for you to last at least a month.

How long can you remain high?

The amount of time your high can last depends on who is smoking. Besides this, there are some other major factors such as:

  • The quality of weed
  • Is it solo or used with some other substance such as alcohol
  • Person’s capacity to withstand drugs
  • Mode of taking the consumption of weed

How to make your high last longer?

Who does not want to keep high for a longer time, of course, every weed lover does. So how to do this?

Let us tell you some tips and tricks to retain your high for a much longer time

Abstain from weed

You might have noticed that you can no longer feel the same amount of sharpness in the same quantity of drug as you once did but let us tell you a great tip. Abstaining from weed for a few days or weeks can increase your high level very much. Because your body is used to weed and it no longer affects it the same way as it once did. But a gap will give it the necessary time to get back to that initial time where it was new to weed.

Method of consumption

Weed is going inside your body whether you smoke it through a joint or vape it or eat it. But the real thing is it affects our body differently by various methods of consumption.

If you are taking it through vaping it will instantly go to your brain and give you a nice happy feeling. Although it looks good it’s not because this cool feeling will soon fade away just as it came quickly.

So, what should you do?

You can try the edible weed method this way it would take some time before giving you a high but trust me this wait will surely be worth it. This high will last much longer than your usual high which quickly fades away.

Body tolerance

For a person who is just starting weed, his tolerance level is very low. As a result, he can easily keep this high for a long time. But if you are a veteran weed user then unfortunately this high will not be high enough. Your mental tolerance limits have been pushed higher and they require more juice to get the same feeling.


Your body reacts differently to drugs depending on your age and health condition. If you are a young guy who often gets high, you might feel like this is too easy. But in case you are an old guy who is now looking for adventure, well then, this might be too high.

When trying weed, be sure to check your body’s capacity. Don’t overestimate your tolerance level.

The environment of weed consumption

Whether you are at home or crashing at an unknown party, you will experience different levels of high. You might be wondering what the connection between these seemingly different things is?. Then let us tell you how this works. Our body is more aware of our surroundings when we are at an unknown or new place and therefore when you get your high it feels more fun and remains longer with you.

These were just the major factors affecting your high but some other factors such as your weight, height, and age can also not be neglected.


Everyone has their speed at handling things. Their body might be working very fast or very slow. This ability has its advantages as well as disadvantages. If you are looking for weight loss then the higher the metabolism the better. But, if you are looking for a nice high then you are in trouble with a high metabolism. Your body will absorb everything quickly and before you know it you are done and need more.


Weed has just started to get legalized and still needs some time before clear-cut laws can be made and implemented. But the direction is right. Hopefully, governments all over the world will realize the importance of legalization and put it under strict control. To stop illegal activities funded by the drug trade this needs to come from a proper channel.

Taken carefully in a limited amount— the weed is a blessing. But, taken with no control—it can prove to be a curse.


In which states is weed legal in the U.S.A?

Weed is legal in the states of Oregon, Nevada, Alaska, New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon, California, Michigan, New Jersey, Maine, and Montana.

How much weed can we buy at the local weed store?

You can buy around 1 ounce of weed that is 28 grams in the US and in other countries or even states within the US this number may vary.

Does marijuana cause any effect on your lung?

Marijuana can lead to harmful effects on your overall health and this majorly impacts your lungs.
Smoking is harmful but smoking marijuana can be deadly.

Why is weed being legalized?

Legalizing weed will create jobs, keep the police free and give them time to attend to more important matters. The price of weed can now be regulated.
Drugs have been around for quite some time now and would have remained here even if they were not legalized. Legalizing weed can make the whole process more legal, creating more economic benefits and this will discourage the illegal trade of weed.

Is weed harmful?

Although weed is now being legalized slowly across many places— it is still a drug. It means if you don’t control your usage, it can cause Marijuana addiction. However, for most teenagers who start smoking weed, it is more harmful.

Is weed addictive?

Yes, if you use too much of any drug it can be addictive, even your pain killers can prove to be very deadly.