How Lyn May Plastic Surgery Destroyed her face

Many people think Lyn underwent multiple plastic procedures because she was anxious about getting older. Lyn may before surgery, acknowledged that she was afraid of aging, which may have contributed to her desire for plastic surgery to embrace perpetual youth. Well, the surgery precipitated a drastic change in her life for the worst; thus, things didn’t turn out as expected.
She chose a novice plastic surgeon for her procedure, which left her face malformed and gave it the appearance it has now; she has attempted various drugs and other operations to correct this but hasn’t had much luck.
Lyn May, however, recently made headlines due to a botched plastic surgery procedure that disfigured her stunning, unmodified face. Let’s discuss the factors that led her to make this choice.


Mexican actress, exotic dancer, and showgirl Lyn May. The 68-year-old was born in Mexico as Lilia Mendiola Mayanes. She has identified as Lyn May afterwards. She came from a Chinese immigrant household. She is regarded as one of the most well-liked actresses in Fichera’s filmography. She gained notoriety in the 1970s due to her frequent appearances on Mexican vedettes and her roles in over 100 movies.
Lyn May started as a cabaret dancer in the entertainment business. She was referred to in the Mexican cabaret scene as the “Goddess of Love.” The actress received praise for her role in Tivoli, directed by Alberto Isaac, in 1975.

Lyn May Popularity

Lyn is quite active on Instagram and appears to appreciate the attention of her over 300,000 followers; she has posted close to 500 images, most of which were shot in her daily life.
She still enjoys dancing a lot, and she occasionally teaches Tahitian dance. Although Lyn enjoys traveling and her job has taken her worldwide, she still prefers to live in Mexico City.

Why did she make the decision to change her appearance

Since she began her career early, Lyn May has become a well-known artist throughout Mexico and Latin America. In her 20s and 30s, she was highly active. For many years, she thrived as an actress, but eventually, the celebrity slowly faded, leading her to choose plastic surgery.
As time went on, Lyn may before surgery started getting fade away in the limelight, which prompted the actress to undergo plastic surgery to restore her youthful appearance. However, this didn’t turn out at all as she had anticipated. She undoubtedly regretted choosing the incorrect plastic surgeon and her choice as well.

What Cosmetic Treatments did she opt for?

It’s said that Lyn’s anxiety about aging is what drove her to undergo multiple plastic procedures. She discovered an amateurish surgeon who disfigured her face by injecting baby oil into her cheekbones; she has subsequently tried several drugs and other operations to correct this, but it hasn’t been particularly successful.
The Mexican actress had horrible results from facelifts on her neck, brow, lips, and eyes. The actress’s facial characteristics began to wane over time; to address this problem, she had numerous medical and surgical procedures, but the results were mixed. However, as the cosmetic surgeon examined her face, Lyn may claim that although her waist and hips were real, she desired bigger breasts before surgery.

Lyn May Accept herself Publicly

The vedette battled to retain her former appearance, she tried her best and faced every difficulty, but ultimately, in the end, she accepted herself the way she was. However, now she doesn’t care for people’s opinions and the harsh reality she has to face daily.
The actress has been vocal about what has occurred to her and stated that she knows that she’s now and then ridiculed because of her appearance, but now the actress has learned that it cannot be undone and that now she has to accept her as she is and face this world confidently.


Lyn may before surgery, wanted to be famous for a long period. She wanted to seem as attractive as she aged, so she turned to cosmetic surgery to keep her as youthful as possible.
Lyn May is conscious of the ridicule and criticism of her physique, but she chooses to focus on the good things in life. In an interview, she said,
“I no longer look back, just forward. I learned to live what suits me, joyful and cheerful despite the difficulty, since I accepted myself as I am.”