Learn How to Fake a Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy test prank or faking the pregnancy is one of the best ways to fool your friends and family. A pregnancy prank could be very entertaining, especially if your family doesn’t mind such humor. Fake pregnancy pranks are not difficult, there are several ways of how to fake a pregnancy test, and to make it more authentic, and you can fake the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Let’s see some exclusive ways of faking the pregnancy test:

Show early symptoms and signs.

Pregnancy has exclusive signs. Your prank will be more convincing if you act pregnant or show or fake pregnancy symptoms. You can fake the following symptoms of pregnancy.

Missing periods

During pregnancy, women don’t have periods for nine months. So to make the pregnancy prank more obvious, complain about missing periods like your periods is one month delay even in two months you don’t have periods.

Nausea and vomiting

Morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting are also common signs of pregnancy. To fake the pregnancy, run to the washroom randomly, especially after having food and fake vomits and nausea

Mood swings

Mood swings are common in pregnancy. Women get more cranky and moody during the pregnancy. To make the pregnancy prank authentic, show mood swings and emotional behavior like a minute you laugh and next minute you are angry.

Weird food cravings

During pregnancy, the food requirements of women change, and they face weird food cravings. Women crave the weirdest food during pregnancy. Usually, women crave having spicy food or sour food like tamarind, tuna fish with chocolate, sausages with jam, toothpaste, lemons, peanut butter and pickles. So, make sure to eat and pretend to have weird food carvings to make your prank more authentic.

How to fake a pregnancy test positive from a pregnancy kit

Sometimes you fail to convince people by showing the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, then to convince your friend and family. You need to prove a positive pregnancy test result. If you are wondering, how to fake a positive pregnancy test at home? Then the following are some tips and tricks for you to fake a test.

Get a pregnant friend urine sample 

It is one of the easiest ways to fake a pregnancy test. You need to take a pregnant woman’s urine sample and then run it on the pregnancy kit, and you will get a positive result.

Fake pregnancy by using coke or Pepsi

You can fake a pregnancy test with Pepsi. Some ingredients used in Pepsi mimic pregnancy hormones. To fake the test, dip the test kit in the Pepsi for 1-2 minutes and wait for the fake pregnancy result.

Try an expired pregnancy test

If you have an old or expired pregnancy test, then faking the pregnancy test is not difficult. The Expired pregnancy kit can give you the false-positive result, but finding the one with the false-positive test could be tricky, but it’s worth trying. To find an older or expired pregnancy kit for faking a pregnancy test.

Fake the pregnancy test with soda

Like coke, you can fake the pregnancy test with soda. Soda has some ingredients that mimic pregnancy hormones. Dip the test kit in the cup of soda or place a few drops of soda on the test kit to get a positive result.


There are several ways through which you can fake pregnancy tests. You can even fake pregnancy test kits. If you are using the kit for a pregnancy test, then try that method first. After the positive results, do the pregnancy test prank in front of family and friends.


Can you fake a pregnancy test with apple juice?

Yes! You can fake the pregnancy test with apple juice. The sugar of apple juice interacts with the enzymes of the pregnancy kit to give the false-positive test.

How do you get a false pregnancy test?

You can fake the pregnancy test by faking the symptoms of pregnancy. In the case of pregnancy kits, use Pepsi, soda, and apple juice to get the false pregnancy test.

Does vinegar make a pregnancy test positive?

Yes! Vinegar makes a pregnancy test positive. Mix the vinegar with tuna oil and urine to get fake pregnancy results

Does toothpaste make a pregnancy test positive?

Toothpaste is used for testing the pregnancy. But it is not a reliable way of faking the pregnancy test.