Who doesn’t want to look good and have a toned body? I do!
Slender arms give you confidence, but very thick arms are equally unattractive.
You want to know How to get rid of Muscular Arms? Don’t worry if you have bulky arms and want to lose some muscles; we have solutions. Stay with us and read till the end to get on your way to slimmer and toned arms.

How to Slim Down a Muscular Upper Body

You want to get a slimmer and toned upper body; you came to the right place! All you need is some of your time, a plan for dies, light exercises, and determined motivation.

Exercises to Avoid If You Want to Reduce Muscle Mass from Your Upper Body

If you have muscular and bulky arms, it means you have been exercising. Some of the exercises that you should avoid are listed below.

No Isolation Workouts for Your Upper Body

Heavy workouts are challenging to start but very addicting. The first thing you need to do is reduce heavy and exhausting exercises. How to Get Rid Of Muscular Arms it would be best to avoid exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, pull-downs, shoulder presses, and all exercises where you lift your weight above your head. These exercises pressure your back muscles and arm muscles that broaden your shoulders and arms.

No Overhead Pushing/Pulling Workouts

Trying to lose weight faster by lifting heavy weights will bulk you up instead of decreasing muscle size. If you do not give up on heavy weight-lifting, you cannot lose upper body muscle mass.

Instead of lifting heavy weights and lesser repetition, try going for lower weight lifting and increasing the number of repetitions per cycle. This will reduce pressure on muscles and help reduce muscle weight in a shorter time.

No Lifting Very Heavy Weights

Exercises that target upper body parts, including shoulders, arms, and back, will increase the muscle mass of this area. You should stop exercises like triceps press, tricep kickbacks, biceps curls, hammer curls already if you are struggling with buff muscles.

The Best Diet and Exercise Tips to Lose Mass in the Arms

Let’s jump right into the exercises and diet to follow that will help you lose arm bulk without any further ado.

Upper Body Slimming Exercises

As targeted exercises increase muscles in the area, try overall body exercises that involve all body parts. This will equally distribute stress in the body and tone the body.

Instead of focused body exercises, try cardio and toning exercises. Cardiovascular exercises decrease fat and muscle size altogether.

Leave heavy weight lifting with minimum repetitions and start lifting light weights increasing repetitions per set.

Repeat all of these exercises three times a week. Pay special attention to the number of repetitions per set to shed the bulky muscles from the arms.

How to Decrease Arm Size

Exercising is cool to reduce muscle bulk, but it is not enough. You also have to regulate what you eat and what to avoid. A complete guide is given in the headings below.

What Should Your Diet Include?

To get toned arms, you need to lose overall weight, and for that, you have to take a closer look at what you eat. Anything you eat should be clean and healthy.

Make sure you have a rainbow plate with all nutrients that you need in a calculated amount. Keep track of followings in your diet:


Proteins build muscles and tissues.

As you lie in the category of those who want to reduce their upper body muscle mass, you have to take minimum protein. This does not mean that you should stop taking proteins. Because it will make your muscles weak, disturb your insulin levels, and make you nutrient deficient, leading to many diseases.

Hence, take 0.54 grams of protein for each pound of your body weight.

Consult your nutritionist and take adequate amounts of protein in your diet.


Carbohydrate changes into glucose and is used for energy by our body. But the maximum amount of this glucose gets attached to water molecules and changes into glycogen. This glycogen then gets stored in muscles and the liver. Carbohydrates, now held as glycogen, have extra water molecules, so they make you look swollen after eating. Hence, reduce carb intake if you want to decrease muscle growth.


A low-calorie diet reduces protein production and hence helps reduce muscles. As we are focusing on overall body weight loss, it’s essential to take a calorie-deficit diet. But another crucial thing to consider is to reduce calorie intake gradually. Cutting calories suddenly will make it difficult for the human body to cope fast. Hence, it’s better to minimize calorie intake slowly, making it no less than 1200 calories per day because your body needs energy too.

Be Persistent

Persistence is the key. Any goal you set, you have to be persistent and determined. Never lose motivation. It might be difficult, and you might have to drag yourself a little. But the results will be majestic. You have to burn your blood, sweat, and tears to reach your goal. So burn your calories and muscles to get your dream body and slay!

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