How to make yourself throw up easily

We often need to vomit and throw out things intentionally. It is an emergency, and it usually happens when we swallow foul tastes or poisonous substances, our taste buds recognize these types of things quite quickly, and you need to vomit to save a life. You can induce vomiting by following some easy tricks. Doing intentional vomiting sounds disgusting, but it could be life-saving. So, if you want to know 5 ways on How to make yourself throw up easily, then read this article to full length.

Use your finger

It is a traditional method of inducing vomiting. For doing this, you need to put your finger in your mouth and touch as deep in the mouth as possible. You will get a gag reflex once you get to the base of your tongue. 

Use a toothbrush

Finger-induced vomiting is one of the best ways, but many people are not comfortable with this. If you are not comfortable using the finger for induced vomiting, then use your toothbrush instead. Put the toothbrush to the end of your mouth and hold it until the gag reflex came.

Gargle with egg white

If both of the finger and brush methods haven’t worked for you, then you need to try the albumin juice, because it gonna work for everyone. For this, separate the egg yolk, take eggs and separate their albumin or egg white, and gargle with them. After gargling with the egg white, you will throw up in no time. If you have swallowed something poisonous, then do try albumin gurgles

Drink mustard juice

Mustard has the natural emetic action, and swallowing it induces vomiting rather quickly. For preparing the mustard juice, mix two teaspoons of the mustard powder in a glass of water, shake the water well with the mustard powder and drink it at once.


Mustard juice can make you throw up instantly, but don’t forget that mustard contains a high amount of sodium. Sodium can affect health, so don’t use mustard water excessively.

Gargle with warm salted water

If you have tried all the above methods and none have worked for you, then do try this one. It is the most sophisticated method of inducing vomiting. Mix some salt in warm water. Now gargle with hot salted water. And try to hold the water on the back of your thorax as long as possible. This method will induce vomiting few minutes.


Self-inducing vomiting could be life-saving in emergencies. We have explained 5 ways of throwing up. All the ways of inducing vomiting that we have explained in this article have 100% results. If a method is not working for you, move to another one. It is recommended to use two or more than two ways spontaneously to save a life.