How to Speed up Nerve Regeneration after Prostate Surgery

Prostate surgery is not a new procedure in the medical field, it has been functioning for years. Erectile dysfunction is a major problem in males due to which now this procedure takes place. No matter how professional the surgeon is prostatectomy is a very delicate procedure even a single nerve or tissue problem can cause damage to the penile nerve. Since nerve tissues are much more sensitive in that area.

After prostate surgery, it takes a lot of time to regain erectile functioning. A lot of people who have gone through the procedure or are about to get prostate surgery to have this query how to speed up nerve regeneration after prostate surgery?

How to Speed up Nerve Regeneration after Prostate Surgery

Prostate surgery and nerves

Nerves are involved with the blood vessel. They enter the blood vessels so closely that it is difficult to differentiate between blood vessels and nerves. Delicately during prostate surgery, the surgeon will separate nerve bundles from the blood vessels to prevent any complications. A surgeon should also avoid excessive involvement in these vessels. These vessels are sealed with a process known as cautery to prevent any damage.

⦁ Pelvic lymphadenectomy- This procedure is helpful in the removal of lymph nodes. In lymph node metastasis this procedure is used to treat localized cancer.

⦁ Radical prostatectomy- This procedure is specially used to treat cancer present in the prostate gland. In radical prostatectomy, the whole or some part of the prostate gland is removed.

⦁ Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)- This procedure does not treat whole cancer but it improves the flow and control of urine.

What nerve is cut in a nerve-sparing procedure?

During the procedure of prostatectomy first, the surgeon removes or separates the nerve to prevent excessive bleeding or nerve damage.

Does prostatectomy cause erectile dysfunction?

Although prostatectomy is a procedure that has a huge impact on the overall life quality of patients but the procedure has a lot of common side effects that occur in most male patients. Around 60% of the patients suffer from erectile dysfunction soon after the surgery. And 30% of the patient has erectile dysfunctioning till 5 years after surgery.

Causes of erectile dysfunction after prostatectomy

If any of the nerves are present around cancer it is most likely that the doctor will remove them during the procedure. Whether it is nerve damage or erectile dysfunction both side effects are quite common after prostatectomy. Even if the nerves are not removed it will still impact the nerve which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Do nerves grow back after surgery?

It depends on how badly the nerve is damaged. If the nerve damage is not much severe then it can regrow from the point of injury. It can take from a few weeks to months and even years for the regrowth of nerves. However, for some patients, the nerve does not regrow depending on their overall health and the damage extent.

How to Speed up Nerve Regeneration after Prostate Surgery

Why do nerves need to regenerate if they were not removed?

The regeneration of the nerve is a must complex process but it is essential for recovery. After the procedure of prostatectomy, it is important that the nerves regrow. Some nerves have the natural capability to regrow or regenerate and do not require sufficient treatment for that. However, it also depends on the extent of nerve damage.

Until or unless the nerves are properly regenerated they may show some signs of chronic pain. Regrowth of the nerve is not an overnight procedure but requires month and is quite painful. The patients suffer from unpleasant pain as the nerves start regenerating.

How to speed up nerve regeneration after prostate surgery

After prostatectomy surgery, many people have this question in their mind how to speed up nerve regeneration after prostate surgery. Most people suffer from nerve damage and erectile dysfunction after the surgery. There are penile rehabilitation services that doctors recommend if someone desires to have normal penis health. It is a very useful treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Penile rehabilitation is a proper treatment procedure that requires interventions, proper diagnosis, pharmacological medicine, and technological devices for stimulating purposes. Just after the prostatectomy procedure, men should start taking penile rehabilitation treatment.

The goal of penile rehabilitation treatment is that makes erectile functioning better and accelerate the regeneration of nerves. Medicines such as PDE 5 inhibitors help in the circulation of blood in the penis they are used for erectile dysfunction or nerve damage. The doctors also recommend oral PDE-5 inhibiting medication.

How to Speed up Nerve Regeneration after Prostate Surgery

Does Viagra work after prostate surgery?

Viagra comes in the category of PDE-5 inhabitor Pharmaceutical agent that helps in the circulation of blood in the penis after a prostatectomy procedure. It is very important to improve circulation in the penis after the surgery so that the nerves can easily regenerate and erectile functioning can restore quickly.

Will Viagra work if you have nerve damage?

For those men who are suffering from nerve damage, Viagra is of no use for them. This medicine does help in restoring erectile dysfunction after prostate removal but if someone has gone through prostate surgery this meditation will not work.

How soon after prostatectomy can I take Viagra?

The difference between your general health and your medical condition is when you can take the medicine. Most patients with prostate can take Viagra after 6 months but it is better to consult a doctor before using it.

How long does it take for nerves to regenerate after surgery?

A penis is the most sensitive part of a man’s body. When it will recover after the surgery depends on the general health and the nerve damage after the prostatectomy procedure. Therefore, nerve regeneration may vary from person to person. The nerve can grow for an inch in a month. For some people, it may take a few months for the regeneration of the nerve. For some people, even after years, there is no progress in nerve regrowth.

Bottom line

We hope that through this article you have got the answer about how to speed up nerve regeneration after prostate surgery. There is no magic that can heal the nerve quickly after the surgery. According to your body’s health and the extent of nerve damage it will regrow. All you have to do is take your medicine and therapy properly.

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