Hunger Pains in Chest (Causes and Solutions)

Hunger pains in chest can happen in both situations either you have had your meal a few minutes ago or you are hungry for a while. It is a sudden uncomfortable pain that causes discomfort in the abdomen and thoracic region of the body.

Many people are confused regarding the cause of hunger pains in chest. Some people even consider it a life-threatening situation. When you are feeling distressed due to pain in the chest if you do not want to stress out then it is important that you should be completely aware of this hunger pains in chest.

It may be due to gastric ulcer, hiatus hernia, or gastroesophageal reflux disease. The causes of hunger pains in chest may vary from person to person. Stress, anxiety, and depression can even lead to such pain.

If you often suffer from this type of pain then you are at the right place. This article is much informative regarding hunger pains in the chest.

What Is Hunger Pain in Chest?

If we talk about the basic meaning of the term hunger pains in the chest it is the pain that is caused due to an empty stomach. It is a burning sensation that is caused due to stomach acids. If a person is hungry for a while hormone known as ghrelin is released from the brain which is a food anticipatory.

This hormone acts on the internal lining of the stomach. It indicates the stomach mucosa secrete hydrochloric acid also known as stomach acid which is useful for the digestion of food. Whether you take a meal or not stomach acid is prepared from time to time. When your stomach is empty it acts on the walls of the stomach causing destruction and discomfort.

Due to the damage to the stomach lining a person experiences pain in the thoracic and abdomen regions. If not treated on time it can even cause peptic ulcers. However, it is not necessary that hunger pains in the chest are always caused due to hunger sometimes even if you are not hungry you may experience such pain due to excessive acid production and destruction of the stomach lining.

What causes chest pain

Honestly speaking, when you feel sudden pain in the chest it is an annoying and distressing situation. Hunger pains in the chest are usually not due to hunger but some other alarming health conditions. Following are some of the main reasons why you can experience hunger pains in the chest.

Diaphragmatic Hernia

One of the most common reasons for Hunger pains in the chest is that your stomach has moved from the abdomen region into the thoracic region. Although it sounds a bit weird yes due to diaphragmatic hernia or hiatus hernia the stomach of a person comes out from the abdomen region into the chest cavity.

Only the esophagus moves into the chest cavity while the rest of the stomach stays on the borderline between the abdomen and chest. However, if the condition is worse then some part of the stomach may also move into the chest cavity.

When the stomach produces excessive acid in the chest region it leads to a burning sensation in the chest. It is an Anatomical abnormality that requires proper treatment.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

It is the most common cause of Hunger pains in the chest. In this situation, the stomach parts travel to the esophagus due to which a person experiences a burning sensation and acidity in the chest.
GERD is most commonly caused by acid moving into the chest causing burning pain in the ribs or breastbone. A person suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease also often experiences burping or acidity in the mouth. If this condition becomes worse it can cause frequent vomiting and chest pain. The pain even moves from your neck, arms, and shoulders.

Gall Stones

gallstone is a condition in which the gallbladder consists of abnormal growth of stones. The bile pigments, cholesterol, and other components collectively form these stones. These stones are much more painful. Some people confuse gallbladder stone pain with hunger pain in the chest.

Gastric ulcer

Gastric ulcers generally appear if you are not eating for a longer duration of time and excessive acid is produced in the stomach. This acid touches the wall of the internal lining of the stomach. You may experience pain in the stomach and sometimes the chest.

Anxiety and Depression

Due to depression, stress, and anxiety, You can also suffer from hunger pains in chest. When you are suffering from anxiety attacks the metabolism slows down and due to this, you do not feel hungry. Excessive acid is produced in the stomach that acts on the lining ultimately leading to chest pain. However, this situation varies from person to person because some people with anxiety and depression eat a lot of food while others keep themselves hungry.

How to get rid of hunger pains in chest

Following are some of the things you can do to get rid of Hunger pains in chest.

⦁ Eat in small portions

Since the stomach is producing acid for the digestion of food multiple times a day. If you will consume food in small portions and from time to time your stomach acid will be engaged in the digestion of food. It will also improve your metabolism. If you will increase the number of meals and small quantities it will exert less pressure on the stomach for digestion.

⦁ Consume healthy diet

There are many foods that can actually help in cooling down your stomach acidity issues. For example, those foods which are high in protein and low in fat can help you with stomach acid issues. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

⦁ Maintain an appropriate weight

Maintaining your weight according to your height is very important for a Healthy lifestyle. Calculate the BMI and start losing some extra pounds so that you can lead a healthier Lifestyle.

⦁ Try out herbal remedies

Since stomach acidity problems or hunger pains in the chest are not overnight diseases. They require maintenance for years therefore people prefer using herbal medications and remedies. Herbal remedies such as licorice, chamomile, and marshmallows can help in relaxing your digestive system.

⦁ Munch on chew gum

Many chewing gums consist of bicarbonate components in them that help in reducing acidity. When your stomach is producing excessive acid chewing gum can neutralize the effect of those acids and helps in the prevention of disturbance in the stomach lining.

⦁ Sleep on the left side

If you start sleeping on your left side it can decrease your acid production by up to 70%. While sleeping on the left helps in lowering your esophagus from the thoracic region to the abdominal region so it reduces chest pain as well.

⦁ Quit smoking

Smoking can increase the hunger pains in chest. Smoking damages your thoracic organs and even lower esophageal sphincter hence it increases the reflex action of the body.

⦁ Do not eat certain food

Certain food can increase stomach acid production such as caffeine, chocolate, onion, tomato, fast food, fried food, spicy food, and mint. If you are already suffering from hunger pains in your chest then you should avoid such food.

⦁ Try to relax your body

If you are continuously experiencing hunger pains in chest you can do yoga or meditation to relax your mind and body. Yoga and meditation are not only for your mind but also to relax your body from any type of distress or pain. It also balances hormone production.

⦁ Have early dinner

Whether you want to lose weight or you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle late-night munching is never a good idea. The last meal of the day should be three hours before bed. It provides an efficient time for your stomach to do the digestion of the food. However, before sleeping you can have a glass of milk which also helps in reducing your pain and acid production in the stomach.

⦁ Try to wear loose clothes

Wearing loose clothes relaxes your body and mind. Tight clothing can increase pressure in your abdomen leading to GERD and Acid Reflux.

⦁ Avoid citrus juices

Citric juices such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruit juices can Trigger hunger pains in the chest.

⦁ Reduce caffeine intake

Most people are addicted to caffeine on regular basis but the worst thing about caffeine is that it increases acid production in the stomach. Reduce your caffeine intake if you desire to get rid of Hunger pains in the chest or other stomach problems. Replace your usual coffee with decaffeinated coffee.

⦁ Quit alcohol consumption

Since alcohol produces acid in the stomach so it is best to avoid alcohol.

⦁ Avoid mint

Peppermint and Spearmint are ingredients in many beverages and food products. However, these ingredients are responsible for accelerating heartburn and pain in the chest.

⦁ Avoid carbonated beverages

Although people think that carbonated drinks are helping them for the time being with their burping and acidity problems but actually they are making your condition worse. You should avoid carbonated drinks to overcome hunger pains in chest.

When to Consult The Physician

if you have tried all the remedies by yourself and nothing is working for your condition. When you feel that the pain is unbearable and constantly you are experiencing hunger pains in your chest for a few days then consult a doctor. Before starting any treatment, it is very important to diagnose it accurately.

Bottom line

it is not necessary that hunger pains in chest are always due to keeping your stomach empty. Hunger pains in the chest may be a result of many health issues, which need proper diagnosis and treatment. Before and after the treatment it is important to make specific Lifestyle changes to prevent the worsening of your condition. If home remedies are not working for you then immediately consult a professional to provide you with proper therapy.