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             We all are aware of the hazardous drawbacks of obesity. It is fatal as it may trigger several heart diseases by raising the cholesterol level in the human body. Besides heart problems, a person with more than average body weight has a higher risk of developing diabetes.

Every obese person desires to get rid of their unhealthy body fats and enjoy a healthy life. But losing weight is not a piece of cake; it requires hardcore efforts and consistency to burn a few ounces. A fat person needs constant motivation for exercising and diet following to lose weight.

Those determined to lose weight consult a dietitian to get a healthy diet list and exercise tips to follow. The majority of them wish to reduce weight for attaining and maintaining a perfect body shape.

This article will connect you to the weight loss story of a celebrity Issa Rae, who amazed the audience with her incredible body transformation. We will discuss the tips and tricks she followed to reduce her weight.

Who is Issa Rae?

Jo-Issa Rae Diop is an American writer, producer, and actress born on January 12, 1985. Issa Rae is one of the most influential and significant assets of the American showbiz industry. She spellbound the audience with her unforgettable performance in the web series “Awkward Black Girl.”

Issa Rae is also known and admired for her remarkable body transformation. She has reduced a tremendous 100 pounds of weight while acting in her recent film “The Newgy.”

Issa Rae weight loss journey

Anchors and show hosts had numerous times asked her about the secrets to losing weight. Responding to all these queries, she shared her diet plan and exercise routine for burning unhealthy fats to acquire a lean and attractive body shape.

In an interview, Issa Rae revealed the secret behind her weight loss.

She stated:

“I strive to take new starts. I will do cleanse or diet—I need a reset button. So seeing myself on TV for a season was an excuse to say, ‘I want to lose some pounds.’ I want to look my best, be my best, and feel my best. I have been trying to drop my weight for years since I was younger. I have minimized my food intake and have started taking the right food. The HBO series “Insecure” gave me the reason to lose weight, and it’s just about how I feel and how I want to look. I want to look good in a bathing suit in the summertime.”

She further added:

“When we get a new job, we can afford to eat at any restaurant and try to taste new dishes which eventually adds more pounds to your weight.”

Diet Plan to reduce weight

One being an active member of the showbiz industry, hardly finds time and energy to perform workouts and stick to a specific diet plan. But Issa Rae was more than determined to lose weight despite her busy schedule.

Issa Rae claimed to be a great food lover. She has often talked about her delight and excitement to taste different foods at various restaurants.

 She luckily realized that her love for food is why she put on a lot of weight. She took control of her diet, which not only helped her shed body weight but also improved her appearance.

Issa Rae consulted a renowned diet program, i.e., Keto Custom Plan. Their experts suggested a diet plan after considering her daily routine and schedule. She started following the daily diet plan consistently and ended up losing considerable weight in a few months.

Her diet included lean meats, iron-rich fresh juices, and green vegetables containing turmeric powder. She also happens to follow the Paleo Diet during her weight loss journey.

The Paleo diet refers to the ancient types of food intake. It contains fresh vegetables, seeds, nuts, organic oils, fish, and wild animal meat.

She refused to take sugar and dairy products in her diet to win the war against obesity.

Issa Rae’s Daily Workout Routine

Physical workout is a key to losing weight naturally as it burns calories and unnecessary body fats.

Why Issa Rae aimed to lose weight? She never started a day without a workout; she rarely missed one. Her consistency and devotion to her aim paved the way to lose 100 pounds.

She kept her exercises simple. She used to walk and run miles regularly. Taking advantage of living in a mountainous area of California, she used to walk up and down the hills every day. It requires a lot of stamina to climb up and walk down the mountain, and it cuts the bulk of fats and calories.

Issa Rae set her alarm right at 4:55 am for waking up early in the morning every day. She sticks to these cardio exercises (walking and jogging) for an hour or more on daily bases.

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