Jelly rolls wife before plastic surgery and after plastic surgery pictures are creating curiosity among fans. Jason Deford’s aka Jelly Rolls wife name is Bunny bo. Followers believe that Bunny Xo has gone under the knife multiple times to improve her appearance.

Although the social media star herself did not reveal anything about her cosmetic surgeries. If you are interested to know everything about Jelly Rolls wife before plastic surgery and after plastic surgery changes then you are at the right place. But before heading towards Jelly Rolls wife before plastic surgery life let us give you a brief introduction about the social media influencer.

Jelly Rolls wife introduction            

Jelly Rolls wife name is Bunnie Deford better known as Bunny Xo. She is a YouTuber and a former model. Even before she met Jelly Rolls she has been hosting a podcast known as a dumb blonde.

The couple first time met each other in Las Vegas when Jelly Roll was on a tour. Bunny default was born in Nashville Tennessee. The couple is happily together for five years. Bunny Xo has been a part of live shows and music videos of her husband Jelly Roll.

The couple met when Jelly Roll was in his struggling period, living in his van, hand to mouth. He was barely able to fulfill his needs. Jelly roll is grateful that his wife supported him in the struggles of life.

Did jelly rolls wife have done plastic surgery?

Plastic surgeries are nothing new for actresses, models, and social media influencers. In an urge to look more attractive people get plastic surgeries and Bunnie DeFord is no stranger to it. She confidently admits that she has got multiple cosmetic surgeries to improve her looks.

If you look at Jelly Rolls wife before plastic surgery appearance you will know that she has gone through cosmetic surgeries like lip augmentation, cheek lift, rhinoplasty, and breast implantation.

Jelly Rolls wife before plastic surgery         

Fans are curious to know about the life of Jelly Roll’s wife before plastic surgery. She herself hasn’t revealed anything yet but according to sources it has been more than a decade since she got her first plastic surgery.

About 13 years back, she got her breast implants. She hasn’t spoken anything about her life before the media. Therefore, no one knows much about her past life.

Jelly Roll’s wife remover their breast implant     

13 years back Bunny Xo underwent breast implant surgery for $10,000. Before starting her podcast she used to work as a stripper in Las Vegas. She had also given birth to her first child at that time.

Things were not going smoothly for her after the breast implants. She started having health issues like candidiasis, anxiety, ear pains, and heart palpitations. There was a time she even had to wear a heart monitor.

she visited multiple hospitals and doctors to get solutions to her problems. However, they were unable to find out the actual problem. They used to treat the symptoms and send her back home.

Finally, through the internet, she got to know about phantom symptoms that women experience after getting breast implants. It was at that moment she decided to remove the implants.

According to Bunny Deford

“For the past year I have been dealing with ‘phantom’ symptoms & severe anxiety. Went to many hospitals and everyone told me I was fine. I knew something was off so I started doing research and found this group of women online – over 100,000 women having the same symptoms as me and a lot having a way worse. I decided since I preach self-love so much, it’s time for me to act on it also”.

Breast implants were causing her irritation, scars, and nerve damage. By spending $12,000 she finally got rid of her breast implants.


jelly roll wife before plastic surgery life was much better. She might have had smaller boobs but at least they were not harming her health.

Unfortunately, many people who invest their time and money in cosmetic surgeries lose their natural beauty and even suffer from health issues. Therefore, it is high time that everyone should stop being conscious of their physical appearance and we all should spread the message of body positivity.         

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