It is stereotypic that only women undergo plastic surgeries. However, several males also have undergone plastic surgeries. Hollywood stars are famous for using different surgeries to maintain their looks. Some use these procedures to lessen the effect of aging. Some use them to look more beautiful, while some Hollywood stars use them only to get attention.

John Travolta needs no introduction; he is one of the most famous faces of the nineties. John Travolta has a huge female following because of his looks. He is 68 years old now, yet he is still considered the epitome of beauty. Lately, fans have observed several changes in his face, and they are sure that John has undergone several surgical procedures.

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In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about John Travolta’s plastic surgeries, so to know it all, make sure to read the article to full length.

Did John Travolta get plastic surgery?

It seems like John’s appearance is getting better with age, but some fans do not think so. Travolta’s fans think his face has changed during the past few years. In 2016, fans first noticed the difference in John’s face. People noticed that his eyebrows were looking a little higher. During the past few years, fans have observed several changes in John’s face. Let’s discuss the plastic surgeries Travolta’s has to undergo so far.

John Travolta’s facelift

John Travolta has undergone several surgeries to lift his face. These facelifting surgeries have entirely changed the face shape of Travolta’s. Now Travolta’s features look sharper. Although Travolta is still famous, most of his fans are not happy with the tremendous facelift surgeries.

John Travolta’s hair transplant

A hair transplant is one of the most important parts of John Travolta’s plastic surgery. His age is 68 now, and male baldness is natural at this age. But surprisingly, Travolta’s thick black hair is back. Fans are sure that Travolta’s has undergone hair transplant surgeries. However, Travolta’s has denied all the statements of plastic surgeries and hair transplantations

John Travolta’s Botox

Botox is normal in Hollywood, but it seems like Travolta is obsessed with Botox. Because he has nearly paralyzed his face with Botox, it seems like he has administered too many Botox injections because his face has lost its natural soft texture, and it looks more plastic now.

What does john Travolta look like now?

Travolta was one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood. His looks help him to get the peak of fame in Hollywood. But it looks like he has lost the boyish look that helped him to top Hollywood. Now Travolta’s face looks like plastic, and his skin has lost all its natural texture and smoothness.

Michel Jackson had done excessive surgeries during his career and ended up changing all his facial appearance. Now we think Travolta’s is the Michel Jackson of the present time. Fans are also not happy with the John Travolta plastic surgeries. They think Travolta has gone so far in the race of maintaining the looks. They think Travolta has destroyed the attractive face, and now he looks like a plastic face robot and alien.


John Travolta’s plastic surgeries are a hot topic nowadays in Hollywood. Fans noticed several changes in his face and hair from the past few years. People have noticed that Travolta has undergone hair transplant, Botox, and facelifting surgeries. However, Travolta’s are denying all these claims of undergoing plastic surgeries. But we guess pictures are enough to prove that he has undergone several plastic surgeries

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