Kelly Doty Weight Loss

All about Tattoo Artist Kelly Doty

Want to know Kelly Doty weight loss journey? Well lets find out in the article. Kelly Doty was born on 10 July 1983. She is a recognized and famous tattoo artist. She is also well known due to her participation in Ink Master season 8 as a finalist.

She has put in a lot of effort and due to this factor, she has won the hearts of many people. When she was in middle school she decided to become a tattoo artist. She is now working with her close friend named Kristin Welchlin and has a marketable name in the field.

Also, if someone is thinking of getting inked from her, you might be disheartened to know that she is not always available. She updates about her free time on Instagram while her payment method is not available. Some tattoo artists charge per hour and some even charge full day.

Kelly Doty weight loss

Kelly Doty’s weight loss journey is an inspiration to many people as she is a celebrity artist. Her weight is 68 kilograms, approximately 150 pounds. Kelly Doty has so far lost up to 10-14 pounds in her weight loss journey. She has never disclosed her BMI before and after her weight loss.

When Kelly Doty appeared in ‘Ink Masters’ as a contestant and now when she made a comeback in ‘Ink Masters’ as a judge people could see a difference in her weight loss.

She is ensuring a nutritious meal by eliminating high-fat and carbohydrate foods. She is disciplined and well organized in attending gym classes and she is also seeking help from a health expert for her weight loss.

Whoever is saying that Kelly Doty has undergone surgery for her weight loss does not know the correct information. She is working very hard and trying hard to lose weight. She is also doing strict exercises.

Kelly Doty about her diet

Kelly Doty is very happy about her weight loss diet and she thinks that it is the most beneficial thing she has done. She said to avoid eating between meals. Also, she drinks green tea and eats a small amount of breakfast. She further said that her food contains fat. She also stated that she made no changes to her main meal of the day.

Information about Kelly Doty’s workout

Regarding this information, facts are not clear as Kelly has not revealed much about it. She has been rumored to have hired a trainee, but no source has confirmed it. Some even say that she has watched YouTube videos to reduce her weight. Her commitment to weight lifting and walking has proven effective. Yet, she has not made any official statement regarding it.

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Kelly Doty has never commented on anything about her weight loss journey. Losing weight is not a very difficult task if you have made up your mind. A healthy body is very essential. Additionally, she has discussed her nutritious diet and exercise, which is evidence that this method can also be used for weight loss. Surgery is not always required.