Mark Mangino Weight Loss

All football fans are familiar with Mark Mangino. He is the former coach of the American football team. These days Mark Mangino weight loss journey is trending on the Internet. He has lost more than 100 pounds naturally by making changes in his lifestyle.

If you are also among his fans and curious to know how he lost all this weight. You are in the right place. Here, we will tell you everything about Mark Mangino weight loss journey. We will also discuss his diet plan and workout routine.

Who is Mark Mangino

Mark Thomas Mangino was born on 26 August 1956, in Newcastle, Pennsylvania. He became the football coach at the University of Kanvas from 2002 to 2009. At the national level, he received many honors but due to claims of mistreating players, he had to resign.

From that time he did football coaching in different schools Like Geneva College and Lincoln high school etc. After retiring from his football coaching career he decided to spend time with his grandchildren. Nowadays, he likes to watch them play around.

Mark Mangino weight loss journey

Since he retired from coaching, he started focusing on his health. He had a fear that he won’t be able to see his grandchildren graduate from high school. He had thought that if he will not lose weight he cannot see his grandchildren till they married and will die soon.

Therefore, he decided to say goodbye to all unhealthy habits and start a new healthy life. Since his health was in an alarming situation it was a wake-up call for him. He started eating healthy and followed a strict workout routine each day.

Mark Mangino diet plan

Diet plays the most significant role in losing weight. It has a 70% contribution towards a healthy lifestyle. Although Mark Mangino did not share his complete data plan. But he has said goodbye to fried and junk food. He also avoids eating desserts and sugary food.

In the past, he enjoyed burgers and pizzas but now he has made them cheat meal options. Mark added more fruits and vegetables to his diet. He also divided his meals into smaller portions. To preserve his muscle mass he adds more protein to his diet.

Mark Mangino workout routine

Although he never discussed his complete workout plan on any public platform. But after looking at this transformation it is obvious that he has been doing exercise. Due to age, he might not be able to follow intense workout sessions.

In his workout routine, he included cardio and weight training. Throughout the day he tries to be as much active as possible. He has added physical activity to his sedentary lifestyle. At least 3 to 4 days a week he does work out.

Martin Mangino before and after

If you look at before and after weight loss pictures of Mark Mangino there is a tremendous difference. Within a year he lost about 130 pounds.

Final thoughts

Mark Mangino weight loss journey is an inspiration and teaches us that age is only a number. If you are motivated towards a goal you can achieve it at any moment in life. As long as you are living it’s never too late.

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