Must Have Baby Essentials- Shopping Guideline For First Time Parents

After a positive pregnancy test, the first thing that comes to mind is what things we need to buy for the baby? We plan the baby nursery during nine months of pregnancy. There are plenty of apps providing baby essential guidelines. However, all the things mentioned in that list are not equally important. It is actually a tactic of online or in-store brands desiring to sell all products to the overwhelmed new parents.

Most of the fancy products today are actually of no use. The baby needs milk, a diaper, kisses, cuddles, love, and lots of care from parents. I realised it after experiencing the ups and downs of motherhood with my two little angels. Although we cannot say all of them are useless because some do make life easier.

If you are going to become a parent and you do not want to overspend on useless things then this blog is for you. Here, you will get a list of “must have baby essentials” that are actually worth every pound.

1.  Sleeping Essentials

●      Bedside crib

A new mother has a lot of anxiety, wants to keep an eye on the baby. A bedside crib is a must to have it saves your time and energy. You need to feed your baby or change his diaper every 2-3 times a night.

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●    Bassinet

Advanced bassinets today have a rocking and vibrating Function. One drawback of a bassinet is that you can only use it for the starting three months.

●    Baby monitor

If you have a big house then install a baby monitor. You can watch your baby from another room through a baby monitor.

●    Baby swaddle

At least buy 4 to 5 baby swaddles. The baby feels secure and sleeps for a longer time period. You can also use baby swaddles as blankets while breastfeeding.

2.  Feeding Essentials

●    Feeding pillow

Breastfeeding is a never-ending process, you need to feed multiple times. Feeding pillows prevent strain in the back, shoulder, and neck. It keeps the baby in one place making breastfeeding convenient.

●    Bibs

At least buy 10 to 12 bibs. These are lifesavers for milk-spitting babies.

●    Burp cloths

Buy 5 to 10 burping clothes as they are very helpful in cleaning spit-up.

●    Breast pump

If you’re a traveller, working woman, or you are exhausted from the previous night then you definitely need a break. Pump milk and store in the fridge for 24 hours or at room temperature for 4 hours. You can buy a manual or electric response based on your usage, don’t forget to buy some storage bags along.

In the early motherhood days, the milk flow was quite high. While breastfeeding from one side you can save the milk from the other through the Haakaa breast pump.

●    Feeding bottles

Initially buy at least 3 to 4 feeding bottles. You can buy half bottles 4 ounces in size and the rest 8 to 9 ounces.

●    Washing brush

To keep the bottles clean buy a washing brush and liquid water soap.

●    Bottle steriliser and warmer

At least for one year, bottle sterilisation is important every day. You should invest in a good water steriliser. Although it is not necessary to warm bottle milk, if your baby likes warm milk then you can also buy a bottle warmer.

●    Nursing bra and pads

Nursing pads soak the leaking milk from your breast and a nursing bra is a lifesaver when you’re feeding your baby day and night.

3.   Baby clothes

Some babies have one dirty clothes a day and some have 3 to 4 dirty clothes depending on how much milk they spit and how many times they poop.

You should at least have 20 to 25 clothes. You should have 6 pairs of socks and 6 to 8 hats. You should also have 2 to 3 mittens and wrapping sheets.

4.   Skincare products

The baby skin care products include body wash, shampoo, lotion, baby oil, baby fragrances, baby powder, and soap. They should have the least amount of chemicals.

For bath time, the baby should have a bather and a towel.

5.   Baby gear

For the initial period, you will need a car seat, carrier, and a stroller. You can also buy a rocker or bouncer.

6.   Diapering

You should buy at least 5 to 6 dozen diapers, 2 boxes of baby wipe, 1 tube of rash cream, and a diaper bag.


You may be thinking that there are plenty of things missing in the above list like toys or entertaining stuff for kids. When we buy anything for our child it gives us happiness, therefore, as your child will grow a few months old, you can definitely buy plenty of other things.