Pain at Top of Buttock Crack When Sitting—Causes & Solutions

Most of us spend the maximum time of our lives sitting on a chair and working continuously. Sitting for long may look easy and comfortable, but many people complain about pain at top of buttock crack when sitting.

As you know, pain in one part of the body affects the whole body’s movement, so the pain in the buttock may stop you from any further activity. If you want to know more about the pain at top of buttock crack, continue reading.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know, such as causes, symptoms, and how to recover from pain at top of buttock crack.

Causes of Pain at Top of Buttock Crack

There are many causes or reasons for pain at top of buttock crack when sitting, and some of those are discussed below:

Bruises or scratches

If you experience pain at the top of your buttock crack, remember if you got yourself hurt in that area or if something has hit you. Because black and blue bruises are the main reasons for severe pain, these bruises take longer to heal than other normal scratches or bruises.

How to recover?

If you have blue or black bruises, then try to rest that area and use ice for a fast recovery. When you apply ice to the hurt area, it quickens the healing process. Giving heat, using the compressions technique, and applying some ointment can also help heal the black, blue bruises causing severe pain at the top of buttock crack.

Piriformis syndrome

Piriformis syndrome is a very unusual disease that occurs due to damage or compression in the piriformis muscle that affects the sciatic nerve. The piriformis muscle helps stabilize the hip joint and allows flexible thigh movement. This syndrome is one of the major causes of pain at the top of your buttock crack.

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There is nothing specific that helps in diagnosing this damage in muscle. However, you can feel severe pain at the top of buttock crack when vigorous running or sitting for extensive hours. You can get yourself checked with the physician to confirm if the pain you are feeling is due to piriformis syndrome or not.

How to recover?

As the pain and muscle damage is caused by extensive sitting or rough running, you can heal from this by giving yourself some rest or stopping sitting for long. Don’t run or exercise on uneven surfaces. Also, if the pain doesn’t subside, consult a doctor and get immediate treatment.

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Degenerated disc

Spinal damage is another reason for intense pain at the top of buttock crack. The spinal disc gets degenerated and worn out with time in this disease. As you grow older, the disc cushioning starts depleting and avoids any movement in your body, especially in the thighs.

How to recover?

Although nothing can completely eradicate this disease, you can reduce the signs or symptoms using different exercises, rest, or getting some anti-inflammation medicines.

How to Avoid Pain at Top of Buttock Crack

If you often face pain in the buttock area, also known as coccydynia, you should follow the below-mentioned things to avoid the intense pain.

Upgrade office chair

If you get these sudden waves of severe pain while sitting in your office chair, you should consider upgrading it. There are multiple health-friendly chairs available on the market, like an ergonomic office chair that prevents your buttocks from severe pain even when you work continuously for long hours.

Right position

To avoid coccydynia, the most important thing to consider is sitting in the right posture or position. If you sit straight, you won’t face any pain. But irregular sitting position or bending can result in the eruption of severe pain due to disturbance in the body muscles. This can easily be achieved by using a high-quality and comfortable office chair.

Cushion in chair

If you face coccydynia often, getting a good quality cushion under your buttocks while sitting or working should be your topmost priority. This gives your body much needed comfort and stability, minimizing the pain at top of the buttock crack. You can get these chair cushions easily from the market or online stores.

Use medicines or cream

The intense pain in the buttock region doesn’t go away easily with these simple techniques. Sometimes, the pain gets so fierce that taking anti-inflammatory medicines or using a cream to massage the affected area becomes the ultimate solution. But, it is very important to consult a doctor for this, and don’t take medicine on your own as it can be risky.


When you experience severe pain at top of buttock crack when sitting, you may not find the cause immediately. But, this article helps you identify the cause and provides you with information on how to cure this pain effectively.