Sarah Evans Dropped 120 Pounds: Weight Loss Success Stories

You’ve heard a lot of successful stories of weight loss. Well, in this blog post, we will discuss the story of Sarah Evans for your motivation and Sara Evans fat, so let’s get started.

Details of Sarah Evans

  1. Name: Sarah
  2. Age: 31
  3. Single Family Status
  4. profession: medical
  5. Location: Louisiana’s Shreveport
  6. Size: 5’4″
  7. Waist: 26″
  8. Initial Weight: 248 lbs.
  9. Weight at Present: 128 Pounds
  10. Loss in Pounds or Inches: I dropped 120 pounds!

Sarah’s Story of Weight Loss through her mouth!

I began my adventure a year and a half ago, and as of right now, I have dropped 120 pounds. My whole life, I’ve struggled with my weight! I would lose 30 to 40 pounds and then quickly regain them. I took two weeks off work to celebrate my 30th birthday when I visited San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. I must have taken 100 pictures, all of which I detested. I was unaware of how overweight I had become. I decided to change as soon as I returned to Shreveport, Louisiana. So I enrolled in a “Couch to 5K” program to lose 30 to 40 pounds while running the race without stopping.

I could only run for 30 seconds when I first launched the application. In addition to losing 40 pounds and finishing the race without stopping in 54 minutes, which is quite sluggish, I also keep up my daily running routine of 5 to 10 kilometres. I’ve since participated in other 5K races (even some 10K). Unexpectedly, I finished in the top 20 overall and won the last two races for my age category. I’ve improved my 5K time to 24 minutes. Three to four times per week, I also participate in CrossFit. My food and lifestyle have undergone a total transformation. I began following a modified “Atkins” diet, cutting out as many harmful carbs and refined sugars as my sweet appetite permitted.

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Every day is a challenge, but every day someone comes up to me and tells me how much I inspire them or how proud I should be, which gives me the courage to “push that cake away” and believe that anything is possible through the strength of prayer. What I want to do is motivate people to change. That feels wonderful and is well worth it! I regret not doing this sooner. “Sometimes you have to encourage yourself” is my mantra.

Interview about Sarah’s weight loss!

When did you start feeling uneasy about your weight?

Sara Evans’s fat has always been a concern for her. So, I started immediately to work on it.

Why did you decide to get fit?

After returning from my birthday vacation in September 2012, I turned 30.

What were the most crucial adjustments you made to reduce weight?

Exercise! I make it a point to get moving every day.

What about losing weight was the hardest?

Dieting. I can exercise all day, but battling my “thinking” and overcoming temptations can be quite difficult.

How long did it take for you to start noticing outcomes?

I could see I was starting to look different about every three months, but by month eight, I was like, OMG!

How much time did it take you to get to your current weight?

Seven months and one day.

How long have you kept off the weight you lost, and what do you do to do it?

I’m still shedding pounds. I haven’t put on any weight throughout the 19 months since I began my adventure.

What keeps you inspired to maintain your achievement with weight loss?

I enjoy it when people approach me after seeing my before and after photos and are inspired by my progress. It encourages me to persevere and support others in achieving their objectives.

After you’ve dropped weight, how has your life changed?

I now feel more confident than I ever imagined. I also have the strength and stamina to accomplish anything I set my mind.

Have you had any suggestions for people wanting to lose weight?

It’s okay if you stray from your eating plan. Tomorrow will always come. The three key recommendations I always follow are:

  1. Always go to the gym on Mondays.
  2. Never skip more than two days of exercise.
  3. Step on the scale every day.

Instead of waiting until your clothing becomes too small and you realise you have gained 30–40 pounds, it is simpler to control (lose) 5–10 pounds.

How has Shape Fit aided you in achieving your weight loss objectives

The ShapeFit weight reduction success stories keep me going when I need a boost.

Sarah’s Advice for Losing Weight!

  • The first weight loss advice is to weigh oneself every day.
  • Second weight loss advice: Don’t skip a Monday.
  • Be optimistic while you lose weight.
  • Exercise with friends is tip #4 for weight loss.
  • Drink a lot of water to lose weight.

Sarah’s Diet for Losing Weight

Breakfast: Turkey bacon, hard-boiled eggs, and yoghurt.

Lunch: tuna or chicken salad.

The supper will consist of steak, roasted chicken, broccoli, asparagus, and kale.

Snacks or small meals: Jell-O, cheese slices, and almonds

Supplements for nutrition: I don’t take any.

Sarah’s Exercises for Losing Weight!

Weight Training: Three days a week, I alternate between CrossFit (heavy weights) at night and light weightlifting in the morning (3 sets of 20–25 reps).

Cardiovascular: I work out for an hour at the gym every morning. CrossFit also gives me cardio benefits. I log 4-5 miles with my Couch To 5K group every Tuesday and Thursday. In addition, I make an effort to run 5 to 10 miles every day.

This is all from the post regarding Sara Evans’s fat and weight loss story. I hope you enjoy it. 

Famous quote by Sarah Evans

Evans has gained a lot of confidence due to dropping the excess weight.

I want to travel everywhere and anywhere. Any excuse to go shopping and get a new outfit,” she added. “You feel better inside when you feel wonderful on the outside.”