Sarah Shahi Diet and workout plan

Sarah shahi recently has gone through a weight loss transformation. The 42-year-old actress is much happy with the results of her weight loss journey. She has been quite vocal about her weight loss struggles. She is also motivating her fans by telling the secrets of Sarah Shahi diet and workout routine.

Whenever a celebrity loses or gains weight, it becomes the hot topic on the internet. Not just people are craving the news but many fans are also struggling in their weight loss Journeys and they want to get inspiration and motivation from their idols. It is the requirement of their profession, therefore celebrities have to maintain their fitness and keep themselves in good shape. Since who doesn’t want to look good on the screen?

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However, as a common person, most people do not have the time and money to invest in personal trainers and nutritionists. Hence, people prefer to try different diet plans and workout routines. In this article, we will tell you everything about Sarah Shahi diet plan and workout routine.

Who is Sara Shahi

Sarah Shahi is an American actress and former model. She was born in MT Lebanon, Texas. She has been a part of many television series and movies such as L word, fairly legal, sequence, Person of Interest, Reverie, the Rookie as Jessica Russo, etc.

Sarah Shahi weight loss journey

Sarah Shahi successfully lost 12 pounds in only 10 weeks. In 2015, Sarah give birth to her twins. From there Sarah Shahi’s weight loss journey started. She follows a high protein, medium fat, and medium carb diet. Along with that, she included cardio and weight training in her daily workout routine.

Sarah shahi has an ectomorph body type, therefore she increases her protein intake to build muscles. She used to take 50% protein, 25 percent fat, and 25% carb in her meals. Not only this diet helped her in reducing weight but it also tightened her body muscles. By taking care of a diet and workout routine she has a wow body as a mother of three.

Sarah Shahi diet plan

Sarah Shahi has always been healthy eating. She does not like to eat junk food, oily food, or processed food. She always makes sure that she consumes a healthy nutritious diet and snacks. Shahi starts her day with a glass of Americano and a thick thin bar of brownie crunch.
Depending on her commitments and schedule she plans her lunch. She likes to take salad for lunch. For dinner, she mostly likes to eat chicken breast or fish with steamed vegetables. To keep her body fit and Boost her metabolism she likes to eat light meals.

Sarah Shahi workout routine

Sarah Shahi is a super active person who likes to work out on regular basis. Her active routine keeps her fresh and motivated. In workouts, Shahi likes to do running, dancing, squats, lurches, and strength training.

She hits the gym daily where she likes to do circuit workouts without any breaks in between. Apart from gyming, she loves doing morning yoga. Yoga helps in stretching and relaxing her body. Yoga also has a very positive and calm impact on mental health.

Final thoughts

if you desire a fit and smart body like Sarah Shahi all you have to do is be consistent with your Healthy lifestyle. Whether it is gyming, workout, yoga, or your daily activities try to be super energetic. Sarah Shahi diet is quite simple and disciplined. To boost her metabolism she eats light meals. To fulfill her body’s nutrition requirements she makes sure that she is consuming enough calories that are loaded with nutrients.