Sharp Stabbing Pain on the Right Side after C-Section

Did you have at least some idea that 1.3 million moms undergo a C-segment medical procedure yearly? And surprisingly, following one year, up to 15 percent of moms will, in any case, encounter persevering agony following mending from their Cesarean methodology. In this article we will discuss about Sharp Stabbing Pain on the Right Side after C-Section its causes and treatment.

Sharp Stabbing Pain on the Right Side After C-Section

In different examples, in any case, torment with a medical procedure may not improve rapidly or may foster a long time after the entry points are mended. This isn’t common in a standard recovery and should be examined with your obstetrician or specialist. This aggravation might be brought about by harmed sensitive spots in and around the careful entry points.

Whether you are an anticipating mother or have proactively brought forth your new child, we comprehend that encountering steady agony after your C-segment can unquestionably remove you from valuable minutes with your kid.

C-segment: What should you expect?

A Cesarean segment, or C-segment, is an option in contrast to vaginal birth. In this conveyance, your child is removed through a cut made through the lower stomach wall. Most ladies are conscious of this system and ready to hold their children immediately.

However, most C-segments are arranged, and many are done when surprising issues occur throughout the conveyance interaction. Here are the absolute most usual reasons:

  • The work ought to move along better.
  • The child’s well-being is compromised.
  • The mother’s well-being is compromised.
  • The mother is conveying more than one child.
  • The child’s size or position causes hardships.

When the strategy is finished, it is typical for you to feel debilitated, feeble, mixed up, and, surprisingly, irritated – these are symptoms of the sedatives and ought to be expected. Typically, after a C-segment, you will remain in the medical clinic for 2-3 days. However, with everything considered, the medical procedure is generally alright for yourself and your child.

It is a considerable method, and with it comes its dangers. You have roughly a month and a half of recovery at home whenever you are released from the clinic. Furthermore, this is a highly delicate time when your body returns to its pre-pregnant state. In this way, as your body recovers, you can expect squeezing, clogging, and distress.

Assuming your side effects go past these general torments, you should examine this with your obstetrician.

Sharp stabbing pain on the right side after C-section

Scar endometriosis (SE) is an uncommon condition that influences the scar tissue structures on the anterior abdominal wall following a cesarean segment. There have been instances of SE-related stomach torment introduced to crisis or general surgical facilities.

In addition, cramping is a frequent symptom of the postpartum period when your uterus shrinks. However, if you have severe abdominal pain or observe signs of infection such as redness, swelling, or pus around the incision, you should see a doctor very away.

Should you expect Sharp stabbing pain after C-section?

The initial not many weeks after a C-segment is essential for healing. Assuming any inconveniences emerge during this time, they’re generally because of disease or irritation of the careful injury. Most stomach torment during this time is connected with the actual cut. However, it’s fundamental additionally to preclude other potential causes.

A cesarean segment’s cut site can be excruciating and sore a few days after the technique. It can require half a month to recuperate, and the aggravation can continue for as long as a half year after the methodology.

After a c-segment, numerous ladies experience stomach torment in differing levels of seriousness. Your aversion to this aggravation might rely on how you conceived an offspring and whether you had complexities.

The aggravation after a c-segment can be more severe and last longer than it would if one had a vaginal conveyance. The typical period for recovery is four to about a month and a half. However, a few ladies report that it requires a while before returning to the ordinary.

The initial not many days will be the absolute most excruciating, yet you ought to see upgrades in two weeks or less. You’ll have to abstain from hard work and strenuous activity during recovery. Your PCP or maternity specialist might endorse painkillers or suggest non-prescription medications.

Assuming that your cut site is as yet agonizing following a half year, converse with your PCP about different choices.

Symptoms of nerve damage after C-section

Torment from iliohypogastric or ilioinguinal nerve harm frequently dies down usually. As a rule, a moderate treatment for this condition (e.g., managing mitigating specialists for foundational impacts or infusing sedatives for neighborhood ones) gives brief help with discomfort.

A neurectomy may be the primary solution for extreme relief from discomfort. Concentrate on showing that it’s a viable treatment for patients with nerve harm after a stomach medical procedure like a C-segment.

Following are the symptoms of nerve damage after a C-section:

  • Feelings of numbness 
  • Lower-extremity aches and pains
  • Deterioration of muscle
  • Disability of movement
  • Dysfunction of the bladder and bowel

Causes of Sharp Stabbing Pain on Right Side After C-section

There are many causes of Causes of Sharp Stabbing Pain on Right Side After C-section. We explain in detail as follow.

Incisional Hernia

One of the major cause of Sharp Stabbing Pain on Right Side After C-section is Incisional Hernia, This  incisional Hernia take place during C-section when a intestine part stick out through the abdominal close to the incision. Due to this reason an extreme pain occur as well as swelling in that area more it also cause tenderness around that particular area. Additionally if you notice the pain is out of control go urgently to the doctor.

Injury to Ilioinguinal Nerve

Ilioinguinal Nerve is one of the sensitive nerve and it can be found in lower abdomen area. The Ilioinguinal Nerve can cause pain if it get damage during the C-section operation. You will feel numbness in that area so If you experience any symptoms as mentioned you should visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Abdominal Adhesions

Another cause of Stabbing pain after C-section can be Abdominal Adhesions. This is a type of bands of tissue that take place in abdomen tissue and 2 organs, The pain of Abdominal Adhesions take place because of a surgery or trauma. It cause bowel movement difficulty as well as digestion problem like vomiting and nausea so if you experiencing any of the symptoms after Operation do visit the doctor.

Internal Infection

Another cause of sharp pain after C-section can be Internal Infection. This Infection occurs in abdomen after a surgery take place. The major symptoms of Internal Infection includes severe fever, Internal bleeding, Vomiting and diarrhea so If you find any of the symptoms in your body after C-section surgery consult doctor urgently.

Nerve Damage Due To Surgical Trauma

Another cause of Sharp pain after C-section is Nerve Damage, During the surgery the wrong handling of nerves can lead toward nerve damage which result in extreme pain on right side after C-section.


Another Cause of Sharp pain after C-section is Constipation. After the C-section surgery there are many hormones changes as well as weak pelvic floor, These changes cause the constipation issue. Constipation is not a serious issue if we talk about it for normal person but if you having this issue after C-section it can cause extreme pain so go for immediate help.

Muscle Strain

Another Cause of Sharp pain after C-section is Muscle Strain. The muscle Strain can take place if you lift heavy weight things injury occur specially during pregnancy. The muscle strain can naturally remove after some time like after week During C-section or vaginal delivery the abdominal muscle get pinched and cause a extreme pain in Right side.


Another cause of Sharp pain after C-section is Endometriosis. Usually this condition take place when the layer of tissue that lines uterus build outside of the uterus instead of inside of the uterus. Endometriosis can cause severe pain as well as bleeding in periods and sex. This injury occur specially during childbirth and labour.

Open Wound

Sometimes during the C-section the wound did not closed properly or may be reopen which can leads to a mild pain on the right side after C-section so if you feel such pain consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Thigh numbness

The pressure of the femoral nerve during birth or a c-segment in the lower portion of the uterus may cause injury (known as a lower fragment c-segment). Deadness over the front thigh and internal piece of the lower leg, feeble knee expansion, and inconvenient climbing steps are, for the most part, manifestations of it being harmed.

Treatments to Sharp Stabbing Pain on Right Side After C-section

Some of the best Treatments to Sharp Stabbing Pain on Right Side After C-section are as follow.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Lifting heavy weight things can cause pain and swelling in the lower abdominal area, This issue is faced by many women around the world so Avoid heavy lifting when you are pregnant and after the delivery till your C-section recovered in order to avoid pain after C-section.

Physical Therapy and Exercise

Physical Therapy and Exercise can helps to get rid of sharp stabbing pain in the incision. It help in motional improvement strengthening weakened muscles that may have been affected by surgical trauma,” says Kana, MD.

Wear Comfortable Cloths

Sometimes the tight close also bring pain in some of the areas of a body. Its suggested to wear loose and comfortable cloths specially around the stomach and lower. This trick can help you to get rid of pain in the incision.

Dietary Adjustments

Diet plays an important role when it comes to healing of wound and reduce inflammation. Try to include healing agent like ginger tea in your daily routine. Ginger tea helps in avoiding constipation as constipation can cause pain in lower area after C-section.

Relax and Rest Your Body

Going through a normal delivery and C-section is not easy, It can make you weak and develop pain in different parts of the body. Its very necessary to give your body some rest and relaxation after operation. Try to be active but don’t stress your body, avoid weight lifting and hard working tasks which leads toward discomfort. We recommend you to get back to normal routine after 8 weeks.

Take OTC Pain Medications

Many women use over the counter medications like Ibuprofen when they are facing sharp stabbing pain after C-section. This pain killer medicine helps to reduce pain and give you comfort. In some other cases when these medications can not work you are advised to visit the doctor without any delay.

When to Seek Medical Help?

If you are facing the following symptoms, Its advice to go to the doctor immediately.

  • Persistent or Worsening Pain
  • Fever or Chills
  • Redness, Swelling, or Discharge from the Incision
  • Heavy Bleeding or Unusual Vaginal Discharge
  • Difficulty in Urinating or Bowel Movements

Final Wrapping

To summarize the discussion of Sharp Stabbing Pain on the Right Side After C-Section, we can say many risks and complications are involved in a C-section. Rest is beneficial in the recovery process after any form of surgery. Consult your Help care doctor whenever you are experiencing any pain. Even breastfeeding, you may be permitted to use pain medication. Get up and go around as soon as your doctor gives you the okay.

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