Smoking Weed for the First Time? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you are smoking weed for the first time, your mind must be crossing thousands of questions; some of them might include: 

Will I get high? 

How much should I smoke? 

Should I smoke on an empty stomach? 

Well, we understand your concern. But here’s the thing. No two people would feel the same effects after consuming cannabis, be it any method. Some first-time users feel absolutely okay and don’t get high, while others might feel super stoned and even start tripping. The point is that cannabis affects different bodies differently. Hence, it’s vital that you know some important things before getting into the weed world. 

How Does It Feel to Smoke Weed? 

How you would feel after smoking weed would depend on a range of factors, including the strain, THC and CBD content, and your mood. It is advised to keep the THC content low as it’s what will get you high. And CBD would work to balance the psychoactive effects of THC, creating a perfect environment for you to have a nice experience with weed. Now, you might feel buzzed after a few puffs, but instead of going ahead, ensure you enjoy the experience and then continue. 

Now, here are some tips that first-time users must consider. 

Hydrate First: Smoking weed often leads to dry mouth, and it’s one of the common side effects of smoking cannabis. So, you need to make sure that you have a bottle of water to hydrate yourself during the process. This does not mean drinking glasses of water unless you want the high effect to disappear. 

Try Concentrates or a Plain Joint: There are multiple ways to smoke weed, such as bongs, blunts, bowls, joints, vapes, and others. If you’re using a bong or similar device, make sure you’ve bought it from an online headshop with trusted products and genuine reviews. Or, if you want to go the typical way, you can share a plain joint with a friend who knows how to roll a joint. And carefully choose a concentrate or strain that you’ll be using for the joint. 

Inhale: This is your first-time smoking, you want to get into the high zone, but you aren’t feeling that way; why? Probably because you aren’t inhaling properly. To feel the effects of weed, you need to inhale the smoke deeply, and it will hit you instantly. But make sure you take your time to enjoy the effects and do not rush.

Go Low, Go Slow : The key to cannabis consumption, in any form, is to go low and slow. Simply put, if you’re a beginner smoking weed for the first time, keep your dosage low and experience how you feel. After a point when you think you can handle a higher dose, gradually go ahead with it. But do not smoke out of excitement. Smoke while knowing your limits. 

Bottom Line

There are other various things that you should consider before starting your cannabis journey. However, make sure you have someone experienced by your side to guide you throughout the process. This would ensure you have a nice experience smoking weed.