The Different Types of THC Vape Pens Available

The Different Types of THC Vape Pens Available

With the rising demand for vape pens and Juuls, most people started shifting to the idea of collecting different types of vape pens. For example, THC Vape Pen is high in demand based on its soothing and sedative properties. Undoubtedly, buying a new vape pen is exciting as well as a challenging journey. The demand also started a rise of new manufacturers importing low-quality vape pens from abroad and selling them in the USA and Canada with their logo. 

Finding a reliable THC vape pen can be challenging, and if you want to make the right decision, knowing about the types and their fundamental properties can help in many ways. So here, we will start by learning about the working of a THC vape pen and dig deep. Let’s get started – 

What’s A THC Vape Pen?

A vape pen is an electronic device powered by a small battery. This device contains a heating coil, a flavor oil container, and a battery as the critical component. The user needs to put vape oil or flavor inside the container and hold the power button to produce vaping. On the top is a small hole to put your lips on and suck vape while holding the button. The method used is simple. In addition, many brands offer a temperature control button to increase or decrease vape density in every use. Now, you can easily understand the working of a vape pen from the details. 

A THC vape pen is the same as oil juice infused with THC compound. THC is a sedative compound, and it stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. Therefore, when a user consumes THC vape, he inhales THC compound with the vapor to obtain the benefits of this magical substance of marijuana. 

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Types Of THC Vape Pens

THC vape pens are three types available in the market that offer an almost similar experience with a slight difference in functionality. Let’s take a quick look at each type – 

  • Cartridge Pens – Cartridge pens are vape pens with tanks or containers in two forms – refillable or replaceable. Usually, cart pens work as a replacement method, and you can buy THC-infused carts in various flavors. During the use, you get prolonged experience, and these are usually better to travel with. However, these are also slightly expensive as compared to the other options. 
  • Wax Vape Pens –Vape pens with higher concentrations of THC or CBD compounds are getting intense demand recently. Due to the complex mechanism, it is for experienced users. There is no doubt that wax or dab vape pens are tricky, but the experience is always strong. 
  • Dry Herb Vape Pens – If you are looking for vape pens with no liquid and easy to carry option, then dry herb vape pens are excellent. The user can put herbs or marijuana inside the vape pen and use the same heating coil to produce vapor. The only factor you should know about this functionality is that you are getting a mix of vape and smoke with these pens. 
  • Vape Oil Pens – For the best comfort and tested usability, vape oil pens offer better functionality. Most brands create these types of cells and provide various flavors. You must pour oil inside the tank and heat it with the coil to get vapor. These are easy to use, and most people still prefer oil-based THC vapes over others. 

Which Vape Pen Is Best For You?

If you are new to vape pens and want to buy a pen containing THC, it would be easy to go with vape pens with oil tanks. Vape oil comes in various flavors, and using it makes things easier for a beginner. Meanwhile, it may sound too fantastic to hop on dry herb vape pens, which you may not like the first time. So, you can consider it wisely. 

For an intermediate user, the cartridge vape seems much more intermediating. You have a nice variety of color options, including THC and CBD options. Cartridge pens are legal throughout many states, and you can easily buy different flavors infused with THC.  

How To Buy The Best Vape Pen?

While selecting a vape pen, most people feel confused about types and color options while missing key features. The easiest method to eradicate this problem is by looking at the bigger picture. If you are out there in the market to buy a quality vape pen, you must consider the below-given factors – 

  • Type – As we learned about the style and its key functionality, it is necessary to choose the right one based on your user experience. If you are a new user, then THC oil vape pens are perfect, and these are also reliable for experienced users. 
  • Battery Backup – A vape pen offers continuous battery backup for thirty minutes to one hour on constant use. The critical functionality varies based on the use time. If your vape doesn’t last more than ten minutes on average usage, you may have a poor quality experience. So, always look for the optimal battery backup. 
  • Charging Speed –Manufacturers use li-ion batteries to provide excellent battery backup and fast charging speed. A vape pen that lasts under one hour is perfect for use, and you can have a quality experience. 
  • Brand –Choosing a reputed brand during the purchase can help find a reliable product. The market is flooded with many vape brands, but only a few are reliable. You can at least expect excellent build quality and after-sale services from such brands. 
  • Reviews –Reviewing a vape product can help find the good and bad sides. You can learn the flaws at an early stage, and it can prevent you from buying the wrong THC vape pen. So remember to check a couple of reviews before finalizing a product.

Once you have successfully checked all these features, finalizing the best-in-class vape pen becomes easier. Make sure you stay selective throughout the journey to avoid getting misled by any manufacturer. 


Finding a reliable vape pen becomes easier when you know about the different types currently available in the market. Many brands are coming up with new ideas and trying hard to sell something different, but you should not fall for the marketing trap and always do thorough research to get the right product.