If you or someone you know are considering sober living Austin as an alternative to traditional addiction treatment, it is important to have a solid understanding of what is involved. In this post, we go through the rules and regulations of living in a sober living facility.

What to Expect?

The sober living facilities are typically not state-certified programs, residents typically do not receive any form of counseling during their stay. Instead, sober living Austin Texas facilities provide some degree of support for recovery by making sobriety and group accountability central tenets of their program. Sobriety is typically monitored through urine screenings at least once per week and residents may be required to attend AA or NA meetings throughout the week.

Additionally, residents are required to work a series of jobs while living at the facility. Most facilities have a variety of job opportunities available including janitorial work, cooking, landscaping, and maintaining sober living facility grounds. Collecting rent checks, doing laundry, and performing other general maintenance tasks are also typical job duties.

Rent and Fees

The sober living facilities do not receive any form of funding from the state, they typically require that residents pay a certain amount of rent on a weekly basis as well as pay for their own food and utilities. Typical fees range from $150 to $300 per week, depending on the location and amenities offered at each facility.

The most important thing to know about staying in a sober living facility is that Jut like the drug rehab Austin Texas they do not tolerate any drugs or alcohol on the premises.

How long do you need to stay in a sober living facility?

A question that is commonly asked by people with drug or alcohol addiction is ‘how long do I need to stay in a sober living facility?’ So let’s answer this question.

In order to successfully maintain sobriety, it’s necessary for you to have a place where you can get away from temptation and the things that tempt you. If your home has become a place of temptation, then staying in the sober living facility will give you the space and time away from your home to work on your recovery after the treatment in the detox Austin Texas. With that said, most sober living facilities have different length of stay options available for adult males, female adults, adolescents, and children.

In sober living facilities, a variety of programs are available for different length periods. If you’re an adolescent and you’re staying for longer than fifteen days, the best program recommended to you is the Residential Teen Program. This program allows you to stay in the sober living facility for up to 90 days.

For adults, length of stay options are also available in most cases. If you’re an adult who needs to stay in a sober living facility longer than 45 days, talk with your therapist about the treatment plan and what option might work best for your situation.

If you have a question or you would like to talk to someone about the rehab process, please feel free to call the helpline. You can speak with one of the trained counselors that will assist you in finding the help and treatment that you need.

Wrap Up

So you’ve decided to give sobriety a try, or maybe you’re making a fresh start in life, but now what? Get the urgent care you need in the sober living facility after your treatment. You might be wondering about the logistics of your new accommodation. The best thing for you to do is book an appointment with one of our representatives today. We’ll help you find the perfect fit for your needs and schedule.

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