Tom Segura Weight Loss

Tom Segura Weight Loss

Tom Segura weight loss is a true inspiration for those people who are open to challenges in life. His weight loss journey started when he took a weight loss challenge with Bert Kreischer.

Tom Segura was overweight forever. But the last two decades made his life miserable. He was suffering from health issues due to obesity. In this article, we will tell you everything about Tom Segura weight loss journey.

Who is Tom Segura?

Thomas Segura Jr. better known as Tom Segura was born on April 1979, in the US. He is an American Podcaster, actor, comedian, and writer. He is famous for his podcast 2 Bears 1 Cave and your mom’s house.

After graduating he started his stand-up comedy career. At night he used to do comedy shows and during the day he used to do the job. Once he started gaining popularity he decided to say farewell to his job and made stand-up comedy his main profession.

Tom Segura Weight Loss Journey

In a comedy show, he told his tragic health emergency in a funny way. He said that he went to a friend’s reunion where he drink a few shots of vodka. Since he was overweight his head could not handle it and he had to rush to the emergency room. He went into a coma and when he opened his eyes there were his family and friends standing.

It was that time when the doctor told him that due to his weight issues he could not handle drugs and alcohol. That day, he made up his mind about weight loss. In his podcast 2 Bears 1 cave, he challenged his co-host comedian Bert Kreischer in 2017.

Tom Segura gained weight due to his unhealthy lifestyle. The publicly challenge made it possible for both of them to lose weight. All those obstacles which they never noticed before decided to get rid of them. Both of them fulfilled their challenge.

Tom Segura Diet Plan

Tom Segura previously had a big sweet tooth. So in a podcast with H3 podcast Tom Segura told his fans that he has quit sugar from his diet plan. It was a very big decision for him because he loves eating brownies, cookies, pasta, cake, and pancakes.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle he avoids as much sugar as he can because without any doubt sugar is a slow poison. He even doesn’t eat sugar for months. He has also removed fried food from his diet. Junk food played a major role in weight gain but now he completely follows a clean diet.

Tom Segura Workout Routine

Tom Segura does workout at least four days a week. If he does not have the time he prefers jogging otherwise he goes to the gym on regular basis.

Bottom Line

Tom Segura weight loss was only possible due to following a healthy diet plan and workout routine. if he can lose weight by adopting healthy habits why not you? The starting few weeks are difficult but once you adopt a healthy lifestyle you can easily follow it throughout your life.

Tom Segura weight loss is an inspiration for all who do not want to suffer from health issues due to obesity. With his dedication and hard work he successfully lost many pounds and is still maintaining his weight loss.

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