Vitamins for stroke recovery

Stroke is a medical exigency in which blood and other nutrient supply to the brain ceased due to the rupturing or blockage of those vessels leading to the central brain (Coronary vessels). Based on the most recent clinical research, here in this article, I have compiled a list of effective vitamins for stroke recovery that can be used to medicate or lessen the symptoms of a stroke

Some common Vitamins for stroke recovery

If you’ve been suffering from stroke or a condition that is related to stroke, you must take a look at these vitamins as a part of the stroke recovery plan.

Vitamin C

People having the ecological backgrounds of hemorrhagic strokes are more lethal to have risk factors of stroke as compared to normal individuals due to the deficiency of vitamin C.

It is highly recommended to increase the intake of those foodstuffs which are flourished with a high dose of Vitamin C. Moreover, increasing fruits and vegetables consumption re an excellent nutritional factor to improve your cardiovascular health.


Taking the right dose of vitamin C can be a remedy from stroke recovery, but at the same time, if your Vitamin C consumption exceeds than the normal range, then it can cause abnormalities like:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Hurt burn
  • Skin flushing and many other defects.

Therefore, it is mandatory to not exceed your Vitamin C intake than the recommended level, or else you can put yourself into trouble.


Niacin, also known by the name Vitamin-B3, significantly reduces the stroke risk factor up to a greater extent. Among all, one of the best vitamins for the stroke recovery is Vitamin-B3. It carries prime importance as it helps in the healing process of neurons

Niacin aids in improving the general motor as well as cognitive functioning of the neurons. In this way, it helps in maintaining the normal health of your brain by repairing and protecting the process, which indirectly reduces the chances of stroke attacks.


As an English proverb affirms that excess of everything is bad; the same goes for Vitamin-B3. If Niacin is taken in excess amount, it causes liver damage, skin itching, stomach ulcers, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat.

If you have taken too much Vitamin B3, consult your doctor in the first place to avoid any serious consequences.

Vitamin D

If I say that Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins for the stroke recovery, then it won’t be wrong. Lack of vitamin D may lead to inflammation. Not only this, but it can also cause damage to your blood vessels.

Consumption of the right amount of Vitamin D encourages neuroplasticity, recovery of broken neural pathways. Therefore, it helps in boosting the brain by developing and generating new nerve cells.

This vitamin is found in chicken, red meat, egg yolks, and various kinds of fish.


The most significant result of vitamin D’s toxicities is an increase in calcium levels inside the blood (hypercalcemia), which may cause nausea, vomiting weakening, and frequent urination.


Probiotics are a very useful class of bacteria in our body which plays a vital role in developing the human immune system against disease-causing agents. Probiotics also reside in the guts of humans.

Studies have shown that the brain and gut are in a relationship, which is termed as the gut-brain axis. Therefore, the foods like yogurt, kimchi, and kefir are excellent sources of Probiotics.


If supplements with an immense amount of probiotics are taken, they lead to severe pathological infections in immunocompromised patients.

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)

DOCOSAHEXAENOIC acid is an omega-3-fatty acid molecule that maintains the normal functioning of the brain by preventing it from lethal stroke attacks.

Also, it has a prime role in brain development, especially in childhood and pregnancy time. This molecule doesn’t belong directly from any vitamin family but has a constructive role in stroke recovery.


High intake of the DHA may lead to the abnormalities like:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach upset, belching
  • Discomfort along with back pain.
  • Dry mouth and a change in taste

Foods that contains vitamins for stroke recovery:

Eating habits can have a huge influence on overall health, particularly during the time of recovery from stroke. When you are aware of the food choices that aid in recovery from stroke, you can make healthy choices to help your body recover.

Following are some best food items healed with Vitamins that aid in recovery from stroke up to a great extent:

•           Salmon (DHA)

•           Pomegranate (anti-oxidants)

•           Nuts and seeds (Vitamin E)

•           Oranges and lemon (Vitamin C)

•           Red meat and egg yolks (Vitamin B12)

•           Tomatoes (lycopene) and many more.