Watery Discharge feels like I Peed Myself Before Period

Watery Discharge feels like I Peed Myself Before Period

You might have noticed the watery discharge feels like I peed myself before period. But do you know what actually it is? The vagina is constantly cleaning itself. This vaginal discharge that the body produces is absolutely normal and healthy. It protects women from different health issues.

The composition and consistency of the discharge vary according to the days of your menstruation cycle. This variation is due to hormonal changes. Normally it is transparent with no odor but if suddenly the smell, color, and texture of the discharge change it may be a sign of infection.

So, if you are wondering what is that watery discharge feels like I peed myself before period then keep reading this article. Here, we will tell you about the watery discharge its causes, and how to control it.

Watery discharge feels like I peed myself

Vaginal discharge is a fluid that comes out of the vagina. Every woman experiences vaginal discharge at some point in her life. The amount and quality of vaginal discharge depend on your menstrual cycle. It also depends on factors like pregnancy, menopause, and puberty.
Usually it is not a matter of concern and absolutely healthy. During the reproductive age, a woman discharges from 1 to 4 mL of vagina fluid. The quantity of vaginal discharge depends on the level of estrogen. usually, vagina discharge is transparent or milky white in color with a mild odor. If you notice changes in your discharge you may be suffering from any infection.

Causes a vagina discharge

Following are some of the major causes of watery discharge

⦁ Ovulation and period

During the ovulation period, the vaginal discharge quantity increases. To prepare the body for conception vagina discharge becomes stretchy during ovulation days.

From day 11 to 21 of the menstrual cycle body prepares for ovulation but afterward, the vagina discharge becomes white and cloudy. Before periods the progesterone level increases in the body. So if you noticed watery discharge feels like I peed myself before period it is a normal part of your menstrual cycle.

⦁ Pregnancy

When you experience watery discharge it may be an early sign of pregnancy. Women who are pregnant experience vaginaL discharge. Vaginal discharge protects the fetus from different infections. Pregnancy vaginaL discharge is thin transparent or white in color.

You should take precautions if you notice changes in fluid during pregnancy such as differences in smell, color, texture, or itching in the vaginal area.

⦁ Hormonal imbalance

Due to hormonal imbalance you may experience watery discharge as you peed yourself. There are several reasons for hormonal imbalance like health issues or stress. Nowadays a high ratio of women are suffering from PCOS which may result in excessive vaginal discharge. PCOS has other symptoms including weight gain, body facial hair, infertility, and irregular periods.

You should visit your doctor immediately if you experience high amount of vagina discharge as it can be a sign of ruptured membranes better known as water breaking.

⦁ Menopause

When reaching menopause the level of estrogen in the body decreases. Women experiencing menopause have minimum vaginal discharge.

⦁ Contraceptives

Taking birth control contraceptives is another reason that increases your vaginal discharge. Birth control pills act on your hormones resulting in an increased watery discharge.

⦁ sexually transmitted diseases

If you experience orange or yellow-colored vagina discharge it may be due to abnormality and infections like STDs. In sexually transmitted diseases the color, texture, and odor of a vagina discharge changes. If you notice changes in watery discharge then you should immediately visit a physician.

⦁ Foreign particles

Your vagina discharges may increase under the impact of foreign objects like a tampon, condom, or IUD. If the color, odor, or texture is normal there is no need to worry but if you notice any pain, color change, foul odor, or swelling around the vaginal area see a doctor.

⦁ Change in microbial flora

When you are consuming antibiotics, it can disturb the watery discharge of your vagina. Apart from harmful bacteria also act under normal flora of the vagina resulting in imbalance of vagina discharge.

How to manage watery discharge

With the following tips you can easily manage the watery discharge that makes you feel like you peed yourself
⦁ Start washing your vagina more frequently
⦁ Change your underwear on a regular basis
⦁ Keep your vagina dry and avoid any chemical products

If you notice changes in color, texture, or odor of vaginal discharge without any delay seek professional help.

Bottom line

Watery discharge feels like I peed myself before period is nothing else rather than the normal part of menstrual cycle. This watery discharge is a sign that your body hormone progesterone is increasing and your body is preparing for menstruation. The fluid should be transparent and odourless. If you notice color or odor changes it may be due to an infection.