What Role Do Orthodontic Pliers Play in Dentistry? And What Are Their Types

Pliers are the tools that most people know about but do not truly understand their significance in different fields of life. They have been around for centuries to serve the purpose of replicating the use of a forefinger and a thumb. Orthodontic pliers are one of the kinds of pliers which has extensive use in dentistry. It helps the orthodontists adjust different dental appliances to help rectify the irregularities in human teeth.

What makes dental pliers an extremely useful tool?

Well, it is as useful as human fingers, maybe even more. Because with fingers, it is difficult to hold on to something with greater force for longer periods. However, with pliers, it is extremely easy. Furthermore, It also enables the dentist to perform critical tasks with care that otherwise would not be possible.
To be practically useful in the expert hands, it should possess certain qualities like

  • It should exhibit the exact sensitivity level of the forefinger and thumb. Otherwise, in the case of overpressure, it can cause damage. Furthermore, in case of under pressure, it will not grab onto the surface firmly.
  • It must possess the right balance, weight and it should be a comfortable fit in hand. Consequently, it will not provide the required control for manovring. Moreover, it will hinder the prospects of effective treatment.
  • The instrument’s tip should have serrations or have a gripping texture to its surface according to the task in hand. So it can provide a strong grip, which is crucial for orthodontic procedures.
  • If any dental plier possesses all the qualities mentioned above, it can easily give orthodontists an edge in providing bona fide care to their patients and making their smiles even more beautiful.

Types of orthodontic pliers

These pliers have various types. Some of them are used intraorally and are relatively smaller in size. Others are used for breaking plaster molds and bending plastic retainers and are relatively larger and heavier. We will not discuss all the variations of these pliers. Nevertheless, the most important ones are as follow:

Adams Plier

Adam Plier is one of the most beautiful and sleek-looking orthodontic tools. Adams plier dental instrument consists of two flat jaws with sharp edges. One of its key features is its jaw surface, which is neither grooved nor serrated. Instead, it is textured in a way that provides a strong grip. This plier is normally used to alter the Adams clasp, where it gets its name from.

Howe Plier

Some of the procedures in orthodontics require the holding of archwire safely. Most experts prefer to use howe pliers for this task. They have padded jaws shaped like a cone with belled edges to protect the wire from any abrasions. They normally come in two types, of which one has curved beaks with an angle of 40 degrees to get better access.

139 Plier or Bird Beak Plier Dental

Making the right angle of bends in the archewire is extremely important for catering to orthodontic appliances. This task becomes extremely difficult without using the right bending pliers. Bird beak plier dental instrument, also known as 139 orthodontic pliers, is quite helpful in bending the wires properly. It has conical beaks with a pyramid-like shape. Furthermore, its edges are belled to protect the wire from damage.

Separating Pliers

These pliers work in a reverse action than that of gripping pliers. It allows the dentists to accommodate elastic separators between the teeth by stretching and placing them interdentally. Furthermore, this creates the space to install a metal band around the tooth for the restoration procedure. It has round beaks which are tapered for easy accessibility.

Mathieu Ligature Pliers

They are immensely helpful in making the task easier for the health practitioner. It possesses the unique feature of a locking mechanism, which allows it to hold the ligature wire in place without the constant application of force. Moreover, It consists of two beaks short in size with serrations on their jaws to firmly grasp the wire.


Pliers have no doubt changed the ways of working in different professions. They have played a crucial role in making the tasks easier for the experts to provide their services to the people efficiently. Furthermore, The innovation of new technology and manufacturing techniques has made this tool more versatile and capable of performing its functions.
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