What To Know About Avoiding Depression

What To Know About Avoiding Depression

At this point in time, doctors believe that the epidemic of depression is going to be as worse as COVID. It is just that not everyone is very comfortable talking about it. 

There are many who would rather go about their life with high-functioning depression than talk about it. This is probably because many associate depression with weakness. Someone with less resilience to negative situations, and someone who essentially “breaks down” more easily.

This is one of the reasons why talking about mental health is very important, to remove these taboos from serious health issues. After all, one would never call someone combating a disease like cancer as weak. People who fight depression and still manage to hold a smile are true warriors, and not only should be acknowledged first but also learned from them. 

What Is Depression

If you have reached this article because you suspect you have depression, then do not worry. Unlike what everyone would tell you, we know you are not overthinking. The impending feeling of doop, where you do not feel like doing anything, is, afterall, real.

Depression is a recognized medical condition that is associated with a continuous stretch of low mood and disinterest in doing anything. This could also include activities that were once amusing for the individual.

Depression could pose a danger for the people suffering from it since it can make them suicidal. Some might even take solace from substances like alcohol and drugs, which can lead to slow addiction. 

Depression is caused by the lack of dopamine release in the brain. Quick reuptake process, or dopamine being destroyed in the synaptic cleft (the place where the chemicals are released by neurons), and unable to bind with the dopamine receptors.

How To Prevent Depression

Here is how you can prevent depression, according to the Most Popular Doctor in UAE. Depression is common for teenagers going through puberty. Some could be recurring or chronic, and some might even suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is when depression only hits in the colder months.

The treatment or prevention should start early before someone is fully diagnosed with depression. If there is a flicker, these treatments should start to avoid depression, 

1. Take Help For Avoiding Toxic Situations

One of the biggest denominators of a healthy person catching depression is a recurring toxic situation. Whether it is a relationship, friendship, or family. When you are surrounded by a primary group of toxic people, you always associate your social and personal life with negativity.

This causes severe depression, which takes years of trauma discussion, and therapy to cure. Not that it is a bad thing to cure it if you have already been through such a situation, but we would suggest you take help from a trusted individual to dispose of these people from your life. 

2. Take Therapy

No matter what you do, therapy is a must. Therapy is not something you should consider once you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. It is something to improve mental health and keep them in check.

Especially if you have a pre-teen about to enter adolescence, it is better to have a talk and enroll them in therapy. They will be able to talk to someone in a safe space and discuss things they might be uncomfortable with a parent.

3. Avoid Burnout

Calling your workaholic and then working day and night with minimum wage is not a way to go through life. You cannot hustle and drive towards success when you soon start to lose interest in everything.

So, it is better to have a healthy work-life balance early on. Nothing wrong with working hard, but you have to rest and recharge to be consistent.

Do Things You Love Everyday

A great way to avoid depression without fearing medicinal or professional help is to do something you love every day. Find joy in small things like dancing alone in your room, reading or book, or basking in your favorite candle scent while reading a book.

Antig can help you escape your stressful reality for a while and come back refreshed to take on new challenges every day.