Why do I feel high when I’m not

Because of how capable our brain is, it occasionally displays symptoms of conditions we cannot comprehend, such as feeling euphoric despite being sober. As a result, we often ask ourselves, “Why do I feel high when I’m not?” in our heads.

First, stop worrying if you’re experiencing the same problem and keep in mind that you’re not the only one who sometimes feels high when they’re not. Similar things happened to many people.

While they searched “I feel high, but I didn’t take anything” online, many websites came up, but none provided a thorough explanation of why people feel euphoric when sober.

Major Aspects

People often ponder why do I feel high when I’m not or feeling euphoric while they are disconnected from reality but are not physically in contact with it.

⦁ Your brain’s neurotransmitters, which produce dopamine, serotonin, and excess amounts of endorphins, can cause you to feel this way.
⦁ You might have taken supplements that make you feel high and raise the flow of happy hormones to a risky level.

You will need to develop mental control at this time, schedule a consultation with a psychiatrist, or find a diversion.

They did not mention any specific causes or suggestions for dealing with the problem.

We needed to provide a comprehensive guide on feeling high when you’re not, complete with all the reasons why and advice on how to deal with the problem.

So, here you go:

Why do I feel high even if I’m not?

Some websites examined the psychosomatic causes of feeling high when sober, including De-realization disorder and Depersonalization symptoms. These aren’t the only causes of your predicament, though.

In this regard, we have identified some factors. But first, ascertain whether your symptoms are related to high blood pressure, anxiety, or melancholy.

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You may experience cheerful or relaxed feelings and spontaneous laughter when you use drugs.

However, getting high isn’t always a guarantee of happiness.
Uncertainty, worry, delusions, and hallucinations, Even if you are not impaired, feeling high can cause symptoms such as elevated blood pressure, panic, nausea, and worry about dying soon.

What signs of a high do you have? If you have any or all of these symptoms, it’s time to investigate what might be causing them.

What Can Get You High Without Cannabis?

Here are possible reasons for your inquiry. Why am I not high but feel like I am

Even if I’m not high.

Too many endorphins 

The psychological processes of the brain are mostly related to endorphins. It is based on a set of the nervous system and brain hormones.

A healthy dose of endorphins is excellent for maintaining a steady mood. However, too many endorphins might give you a high without using drugs or other substances.

The body overproduces endorphins when overreacting, such as engaging in more exercise than usual or engaging in enjoyable activities.

Neurotransmitter Dopamine

Serotonin and dopamine are typically discussed together, yet they have independent functions. For example, you may feel high when you aren’t because your neurons have too much dopamine circulating.

Dopamine is good for the body and is related to sensations of drive and determination, but too much of this hormone can result in agitation, aggression, or manic behaviour.

Serotonin Hormone

Positively, a higher-than-normal serotonin production could cause you are feeling euphoric while sober. A joyful mood is intimately related to the hormone serotonin.

Suppose you include items that increase serotonin production in your diet, such as whole-wheat bread, nuts, brown rice, eggs, and salmon. In that case, your body may produce more serotonin than is necessary.

Increasing your intake of plums, pineapples, and peanut butter can help boost your body’s serotonin levels.

You may have symptoms of high serotonin, such as shivering, sweating, confusion, restlessness, headache, hypertension, lip-twitching, and diarrhoea.

Why do I feel high even when I don’t? The symptoms listed above may be the same as those that a person who is high when sober might experience.


Certain supplements have the potential to induce a high when taken in excess. Therefore, supplements should only be taken as directed by a professional.
When these tablets are misused, such as when taken in excess or combined with other drugs, it can lead to health problems and even panic.

One of the main things a person may go through when high is panic.

Joy or bipolar disorder

One of the causes of your question, “Why do I feel high when I’m not?” is euphoria syndrome. Euphoria can make you feel high if you have bipolar disorder without taking drugs.

When you’re sober, you can experience unexpected, extreme happiness, fits of laughter, and a feeling of being high.


High people may experience emotional or bodily numbness. People feel like spectators throughout this and don’t experience their own emotions. For instance, they take a detached view of their feelings.
Depersonalization syndrome can be caused by severe trauma, anxiety, or other upsetting childhood events.


De-realization is the experience of feeling as though you are living in a dream or a movie rather than in the present. You may feel distorted in object size and shape and emotionally cut off from other people.
De-realization can result from various factors, such as heredity, physical or sexual abuse, the unexpected death of a loved one, or witnessing domestic violence.
Some of these symptoms can make you wonder why you feel high when you’re not.

The Body’s THC Substance

Additionally, regular marijuana or drug users can experience a high without using substances. According to experts, it might be because THC is still in the body.
People can have THC in their bodies even when they are not smoking marijuana, and it is principally responsible for the effects of marijuana.
Can the presence of THC in the body explain why I experience a high when I’m not? Yes

Tips to Overcome Feeling High When Sober

Cannabis can be used to mimic the euphoric effects of other drugs. But in other circumstances, you might wish to cease feeling high and stop being high.
Here are a few strategies to aid in a safe sobering up.

Be mindful of your dosage and potency

One of the greatest methods to avoid feeling too high is to avoid getting too high in the first place. High doses and high potency of cannabis dramatically raise your risk of unpleasant consequences. Start by gauging how much and how potent your cannabis is that you are smoking. Start cautiously if you are unsure.

When consuming items, you have lawfully acquired, opt for those with a lower THC content (at least 10%). To see the effects, take one shot or puff and wait 15 minutes before taking another more clearly. Edibles follow the same rules. Keep calm and wait for these items to finish producing their outcomes because they take a little longer than other products. Then, follow the dosage instructions for the goods you intend to use, and use a few milligrammes of THC to feel the effects.

Be patient

You might not be able to sober up quickly, and forcing yourself to stop using drugs will only make you feel more stressed, anxious, and frustrated. The best action is to give it time rather than battle against yourself.
Every high comes to an end. However, it is crucial to remember that you won’t be stuck in a negative high forever.
Within three hours after cannabis inhalation, you should feel more normal. The effects of consuming a cannabis beverage or consumable will peak in 2 to 3 hours, although you can anticipate feeling very disoriented for 6 to 10 hours.

Remain composed and unwind

For the uncomfortable feelings to subside, you may wish the high to cease as soon as possible if you are experiencing negative cannabis side effects like paranoia, anxiety, or panic. However, even while it might not be able to terminate the high quickly, remaining composed and using relaxation techniques can assist in lessening the negative consequences.
There are countless relaxation methods, so try out a few that appear to fit your needs and provide the kind of stress relief you’re hoping for. Practicing relaxation techniques before using them is advisable, so think about doing that before you need to.

Avoid coffee and beer and instead drink water

You could opt for a cup of coffee to increase your alertness when you need to sober up from alcohol quickly. And you might grab a coffee or a drink when you need to recover from using weed. However, drinking beer or coffee when high may not be the best idea.
Alcohol may increase the quantity of THC in your bloodstream, which would intensify the sense of being high. Caffeine could also be ineffective. Grab a bottle of water instead to stay hydrated and give your body time to eliminate the marijuana from your system.

Consult an expert for advice

People occasionally have frightening side effects from cannabis and may need medical attention to treat symptoms and aid in sobriety. Emergency department care can be beneficial if you or a loved one is severely upset, frightened, or acting strangely.
If you are experiencing an edible high, emergency hospital staff may be able to assist you in puking or offer activated charcoal to alleviate your symptoms. In addition, staff may suggest a sedative if you display aggressive behaviour, mental confusion, or extreme anxiety to keep you calm and secure while the high lasts.

The conclusion

There is no real way to recover rapidly from why do I feel high when I’m not. Said the effects of this situation must fade with time. You can use numerous methods to improve your comfort level as you wait it out.
Only in extreme cases, such as having difficulties breathing or seriously hurting yourself, should someone who has consumed too much cannabis dial 911.


How might someone tell if they were high?

Red eyes, poor muscle coordination, sluggish reaction times, and increased appetite are some physical indications of marijuana usage. In addition, an abrupt change in mood from tense to relaxed, as well as abrupt symptoms of anxiety, panic, and hallucinations, may be signs that someone is using marijuana.

Can you detect someone’s drug use?

It is possible to take a driver’s blood, breath, or urine sample to check for drug use, but these tests can be unreliable.

When you’re high, how do you feel?

Many people feel a pleasant exhilaration and sensation of relaxation. However, other common side effects can vary greatly from person to person, including increased appetite, heightened sensory awareness (such as seeing brighter colors), laughter, and altered perception of time.