The Plus Side Of CBD Oil For Dogs

Your four-legged friend becomes a part of the family the minute they walk in the door and this means that your responsibility begins before that. Preparations, finding the right fit dog bed, and the most suitable equipment for their breed, size, and age is one thing, but nutrition is another, and ensuring they are healthy and on a quality diet from the get-go is essential.

You don’t necessarily have to be a qualified gourmet chef to do research or homework when it comes to your dog, but an effort will make the process that much smoother, and you’ll most likely see that the generic food brands we see in shops are not nearly as nutritiously sound as they should be.

Would you want your puppy to be eating more food than is recommended for his size just so that he can get his daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals? I’d think not, this would only lead to him becoming overweight and obese which has its own complications to deal with.

Start on the right foot.

What most people don’t understand is that the food element of being a pet owner isn’t nearly as daunting as some make it out to be, but rather, taking a moment to see the basic steps will make it quicker and easier to implement into your daily routine and lifestyle. This way food prep for the dog and the family can be done at the same time.

Just as you would for humans the main components for your pups meal would be meat and a vegetable (and yes they are important, see an article here explaining in a bit more detail for your added information), and with the extra bone thrown in daily or at least every other day. This will give you the balance you want to achieve without having to think too much about it and ensure their health is a priority and that they have the fuel needed to sustain their energy levels each day.

Depending on the age of your dog a few edits will need to be made along the way, same as you would with growing children, older dogs are less active and so need a lower fat content in their foods than young puppies who seem to run for hours on end without tiring.

Chatting to your veterinarian is a good starting point, they can advise you on specific meals and menus that would be best suited as well as keep an eye on their overall health and well-being. If your dog shows any early signs of health ailments they can pick it up and treat it quickly.

Natural ingredients.

The fundamentals seem to be in place, now all you need to do is to take a closer look at the quality and types of products you are feeding your furry family member and ensure they are the best you can afford (your pet deserves to live a quality life, right?).

Too many people give the opinion that natural ingredients have no effect, but from the success stories pouring in daily from the humble yet wonder plant compound, CBD, I’d beg to differ. Critics claim that the cbd for dogs benefits are hearsay but why then has the medical industry begun to take notice, and why are more and more pet owners opting for this healthier alternative to treating health issues and maintaining a well-balanced diet for their dog?

Issues such as seizures or epilepsy are significantly reduced and in most cases eliminated since adding CBD to their dog’s meal plan, they have a stronger immune system fighting off common problems such as autoimmune disease and even cancer.

Their cardiovascular system is regulated and maintained with the pulses being sent to and from the neuro system in the brain monitored and routinely sent. This creates all-around homeostasis within the body which then reflects on the outside too and thus the appearance of a fuller, lusher coat of fur is seen. Your dog will be taking fewer rest breaks during their rumble and tumble sessions with the kids or can chase the pigeons in the park for longer while out on your daily walks, this is because CBD has a great way of keeping the muscles and joints flexible and essentially free from inflammation which can cause pain.

So, irrespective of what the minority of the population has to say, as the old saying quotes, the proof is in the pudding and this is exactly what is happening globally as more people become aware of the positive healing effects nature and its plants have to offer us.

Products for your pup.

You have made up your mind and want to add CBD to your canine’s diet as soon as possible, the big question now is, how? Thankfully there are many great recipes to try for yourself, see this link for some basics to get you started, but if cooking and the kitchen are not in your comfort zone then ready-made products are widely available for your convenience.

You could look at snack biscuits to keep in your handbag for park walks, add a few drops of Cannabidiol to their first meal just before you serve it, or if they are comfortable and will allow it you can administer the oil as is straight into their mouth under their tongue. Although, we all enjoy a treat now and then, right, this way you have the best of both worlds, infuse the treat with CBD and you’re good to go.