Cold Icy Feeling inside Chest

Cold Icy Feeling inside Chest

Are you the victim of the cold icy feeling inside chest and looking for its causes and cure?

If this is the case, you are fortunate enough to have hit the perfect relevant article. This article will discuss all the fundamental factors behind the cold icy feeling inside chest. We will also explain the appropriate treatments for this disorder.

What causes this feeling inside the chest?

A cold icy feeling inside chest mainly occurs due to the complexities in the respiratory system. In this condition, the patient may sense a frosty feeling in his chest as if chewing Mentos. Long-term depression and anxieties can also trigger this cold chest feeling.

A few people do not take this problem seriously and let it heal on its own, and luckily it does heal in some cases as well. However, this negligence does not always work well. A cold icy feeling inside chest may be due to severe issues requiring proper medical treatment.

So ignoring even the mild issues could be hazardous and pose a serious threat to life.

Causes and treatments of a cold icy feeling inside chest

Here we will discuss all the primary factors that give rise to a cold icy feeling inside chest. We will also elaborate on the essential treatments for this disorder.

1.  Chest Cold or Acute Bronchitis

Acute Bronchitis, also known as a chest cold, refers to a condition where a virus infects the bronchial tubes present in the lungs. The bronchial tubes start swelling as a result of this infection.

The swelling and inflammation in the airways cause thick fluid formation, which blocks these bronchial tubes. When the lines get clogged, it triggers a severe cough and a heavy icy feeling in the chest, followed by fever and chills.

Suggested Treatment

Unlike chronic bronchitis, acute bronchitis or chest cold does not require surgical medical treatments. It recovers on its own within two weeks. However, we need to observe a healthy diet plan, including proper water intake and cough syrups. Green tea can magically help in reducing the swelling in the airways.

The patient should beware of cigarette smoking and the polluted environment to quickly get rid of this problem.

2.  Pneumonia

Pneumonia is another acute disease caused by pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. In this ailment, the alveoli (air sacs present in the lungs) get inflamed. Its symptoms include heavy cough, fever, breathing problems, chest pain, and a cold icy feeling inside the chest.

Acute bronchitis can also cause pneumonia if left untreated. Therefore, we should spontaneously consult a doctor and undergo proper medical treatment.

Suggested Treatment

We can treat this ailment by taking the prescribed antibiotics like azithromycin and erythromycin. We should stay hydrated and avoid airborne allergens like fumes, pollens, dust particles, etc.

We can also recover from mild pneumonia by taking proper rest and getting enough sleep.

3.  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome occurs when rib or neck muscles compress the blood vessels and nerves in the upper part of our body. In this condition, a patient may suffer from acute pain (extending from shoulders to arms) accompanied by skin redness. It can also cause chilly sensations inside the chest.

Thoracic outlet syndrome may occur due to frequent injuries. Anatomical imperfections like the presence of an extra rib can also give rise to the syndrome.

Suggested Treatment

Obesity may also cause thoracic outlet syndrome. Therefore, we should consider shedding some fats to overcome the compression of the blood vessels.

We can cure this disorder by performing specific exercises that stretch the chest and neck muscles.

Doctors may also recommend some medicines for recovery.

4.  Heart problem

The cold icy feeling may be a symptom of a heart problem, especially if it radiates from chest to heart. If the victim also suffers from breathing abnormalities, he is more likely to have cardiac disorders.

It might be an indication of a heart attack.

Suggested Treatment

In this condition, the sufferer should immediately rush toward the nearby hospital.

The patient should start breathing deeply, and he may take the doctor’s prescribed blood-thinning pills as first aid.

5.  Fear and anxiety

Fear and anxiety are other reasons that can cause cold chest feeling. Our body releases the adrenaline hormone in response to stress and fear. When this hormone rushes into our nervous system, it induces sweating and perspiration.

When the cold breeze in the surroundings interacts with the sweat particle, it leaves a cooling effect, causing a cold icy feeling in the chest.

Suggested Treatment

We can get rid of this problem by indulging ourselves in entertaining activities. We can also do yoga to release stress and fear.

The best treatment is to consult a Psychiatrist if the stress and anxiety are severe.