Ear tubes in Adults Pros and Cons

Ear tubes are usually placed in the ears of children to cure ear infections. Ear tubes are very useful for the treatment of chronic fluid infections in the ear. But do you know that adults can also use ear tubes for the treatment and prevention of different ear diseases? People are usually confused regarding ear tubes in adults pros and cons.

Ear tubes are useful for ear infections at the same time they have some drawbacks as well. In this article, we will discuss what are ear tubes, and their advantages as well as disadvantages in both children and adults.

Ear tubes in Adults Pros and Cons

Ear tubes in children

Children often suffer from ear infections and to clear their ears tubes are used. Ear tubes help in clearing out the middle portion of the ear therefore their use is temporary. When installed in the ear they help the children in hearing. If a child does not have ear tubes, he or she will require at least 6 to 8 months to recover their hearing capability.

Cold is a major problem for children but due to cold ears are very rarely infected. In some children, the cold infection reaches the middle ear, especially during their newborn or infant age. Behind the eardrum, the tympanic cavity is present in the middle of the ear. The tympanic cavity is usually empty and consists of air but during the infection, the mucus membrane secretes excessive fluid into the tympanic cavity. This condition is known as glue ear or otitis media.

When the fluid of the tympanic cavity does not have any way to remove so it impacts the hearing capability. This ear glue accumulation gets better within a few days or weeks on its own. But since it impacts the hearing capability so it is better to insert ear tubes so that the children can hear properly.

Ear tubes in Adults Pros and Cons

Treatment of glue ear

It has been a few months but the child is still suffering from glue ear so it is necessary to get it clean up. From time to time there should be doctor’s appointments for the proper checkup of the ear. If the glue ear does not get better then it requires a minor surgical procedure known as paracentesis. In this process, the doctor will puncture the ear drum and the fluid is drained out through the suction process.

If the children are having difficulty in hearing then ear tubes are the best solution. Ear tubes are metal or plastic tubes that are inserted into the eardrum which helps in providing better ventilation. If a child is suffering from hearing problems there are chances that they may also suffer from delayed speech and language development issues.

For inserting ear tubes general anesthesia is given to the child. The ear tubes come out within 6 to 18 months. At the same time, the eardrums also heal on their own. If someone wants to take out their ear tubes then your physician may also assist you

Ear tubes in Adults Pros and Cons

What are ear tubes?

Before heading to ear tubes in adults pros and cons, one should know everything about them. Ear tubes are hollow tiny cylinders that are inserted into the eardrum through a surgical procedure. Ear tubes help in passing ventilation into the ear and also the drainage of ear fluid. It is a plastic or metal delicate tube also known as a tympanostomy tube, equalization tube, pressure tube, and ventilation tube.

Usually, ear tubes are used for children due to the build-up of fluid in the eardrum. There are two most common problems of the middle ear such as a build-up of fluids or inflammation (otitis media). During both conditions, a person whether a child or an adult may suffer from hearing problems. It is important to insert ear tubes during that period so that the person can easily hear. Ear tube also helps in speedy healing.

Ear tubes in adults pros and cons

Following are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of ear tubes

Ear tubes advantages

Ear tube since helps in the hearing of a person they are improving the quality of life of the patient as well as family members. The following are the major advantages of ear tubes

  • Preventing the ear infection from reaching a severe level. It reduces ear pain, ear fluid secretion, and hearing loss.
  • It is much helpful for the family as it reduces their anxiety and depression. When a child or an adult is incapable of hearing it becomes a huge stress for the caregivers.
  • It decreases the chances of recurring ear infections.
  • Ear tubes help in the reduction of drug interaction in adults and children. Such as the harmful side effects of antibiotics and other medicines during the treatment.
  • Ear tubes help in improving the hearing capability of a person which is a common problem during fluid retention in the middle ear.
Ear tubes in Adults Pros and Cons

Ear tubes disadvantages

Although inserting ear tubes in the middle ear is considered a safe effective and efficient treatment for ear infections but just like any other medication it also has its side effects. Ear tubes are prepared for the improvement in ear infections and to prevent hearing loss in an individual but actually, it is not 100% capable of treating such conditions. Ear tubes can even cause the following drawbacks

  • If accidentally water reaches the ear and the tube gets contaminated it can worsen the infection.
  • You may think that a child is suffering from a common cold but even after wearing tubes he can suffer from ear infections.
  • As the insertion of ear tubes require a surgical procedure, the individual may also experience scarring in the eardrum. The scarring impact the functioning of the eardrum.
  • There are chances of holes in the eardrum. If damage to the eardrum takes place after the removal of the ear tube it will require surgery.

Bottom line

Every medication or surgical procedure has its benefits as well as side effects. Ear tubes in adults pros and cons suggest that one should keep ear tubes as their last option. People should try to treat their infections with the help of medications. If someone feels that the treatment is not working for them only then they should opt for the surgical insertion of an ear tube. After wearing ear

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