how to lose weight on a treadmill in 2 weeks

How to Lose Weight On a Treadmill In 2 Weeks

Walking on a treadmill is a fantastic method to burn additional calories daily and aid with weight loss. Walking on a treadmill is an excellent method to burn extra calories every day and aid with weight loss. You must run for sixty minutes daily to drop two pounds weekly. Whatever exercise you choose, including walking, jogging, or running, can aid in weight reduction. Keep reading the article below to learn how to use a treadmill to accomplish your goals quickly and, more importantly, securely. Let’s uncover; How to Lose Weight On a Treadmill In 2 Weeks? 

Is it that easy to grow thinner?

Running tends to make you thinner than it does muscular since the tiny muscle gains it can provide are generally outweighed by the fat it burns. But if you follow the appropriate diet, you will lose weight, not only in your eggs but also in your initials in re-body. Combine weight training with jogging if your goal is to gain muscle.

You must be willing to work hard to lose weight on a treadmill in only two weeks. Every day, you should run for thirty to sixty minutes at a moderate speed of six mph (9.6 kph). This will assist you in burning the 500–1000 calories per day you need to expend to lose one to two pounds of body fat weekly.

how to lose weight on a treadmill in 2 weeks


Why using Treadmill is best option?

The treadmill is one of the most often used home fitness machines because it offers a simple, effective cardio workout. Since most people, regardless of fitness level or back condition, can handle walking, treadmills are a suitable place for many to start an exercise program. The treadmill can be used for interval training or running as strength and endurance increase.

Include hiking intervals for a fantastic low-impact tread exercise. If losing weight and improving your physical condition are your main goals, a treadmill can be the ideal equipment. In a recent workout comparison research, participants who believed they had worked out as hard on bikes and treadmills burned 25% more calories on the treadmill.

How to Lose Weight On a Treadmill In 2 Weeks

You will push your body throughout this program by switching up your weekly workouts, with more challenging days interspersed with softer ones. This program may be adjusted to suit your own needs. Rest days can also be added as needed, although avoiding taking more than one in a row is advisable. Let’s discuss a couple of the techniques:

How to Lose Weight On a Treadmill In 2 Weeks


Consistency is the key

  • Using your treadmill for at least thirty minutes a day is recommended. It would help if you gave this your all right away. You lose weight as your heart rate rises. Only if you exercise for little periods each day will you receive it. Thirty minutes a day, then. Arrange everything beforehand. You ought to always be performing this. The co-occurrence is not necessary.
  • If you want, you can run farther. If so, we advise segmenting the activity into 30-minute segments—thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes at night. 
  • Make an effort to run simultaneously each day to establish a routine. You won’t have to worry about it after 22 days of running simultaneously since the habit will have been formed. You change your perspective such that you no longer need to force yourself to go for your regular run. 


Every running practice should begin with a two- to five-minute warm-up stroll. Here, you’re not exerting yourself. All you’re doing is loosening up your legs to enable optimal running. Despite what many people think, you do not need to stretch before using a treadmill. 

Build up from a sluggish starting point to your primary workout running speed at a moderate pace. To warm up my hamstrings, glutes, and lower back before my primary run, I like to begin my warm-up on a level surface or at 0% elevation and gradually increase the incline. Consider incorporating dynamic stretching into your warm-up routine as well.

How to Warm up before a Workout?

Consider the following advice for your next exercise if you’re unsure you need help with the treadmill’s slope and speed levels.

Inclined Running

Fundamentally, the purpose of a treadmill is to replicate outdoor running or walking; hence, running uphill for thirty minutes is unrealistic. Snider recommends limiting novice users’ time spent on an incline treadmill to five minutes at a time. High-Intensity Interval Training:

You want to hit your maximum heart rate occasionally throughout the HIIT session. This approach involves short bursts of high-intensity exercise when you push yourself to the limit, interspersed with low-intensity workouts. 

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6 Tips for Treadmill Weight Loss in 2 Weeks

Intensity Walking Workout

Work out for 60 minutes at a moderate to high effort to kick off the week well. Your speed and weight will determine how many calories you burn, either 300 or 400. If you cannot dedicate an hour at a time, divide this workout into two sessions of thirty minutes each.

Easy Health Walk

Your cardio workout will consist of a 30-minute stroll at a more leisurely pace. Aim for an RPE grade of 11–12 or a heart rate between 50% and 60% of maximum. Focus on your gait and technique while you do this exercise.

Treadmill Hill Workout

You may burn more calories each minute by activating your treadmill’s inclination option. Select a pre-programmed hill exercise from your treadmill to try out today. Hill intervals or a steady ascent are your options.

Speed Intervals Workout

Intervals are brief periods during which you run or walk at a hard pace, slow down to collect your breath, and then pick up the pace again. 

Distance Workout

Strive to walk at a comfortable speed for at least one hour. This is a great opportunity to go shopping, touring, or taking a stroll in a park or along a greenway throughout the day. 

Active Fun and Stretching

Walk off the calories while spending a fun-filled day with loved ones. To loosen up, use a warm-up stretching regimen. Look into different forms of exercise.

Calorie Burned Treadmill Running Every Day for 2 Weeks

Replicate the week-long treadmill training schedule. Try trying some of the many pre-programmed programs on your treadmill for variation when you work out on hills and speed intervals.

Can You Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks on a Treadmill?

Ten pounds may be lost in a month with a good diet and consistent treadmill exercise. In the long run, though, a more moderate weight reduction of one to two pounds each week would be more manageable.

If you abuse your body daily, you will injure yourself. Running is a high-impact workout; therefore, maintaining comfortable movement requires good care of our joints. You may attempt this active recovery day workout instead if you’re still itching to move.

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How to undergo HIIT using a treadmill?

  1. Start with regular jogging for 5 minutes to acquire flow in exercise.
  2. Then Increase the running speed (approximately 9 to 10 mph) to maximize our running strength and trigger the fats to melt.
  3. After that, lower the treadmill’s speed and start walking for 2 minutes without taking a rest.
  4. Perform 4 to 5 such reps and take a short break between every repetition.
  5. Walk at low speed for 5 minutes to relax your muscles.

Perform this workout for just two weeks, and you will see a significant and apparent change in your body weight.

How to reset Nordictrack Treadmill?

Nordictrack is an excellent treadmill among all other jogging machines. It contains various computerized features that can give rise to some technical issues when operated incorrectly. We can tackle these problems by resetting this treadmill.

So, if you want to know how to reset the Nordictrack treadmill (even if the reset button is missing), you are strolling on the right blog. We are going to discuss the resetting process step by step.

With a Reset Button:

  1. Cut the electric supply to the treadmill by unplugging the switch.
  2. Locate the safety keyhole.
  3. Insert the key in the safety hole to activate the program on the treadmill display.
  4. Once the program activates, the reset button appears on it.
  5. Then plugin the switch and press the reset button.

Without a Reset Button:

  1. Take out the safety key if it is placed inside the keyhole.
  2. Press and hold the Start and Speed up buttons together and put the safety key in its hole again.
  3. Press the stop button and then press the positive incline button to raise the incline.
  4. After that, press the negative incline button to lower the slope.

Following these steps, you will successfully reset your treadmill.

How to disassemble Nordictrack Treadmill for moving?

Disassembling a Nordictrack treadmill is pretty straightforward. You can try the following steps to dismantle it for moving it along from one place to another conveniently.

  1. Unplug the switch to cut off the electric supply.
  2. Unscrew and detach the treadmill handles from the floor.
  3. Remove the treadmill console apart by disconnecting wires and clumps.
  4. Fold the treadmill along with its handles and take it where required.

Keep the wires and bolts in a safe place before moving the treadmill from one location to another after disassembling.

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This guide was all about; How to Lose Weight On a Treadmill In 2 Weeks. You must regularly attend your treadmill exercises to lose weight in two weeks. Your daily calorie deficit must range from 500 to 1000, depending on your weight reduction objectives. Include a day of relaxation each week; Sundays work best. To maximize weight reduction and fat loss, warm up, stretch, perform strength training, and drink lots of water daily.

What makes a good treadmill workout for weight loss?

Workouts on the treadmill should last 20 to 45 minutes, depending on your weight, fitness level, habit, and endurance. This will help you lose weight successfully.

Is a treadmill good for losing belly fat?

Not only does using a treadmill burn visceral fat, but consistent treadmill use also has the long-term benefit of permanently eliminating belly fat. Furthermore, exercising on a treadmill prevents the deep belly fat from returning, even if you do gain some weight in the future.

Is it Okay to use the treadmill every day for two weeks?

Start with shorter treadmill sessions and gradually increase your daily time if you have yet to walk frequently for fitness. As you get closer to your time or calorie target, take 15-minute walks throughout the day.

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