How to Keep C-section Incision Dry When Overweight

How to Keep C-section Incision Dry When Overweight

In this article, we will discuss How to Keep C-section Incision Dry When Overweight and answer common doubts new plus-size mothers can have. So, let’s get started!

On the other hand, they beautifully remind you of what you went through to bring a baby into the world. Becoming a mom for the first time?

Motherhood is like stepping into a world of endless possibilities. It’s a wonderful journey unlike anything
else. No matter how many books you read or pieces of advice you hear, there is nothing that can really
prepare a new mom for all the incredible moments she is about to experience. The rate of C-sections is increasing drastically, especially among plus-size women. C-section scars are an obvious part of giving birth.

How to Keep C-section Incision Dry When Overweight

What is a C-Section Incision?

Cesarean delivery (C-Section) is a surgical process in which doctors make incisions in your abdomen anduterus to deliver a baby. The other traditional delivery method is vaginal birth which is the opposite of C-section. The size of the incision is between 10 and 20 cm long. Doctors recommend a C-section when vaginal delivery is not safe for the mother. There is an emergency or unplanned C-section when any complications arise during labor or delivery.

A C-section happens due to a previous C-section, expecting twins, the baby is not in the right position in
the uterus, heart disease, fetal distress, etc. About 30% of all deliveries in the US include a C-section, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

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How To Prepare for a C-Section When You’re Plus Size

A C-section is not easier than a vaginal birth. It’s just a small way to safely bring your baby into the world.

  • 1) Read cesarean birth stories of plus-size mothers.
    2) Watch videos about C-sections to get yourself prepared.
    3) Prepare a birth plan for C-section.
  • 4) Do some research about the healing of your incision when you are overweight.
    5) Shave your public areas before cesarean.
    6) Consider hiring a caretaker or Doula to support you during this experience.
    7) Buy your own bathrobe gown for recovery. Unfortunately, gowns offered by hospitals are rather
    too big or too ting for you.
    8) Talk to your doctor about any special considerations required due to being overweight.
    9) Follow pre-op instructions given by your doctor like fasting before the surgery etc.
    10) Prepare your hospital bag with essentials for your baby and you.
    11) Take a balanced diet and stay hydrated before surgery to heal fast.
    12) Arrange comfortable transportation to and from the hospital.
    13) Stock up on sanitary pads as bleeding is obvious after a C-section.

Remember, every pregnancy and C-section experience is unique. Following these steps can help you feel
more prepared and confident as you approach your C-section when you’re plus-size.

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How to Keep C-section Incision Dry When Overweight

C-section recovery for overweight women

In C-section, you need more time to heal than a vaginal delivery. Follow these tips to speed up healing.

  • 1) After a C-section give your body 6-8 weeks to fully heal. Try to get plenty of sleep or sleep
  • whenever your baby is sleeping.
  • 2) Avoid getting up too often, using stairs for going up and down, lifting weights, and extensive
  • workouts.
  • 3) Use a healing pad to avoid discomfort in the surgical area.
  • 4) Eat fruits and vegetables to boost your milk supply. Increase your water consumption to avoid
  • constipation.
  • 5) Keep your incision clean and dry.
  • 6) Go for postpartum checkups.
  • 7) Avoid wearing tight clothing that might irritate your incision or put pressure on your belly.

Remember, every woman’s body is different, so recovery may vary. Always follow your healthcare
provider’s advice and take things at your own pace as you recover from your C-section.

How to Keep C-section Incision Dry When Overweight

One of the big problems is to Keep C-section incisions dry When Overweight. You have to make sure the
incision stays dry. Here are the best ways to keep it dry:

1) Wear Comfortable clothes that give space for your incision to dry and heal.
2) Use pads to keep your incision dry and prevent infection. Place a pad over the incision as a
wound dressing to form a barrier between your skin and clothing.
3) For plus size mother who sweats a lot. A moist is created when your belly hangs over the incision
area. To avoid this place a soft towel as a barrier between your wound and belly.
4) To keep your incision dry expose the C-section wound to air whenever possible.

Avoiding Hanging Belly After C-Section

There are some Steps you can take to avoid hanging belly after C-Section. Kegels, Pelvic tilts, and modified planks are gentle postpartum exercises that can help in improving body posture and regaining abdominal strength. Also, a Healthy Diet is equally important to prevent a hanging


Keep an eye on your C-section incision and consult with your doctor in case of any infection or
complications. Don’t stress about How to Keep C-section incisions dry When Overweight. Try out our easy tips, and remember to watch over the incision area to avoid any infections. Health is wealth – don’t spend it all at once!

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