Janice Dean Weight Loss Journey

All about Janice Dean

Janice Dean was born on 9th May 1970. Janice Dean hosts a television show, writes books and represents the weather. She is currently working for Fox News Channel as co-host on ‘Fox and Friends’.

There is no information about her parents or siblings, nor her ethnicity. While growing up in Ottawa, she was fascinated by weather and dreamed of becoming a weather forecaster.

Her high school education has been completed in her hometown. After that, she attended Algonquin College, where she earned an honors diploma in Radio and Television Broadcasting.

Janice Dean is happily married to Sean Newman, who is an NYC Firefighter. They got married in June 2007, after which they had their honeymoon. The couple welcomed their two adorable sons.

Janice Dean Illness 

It was a surprise to the 44-year-old meteorologist to learn she was suffering from a threatening neurological condition, resulting in a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She previously experienced side effects such as fatigue overpowering her, deadness in her thighs, and loss of the soles of her feet.

In her opinion, she thought MS was caused by old age. She was amazed to discover that it is commonly analyzed between the ages of 20 and 50. Furthermore, she stated that more women than men are diagnosed with the disease.

Fortunately, today there are many treatment options. “During the past 10 years, MS has advanced into a treatable disease,” says Patricia K. Coyle, MD, vice-chair of neurology and professor of neuroscience at the State University of New York.

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Janice Dean Weight Loss

Janice weight 66 kilograms which are approximately 146 pounds. Having had a weight issue since very early on, she got some attention after her legs were mentioned as distracting to the audience during a 2018 January appearance. She responded accordingly.

‘’I apologize if your legs bother you. My legs are a blessing to me. I agree with you. In addition, I’m proud of being a size 10 and dislike the typical person on television. Just think! When you’re offended by my huge legs, you can always change the channel.’

Her weight has always been a subject of discussion, and Janice Dean was bullied due to it. In her book called ‘Mostly Sunny,’ she said that her weight issues became a problem for her at an early age.

There is no specific or correct information available for Janice Dean weight loss but there are speculations that she has lost weight in the past. But different people have different opinions such as weight loss transformation.

To know how to lose weight, you really want to follow a fitness program that covers the three essential categories of a body change: fitness, sustenance, and way of life. According to Janice Dean, weight loss is inspiring.

Janice Dean herself said that ‘’Rather than eating red meat, she prefers fish and chicken, as well as meals high in fiber and low in fat. She also ‘’Drinks a lot of water and avoids soda.’’

Janice Dean’s weight loss journey is appreciated by many people. She never disappoints herself, a great warrior. Indeed, even subsequent to being bullied by individuals, she never lost her fearlessness.


Janice Dean’s life is no doubt an inspirational example. The way she has faced and challenged every battle is truly remarkable, whether it be about her illness or her weight. One should read her book ‘Mostly Sunny’ in which she discusses her struggles with weight but how she has managed everything. But today many people want to be her; Janice Dean.

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