What is total body enhancement at Planet Fitness?

A person might need more time or even the stamina to exercise frequently due to a hectic day at work or other obligations. In an emergency like this, Total Body Enhancement can really save your life. Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine or cabin employs body vibrations and red light treatment to burn fat, heal skin issues, and reshape the body. 

This is the right article if you fall into this group of people. To technological advancements, looking attractive only requires putting in a little bit of time and effort in sports. Let’s investigate What is total body enhancement at Planet Fitness and how to use this cutting-edge approach to produce outcomes.

What is total body enhancement at Planet Fitness

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What is Total Body Enhancement?

Using red light, Total Body Enhancement is an efficient tool for treating skin issues and losing weight. Additionally, this unique booth has a vibrating bottom and looks a lot like a tanning booth. 

You can tone your body and get rid of cellulite more quickly with the Total Body Enhancement machine’s floor vibration feature. Unlike tanning booths, Total Body Enhancement does not release UV light while in operation. It is well known that the red light utilized in the Total Body Enhancement session is the most potent type of LED treatment. 

About 620 to 750 nm is the wavelength of red light utilised in total body enhancement. During treatment, the red light at this wavelength aids in the preservation and healing of injured tissue. Because of their length, they have a biochemical impact on the body’s cells, enhancing blood circulation and accelerating skin regeneration. 

How does total body enhancement at Planet Fitness work?

At Planet Fitness, “total body enhancement” usually refers to using a dedicated booth with whole-body vibration and red light treatment. Entering the booth, users are surrounded by a red light and are required to stand on a vibrating platform. The average user stays in the Total Body Enhancement booth for around 12 minutes, and for best effects, frequent use is frequently advised. 

Although each person’s experience may be different, some users claim improvements to their skin, overall well-being, and muscular tone. It’s important to remember that research on the effectiveness of these therapies is still being conducted, so before implementing any new practices into their daily routine, consumers should consult with medical specialists.

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The Total Body Enhancement Machine

The Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine is a unique booth that combines whole-body vibration and red light treatment. Entering the booth, users are surrounded by a red light and are required to stand on a vibrating platform. It is thought that the red light penetrates the skin and activates cells, which may encourage the synthesis of collagen, enhance skin tone, and facilitate the healing of muscles. 

The oscillating platform used in the whole-body vibration feature engages many muscle groups at once, which can lead to improved circulation, strength, and flexibility. Usually, users stay in the booth for a set period in hopes of gaining advantages like better skin and more muscular activity. 

Although there have been encouraging anecdotal accounts, the scientific proof for this technology’s usefulness is still developing. So, before integrating it into their wellness regimen, consumers are urged to speak with healthcare specialists.

What is total body enhancement at Planet Fitness


Potential Benefits Of The Total Body Enhancement Machine

Although results may differ from person to person, the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine is said to provide a number of possible advantages. Let us examine many of them;

Facilitates the body’s ability to break down fat cells

Improved blood circulation benefits fat tissues as well as whole-body enhancement. The body will break them down more readily as more blood flows through that area.

Minimises wrinkles and enhances skin tone

By encouraging the body to create more collagen and elastin, Total Body Enhancement delays the onset of the earliest indications of skin ageing. This process also aids in skin cell regeneration, leaving the skin looking young and healthy.

Aids in lowering pain syndrome

The body produces more serotonin while using Total Body Enhancement, which helps lessen discomfort and twitching in the muscles.

Aids in eliminating acne scars

Red light treatment has an anti-inflammatory impact and speeds up skin regeneration. Reducing skin redness is another benefit of Total Body Enhancement.

Aids in eliminating cellulite

Total Body Enhancement facilitates a more effective breakdown of stored fat cells beneath the skin by increasing blood circulation. Cellulite appears as a result of their buildup and poor blood circulation.

Increases energy and strength

The body produces more serotonin when Total Body Enhancement is used, which increases energy and decreases weariness and drowsiness.

Is The Total Body Enhancement Too Good To Be True?

Some people may find the Total Body Enhancement machine alluring due to its claims of better skin health, toned muscles, and general wellbeing. However, others may wonder if these claims are accurate. Even when a lot of people report having good experiences, it’s crucial to view these assertions critically. 

The main components of this device, whole-body vibration and red light treatment, have a growing amount of scientific data. However it still needs to be fully convincing. The way that each person reacts to these therapies might differ significantly, and results can also be influenced by other variables including general health, usage consistency, and pre-existing diseases. 

Furthermore, the perception of benefits—like improved energy levels or skin tones—may be arbitrary and susceptible to the placebo effect. People must learn to set reasonable expectations, accept that outcomes may vary, and seek advice from medical specialists, particularly if they have particular health issues. 

Although some people may have beneficial experiences with the Total Body Enhancement machine, its efficacy should be weighed against the backdrop of growing scientific knowledge and individual diversity.

What is total body enhancement at Planet Fitness

Do You Wear Clothes In The Total Body Enhancement?

It is advised to wear comfortable clothes when using the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement equipment. However, since red light treatment is meant to enter the skin, you should refrain from donning clothing that is very tight or thick. 

To enhance the potential advantages of red light therapy, many users choose to wear sportswear or clothing that exposes the regions they intend to target, including their arms and legs. It’s also crucial to observe any rules the facility may have given and to keep proper personal hygiene throughout the session. 

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Which Buttons Should I Press?

The buttons to push on the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine may change based on the equipment’s particular model. Nevertheless, a start button and a timer setting are often required for basic functionality. 

This is a basic guideline on which buttons to press:

Start Button: 

On the device, look for a conspicuous “Start” button. By pushing this button, you start the session and turn on the whole-body vibration and red light treatment.

Timer Setting

 Depending on the device, you can specify the length of your session using the timer option. Make your adjustments to the timer by using the designated buttons. A typical session lasts around 12 minutes. However, this is flexible.

Follow On-Screen Instructions

A touchscreen or display panel with on-screen instructions may be found on some devices. For an uninterrupted experience, adhere to any instructions or prompts displayed on the screen.

Modify Intensity (if necessary) 

It could change how strong some equipment produces the vibration. You can adjust the vibration level using buttons or settings if this option is available. To suit your comfort level, adjust it.

Emergency Stop Button (if applicable)

Make sure you know where the emergency stop button is in case you experience any pain or need to end the session early. This button is intended to instantly stop the machine from working.

Two-Month Total Body Enhancement Results

You will started to notice certain results in body like a fresh better skin with tight structure and the few wrinkles after using Total Body Enhancement for just Two-Month. This improvement can be the result of red light therapy.

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Advantages of total body enhancement

Here are a few of the potential benefits of total body enhancement:

A Few Pounds Lost

Weight loss is a possible side effect for users of the Total Body Enhancement machine as they progress toward total fitness. The primary aim of the machine is to help in reducing weight and increase energy.

Decrease in Body Fat and Gain in Muscle Mass

The regular use of Total Body Enhancement machine, particularly can helps your body to lose body fat and gain in muscle fat.

Skin Feels Better

After utilizing Total Body Enhancement, users frequently report having better-looking skin tone and texture. Red light treatment helps to increase the creation of collagen, improving skin suppleness and diminishing the visibility of fine wrinkles

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy (RLT), also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation (PBM), is a non-invasive therapeutic method that uses red or near-infrared light to stimulate cellular activity and promote healing in a range of tissues. 

Health Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

The three main health benefits of red light therapy are as follow.

  • Muscle Recovery and Performance
  • Pain Control
  • Enhanced Joint Vitality

Total Body Enhancement Pros and Cons


  • Due to red light therapy’s ability to promote collagen formation, users may see improvements in skin tone, a decrease in fine wrinkles, and an increase in suppleness.
  • The whole-body vibration feature helps facilitate faster muscle recovery following exercises by lowering soreness.
  • Following Total Body Enhancement sessions, some people claim to feel more energised; this might be because of increased blood circulation and endorphin release.
  • Red light therapy and whole-body vibration are combined by the gadget to provide consumers with a comprehensive approach to muscle and skin wellness.
  • Because Total Body Enhancement treatments are usually brief—about 12 minutes—they are a convenient choice for people with hectic schedules.


  • Experiences with Total Body Enhancement can differ from person to person, and advantages that are reported—like better skin or more energy—may be arbitrary and dependent on the individual.
  • The scientific data supporting Total Body Enhancement’s specific claims—particularly those related to weight reduction and muscle gain—is still developing despite the good anecdotal evidence.
  • A Planet Fitness membership usually grants access to the Total Body Enhancement machine; nevertheless, prospective members should weigh the total cost of the membership before committing.
  • Total Body Enhancement is not a replacement for a well-rounded fitness regimen that consists of consistent exercise and a well-balanced diet, even if it may help with skin health and muscle recovery.

What I Like About Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness?

  • Reducing Stress
  • Enhanced Elasticity of Skin
  • Losing Weight and Cellulite
  • Increased Energy and Metabolic Rate
  • Reduction of Joint and Muscle Inflammation

What I Don’t Like About Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness?

Membership Requirement

A potential drawback is that using Planet Fitness’ Total Body Enhancement machine is sometimes dependent on having a Black Card membership, which is more expensive than a standard membership. Those who only use the machine sometimes might find the extra membership price to be less tempting.


If you are allergic to certain things or have a sensitivity to a specific material the Total Body Enhancement machine you will feel so uncomfortable about it because there is no safety measures on any equipement.

If you get an immediate reaction or allergy because of sensitive skin go to the doctor as soon as possible.

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What about Eye Protection?

When utilising light treatment, such as the Total Body Enhancement equipment at Planet Fitness, eye protection is usually advised. Even though the red light that these machines utilise is generally thought to be safe for the eyes, some users might find it more comfortable to use safety goggles to cover their eyes from the intense light.

Total Body Enhancement and Tattoos

Red light treatment and whole-body vibration are used in the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine. However, both technologies are usually thought to be safe for those with tattoos.

How to Stand in Total Body Enhancement?

Step 1: Go into the Computer Step onto the appropriate platform of the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and that you are standing comfortably.

Step 2: Select the Program. On the device’s control panel, choose the intended program. Options can include different red light treatment settings and oscillations in both length and Intensity. To choose a program, adhere to any on-screen directions.

Step 3: Link Up Your Audio Use the built-in audio system to connect your music if the machine supports it. This can improve your experience by giving the session a customised soundtrack.

Step 4: Unwind and Savour the Advantages After choosing your program and setting up the music, unwind and relish the Total Body Enhancement session. Remain still on the platform while the device combines the advantages of whole-body vibration and red light treatment for a predetermined amount of time.

Last words: What is total body enhancement at Planet Fitness?

Finally, let me say that Planet Fitness’ Total Body Enhancement is a holistic approach to wellbeing that blends whole-body vibration and red light treatment. Designed to enhance general wellbeing, muscular recovery, and skin health, user sessions can be incorporated into users’ regimens. Body Enhancement is a novel way to improve both the physical and cosmetic elements of health, albeit individual experiences may differ.

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Frequently Asked Questions by People

Do You Need a Membership to Use Planet Fitness Light Therapy?

Yes, you usually need a membership—more specifically, the Black Card membership—in order to utilize the Total Body Enhancement equipment at Planet Fitness.

Should You Do Red Light Therapy Before or After Workout?

Just five minutes of red light treatment before an exercise session can have a significantly favourable impact on your workout, resulting in less muscle damage, less oxidative stress, decreased tiredness, and quicker recovery times after the session. You may even strengthen your grip and reduce weight with its assistance!

What side effects can Total Body Enhancement have?

Although many customers have had great results, moderate skin irritation or sensitivity is one possible side effect of Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness, especially for people who are allergic to specific ingredients. Serious side effects are rare. However, some users may feel brief discomfort or exhaustion, especially if they have pre-existing health issues or participate in more vigorous sessions.

How do you use Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness?

Enter the appropriate booth, follow the instructions on the screen, or push the start button to begin the session. This usually consists of a mix of whole-body vibration and red light treatment. You may also customize the settings to suit your tastes. Remember to dress comfortably and abide by any rules the facility may have issued.